Goblin Encounter

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Author: Dijas
The Goblin King used to terrify me when I was a kid.
Author: Kegore
Author: Bradal
God. This scene freaked me the eff out as a kid!
Author: Arajar
The designs of the goblins/orcs in this adaptation stuck in my head as the default versions of those creatures.
Author: Meztisar
I was always freaked out that the goblins had two throats.
Author: Gardakinos
Author: Mur
You ever slay so hard you send someone off to the shadow realm with a guy wobbling a piece of sheet metal?
Author: Vurn
Could've John Huston pulled off a good live action Gandalf?
Author: Mosho
I haven't watched this movie in a while, but I still remember every single line each character says. I used to always sort of act out the movie.
Author: Kisida
that one dwarf just realized bilbo wasn't on his back
Author: Kazigami
When you just wanted to sleep but a goblin rock band steals your horses and sings at you
Author: Tokora
I like how in the description it has category as pets and animals
Author: Goltilkis
Love how Bilbo just throws the chains off of himself like they weren't tied or locked in the first place. Just sort of... draped over him.
Author: Gardakora
1:01 "Quick, Everyone! Run TOWARDS the danger!"
Author: Tygojas
Some of the sound effects from the original HOBBIT tv movie are missing.
Author: Faeshura
Did Gandalf just soul trap the Goblin King?
Author: Kigasho
Goblin king: Not Glamdring!! It burns!!
Author: Mezirn
This is the scene that scared the living shit outta me. My parents used it against me all the time. "If you don't brush your teeth, the goblins will get you."
Author: Kazracage
At least he doesn't have a scrotum beard
Author: Dujar
Gandalf the original Goblin slayer


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