How To Change Your Hamsters Diet Safely

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Author: Sazragore
This made my day seeing your video as the last 24 hours i have been very ill so thank you
Author: Tam
You for hamster advice.
Author: Fetaxe
By the way... the new food in this video looks like it's chalk full of those veggie pellets & hardly anything else! Knowing You, I'm sure it's still top-of-the-line stuff, and is probably really good for them. I don't have any doubts bout the nutritional aspects of the food at all.
Author: Groktilar
Ay thank you for your help Erin, I knew I rely on you for great advice, I'll always be coming to
Author: Tojagis
Wonderful video as always Erin! But I need some help, ASAP! I have a dwarf hammy w/a clogged milk duct! How do I unclog it for her, or DO I mess w/it at all?! Is there anything that can even be done?! :-(
Author: Shagrel
Please do a video on such a topic if U wouldn't mind! Thank You!
Author: Malagis
But I know my hamsters can't stand those pellets & often leave them behind in their bowls, while they eat jus about everything else! lol Maybe I'm free feeding too much though. I notice U have Your hamsters on a daily feeding schedule.
Author: Maulkree
love it
Author: Maurr
Author: Goramar
do i have to feed my hamster 2 spoons everyday or every 2 days
Author: Moogulkree
Erin, I wanted to ask you whether you feed mealworms alive or only the dried ones in the food mixes? Do you feed any living food to your pets?
Author: Zolojin
Thank you! I used the same food from the pet store so that my hamster wouldn't get too stressed. Also I used the same bedding, (It wasn't pine or cedar surprisingly). I want to switch him over to a healthier and more nutritious diet.
Author: Maulmaran
Lovely video! especially since I am going to change Kiwi's diet in a month or so!
Author: Meztilrajas
Great video, I will be changing my robos diets soon I think (:
Author: Samujinn
Probably time to change up their eating habits... :-/
Author: Yolar
Great video Erin! X
Author: Zolom
Could i do it over the course of a few weeks?
Author: Dubei
I don't have my hammies on a schedule, and not only are most of then all fat except my Robo... but they all hoarde their food in stashes by their nests, because I keep such an abundance of it around for them!
Author: Vitaxe
I will say the truth when i buy new food i just give to my hamster
Author: Duzshura
What should I do when just taking my hamster home my breeder feeds him these massive pellets
Author: Gomi
Video request: could you please make a video of all your hamster supplies? Thank you x
Author: Mushakar
Can hamsters and rabbits have cat or dog treats or both?
Author: Musida
can somebody help my daughters hamster is not eating
Author: Arashilar
Can I change from pellet to seed mix?
Author: Yolkree
Keep up your good work, I do like all of your videos!!!
Author: Yozshutaxe
Video request: I don't know if you have already done a video on this yet. How to prevent stress when moving to a new house when it's already used to the old one?


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