Tor Cleans Smarties Penis

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Author: Shakatilar
that horse has smegma
Author: Vizilkree
Author: Nakasa
uhg stop saying willy dude!
Author: Voodoogar
sheesh, u ppl are SICK
Author: Shahn
If it's something that has to be done, good grief! It's not that big of a deal, is it?
Author: Mokora
There's not one period in your running paragraph. Lol. :-)
Author: Kazrar
CLean my cockhold
Author: Malasar
1.3 million+ views.. LOL
Author: Mooguzshura
That horse had been castrated. He would probably wasnt to take her to the stall and get help rearranging the straw bedding. "Do you think my stall could use a new coat of paint? Or perhaps frilly curtains? Oh, bring the bucket and sponge and it's my turn to do you!"
Author: Nabei
that man doing the 'commentary' is really FUCKING ANNOYING ! plz tell him we call it a cock NOT A WILLY, WHEN WE ARE ADULTS...
Author: Baramar
Author: Dogore
very disappointing. wre was the willy??
Author: Vok
I thought she was gonna get fucked by the horse like mr hands. I miss him dearly
Author: Samukora
someone stoll my account
Author: Grorisar
HA HA!!! that sounds like a good point.
Author: Mikaktilar
atleast it was a nice lookin girl.i dont think i could of watched this otherwise..
Author: Shahn
Hot lol
Author: Douzragore
I need a girl like that to wash my bols and my big thing hoooo some body... please.:-)
Author: Tuk
this actually has to be done to the horses. Its just part of owning them.
Author: Kazilkree
Whether this is necessary or not, this is why I would never want anything to do with a woman who was into horses. I've seen too much on the internet.
Author: Nakus
These are some handy tips, thanks! If you're not the shy kind, or don't want to be, you could also head to Jevie Hindlerg's BJ Mastery website for some pretty crazy tricks. It's about assuming control and making him feel stuff he never knew he could.
Author: Fenrill
If I was that horse i'd of mounted that sexy chick !!
Author: Doushicage
"I would pay for being that horse."
Author: Kazizilkree
would that be a good or a bad job?
Author: Jut
You need to clean domesticated horse's sheaths because of the unnatural places they are ridden--sand rings/dirt rings are not common in a wild horse's habitat. That dirt collects in the sheath--the pouch, and can cause serious problems/pain/soreness if not cleaned a few times a year. Special cleansers are needed and you need to make sure your horse is ok with it. For all the other comments, go to a porn site. This is very educational for people who own geldings.
Author: Mekree
She kinky
Author: Arashakar
My turn
Author: Kigis
That horse is just thinking, "I have ED..."
Author: Meztidal
she's cute...but the horse doen't .. Does anybody has her phonenumber?????
Author: Shaktidal
whats the full name of that girl
Author: Akik
For the same reason people clean their dogs' eyes and ears. Shit accumulates and needs to be cleaned out. =/
Author: Zulugul
i SORRY BUT i couldnt clean no horseDICKS (dot) mpeg!!
Author: Tuhn
She should take the gloves off.
Author: Merr
wut. youre first video is a video of cleaning a penis thats not there
Author: Meztigrel
Author: Bagis
i dont understand why people think its funny with animal dicks.
Author: Shakat
She has a thing for horses. Horses are awesome, ya know. But lol penis.
Author: Bazil
this horse needs Vigra
Author: Zuluramar
A case for circumcision!
Author: JoJolkree
109 people don't know how annoying it is when your gelding is "swishing" when you're riding. Or 109 people wish they could get that much action.
Author: Shaktim
Author: Araran
They need theirs clean too!
Author: Arajas
Dam I would love to have that job but I would let it ruin me
Author: Dakree
ew thats gross
Author: Fenrilkis
ok im a barrel racer ,and what makes it right to tape that ok thedancegroupstudio1 so i would not be talking
Author: Sataxe
eeew! i do not want to see that!
Author: Mezigar
just hope she washes her hands first haha
Author: Guktilar
i can just imagine wat the horse would be saying "o yea, stik it up there..all up in my saggin' vagina"
Author: Tygokinos
My overweight friend was able to make the most beautiful pole dancer there is in my town fall in love with him as he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). It’s bad but I wish I found myself excited for him but I dream an attractive person would fall in love with me. I’m seriously envious. Does that make me a lousy human being?
Author: Kazimi
Author: Tosar
A video of someone cleaning a penis got 1,000,000 views? Holy shit. Wait till I make a video with MY penis.
Author: Teramar
wow Tor you are beautiful
Author: Mijind
ur an idiot horses 1 foot dick is only half tucked in to their skin not tucked in altogether but that one chick was hot though
Author: Taujora
@glittercowgirl101 its a animal ....... stop thinking wrong thoughts :l
Author: Tygozuru
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Author: Gronos
i wana see her get rammed in the ass by that horse that would be hot LOL
Author: Mezijind "horny"
Author: Samuktilar
@H3JT3R Prove it.
Author: Meztirg
It could get infected.
Author: Gasho
Holy crap I didn't know she could fit her hand up there! Nasty
Author: Nikotaxe
Mine needs cleaned
Author: Maura
Again? Why did it needed to be cleaned??
Author: Akinobar
It is one thing to clean it,but you didn't check/remove a bean.That is more important then just cleaning.
Author: Vogis
Of course. And when the female horses get wet you finger them.
Author: Virr
That was very interesting. I didn't realise that this was a necessary part of horse care. It just never had entered my imagination even though I visted stables before. To the person who thought that that was a horse's vagina; think about how a male horse would be able to get to it - if it was!? It is clearly the sheath for the penis of that stallion and the stablehand was effectively giving the foreskin a good wash. Thanks for posting.
Author: Yojin
xD Well, I just meant that I thought the word usage was funny. "Hides."
Author: Dahn
Author: Moogut
Don't you want to give a horse a blowjob now, ladies
Author: Tektilar
poor girl, unwillingly becoming fetish fuel for bestiality lovers!
Author: Malarr
Author: Gurn
Oh so thats where their penis hides when they're not hard or mating.
Author: Bashakar
Right, for all your perverts and idiots who dont seem to understand this process... My horse is a gelding, which means he is not a stallion and does not have 'balls' so to speak. I have to clean it to get any gunk off, as even though horses sheaths ARE self-cleaning, they do gather dirt which attracts flies which can cause infection. He does NOT find this remotely arousing, and no its not a particularly nice job but its something you have to do if you're committed to owning a horse...So grow up!
Author: Talar
That doesn't happen to domesticated animals because they're in our care and we're responsible for their well-being. Part of that responsibility being caring for their hygiene.
Author: Dogore
i wish i were her
Author: Guk
Author: Sakree
I don't know why guys say this. Don't you think she'd be a bit disappointed with yours?
Author: Taulrajas
a million views?!?!?
Author: Akinonris
to bad she didnt give him a blowjob lol
Author: Araktilar
for educational purposes...if you have an animal you need to know all the ways you have to care for them...
Author: Samubar
It's good to be a stud horse...
Author: Mikak
Why is it important to clean it?
Author: Vudonos
ihan vitun sairasta, tekee ihan pahaa
Author: Melar
poor tor. lmao.
Author: Taurisar
@MyGuyTy821 I can't help but feel a bit misty-eyed whenever I hear the word "gelding."
Author: Goll
Clean me, please.
Author: Gusida
The girl is pretty. Not sure about the horse... ;)
Author: Brabar
that girl's really beautiful.
Author: Nahn
u guys r preverted to tape that u prevs
Author: Doulmaran
wow, her hand can fit in there. that's quite... funky XD
Author: Nilrajas
a bean is a build up in the horse penis(there is a little over the top of it where the pee comes out)It hardens but is kinda clay like.If itis not removed then it can cause some urination problems
Author: Tokus
my dream job
Author: Arashigis
more like a saggy vagina
Author: Meziran
I hate when someone says willy, it's like there fucking12. BTW when are you going to clean mine
Author: Kigor
I have yet to do that with my pony, I'm just too grossed out xD
Author: Muzahn
Fucken perverts.
Author: Gurisar
my turn
Author: Zolojind
i wish i was the horse......lolz
Author: Gom
@Synwolf85 But what would animals do in the nature?
Author: Tulabar
Author: Zoloshura
not just you lol
Author: Yotaxe
hey temple of sin why and how the fuck do you no this
Author: Vijind
Also ... the fact that you word everything as a question is a bit annoying. Just sayin'. =/
Author: Migal
Author: Nikozuru
i was hoping to see a bic horse cock
Author: Negar
Wow i never knew you could put your hand that deep in a horses shelth xD
Author: Taulabar
Will you settle for being a horses ass on the internet?
Author: JoJolrajas
horses keep there 'willies' in side of them.. so they don't get hit by bushes and stuff while running.. most 4 legged animals have some form of this adaptions. even noticeable on dogs.
Author: Gokora
lucky horse
Author: Dojinn
Author: Zologal
I'm sorrry I even clicked this
Author: Vugore
At least she got to wear a glove when she did it...
Author: Gubei
@clarissa1986 lol
Author: Kazijar
@Synwolf85 Okay?
Author: Vudora
i put horses to shame LOL
Author: Faera
well she poked it with her bare finger, she wants the giant horse D to come out!
Author: Kicage
You're mind is very dirty.
Author: Bashicage
with chicks. He went from a no-one into being outstanding. He pretended he didn't notice. He finally admitted it on Friday. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you will discover it... He is on a date today with a gorgeous girl... Where are the best movies online?
Author: Dairg
@ekoglen Simply put? They run the risk of succumbing to an infection. Especially if they obtain an injury near the dirty area. In the wild, this is survival of the fittest. Natural selection at work.
Author: Digar
What a turn on and what a dream job.
Author: Tygogrel
You have to keep the sheath clean - we wash our private parts!
Author: Arashirn
Author: Dugul
Author: Shaktisar
penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis
Author: Takazahn
sikko :(
Author: Ararg
The joys of horse ownership. Sarcasm for the owner, joy for the horse.
Author: Vudodal
I typed in "pickled elephant testicles," and this is the first video to show
Author: Zolom
God forbid I ever become even 1 millionth of a farmer ..LOL p.s farmers don't know how to use computers
Author: Zulut
I like how she handles the horse's cock..... my dick is getting very long and hard... I want her to jack me off until I shoot sperm out of my dick!!!
Author: Zulkicage
it looks like a virgina
Author: Voodoogar
A male horse needs to have his sheath and penis cleaned periodically. It is an unsavory, but necessary task. Most Stallions who are pasture-bred could easily get ignored, but geldings are the ones who most often have problems. An accumulation of dirt and excretions called smegma builds up in the area, and must be removed.
Author: Dadal
I guess the horse is gay
Author: Gozuru
if i was that horse my cock would of fell right down and accidently landed in her mouth
Author: Mezahn
you're not all farmers!!!!
Author: Akitilar
lolz "r the lady horses gona love him after this"
Author: Garg
it must have been a castrated horse with a cut off dick or a femalehorse
Author: Shaktigor
at the end the horse is like "Meh i had better"
Author: Kagalar
it has to be done, otherwise the horse can get very uncomfortable and can be quite painful while urinating
Author: Tygolkis
Author: Fesho
this is only white women's job
Author: Zule
Do you suck on it after you clean it?
Author: Shaktimi
@Synwolf85 I'm not clearing my dogs ears/eyes, and it looks fine all time?
Author: Vizshura
Author: Goltirg
Ow! DX
Author: Kazraran
drôle de boulot surtout pour une fille.
Author: Malak
Tor is cool. She isn't especially showing that she finds the job unpleasant. Her talk even seems to hold out hope that the horse might even find it pleasing and...
Author: Zujas
that's an interesting unusual job... the camera man is obviously loving it and is waiting his turn... 5/5
Author: Zujora
the actuall dick is sumwhere in that whole
Author: Faejinn
That's like.. yes! ANSWER THIS MAN!
Author: Vudoshakar
She can clean mine whenever she wants to.
Author: Feshakar
I used to have a dog named Tor (Short for Tornado)
Author: Tudal
I love the expression on the horse's face at the end, lol...
Author: Fenrigami
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Author: Dokinos
me parece estupido que un trabajo profesional. y serio se tome por el que obcerba de manera burda.
Author: Garn
Right. I'm irritated. My brother lives in the neighboring room and he just became brilliant at seducing gals. The guy found the Master Attraction website by Jake Ayres (Look in Google). All he's doing now is fucking women. He's constantly having ladies back. I can't help but hear it. It's nasty and If only he never discovered that site. My best friend just signed up and got a blowjob a week later.
Author: Taumi
yummy...she's practically fisting a male horse...she's still single, right?
Author: Shakalkree
*reads comments*
Author: Gamuro
Hahaha david attenborough behind the camera
Author: Aragar
Very immature tbh
Author: JoJosho
Author: Mikasar
Wow, it........never ocurred to me that one had to do that for a horse. I guess wild horses are just on their own, huh?
Author: Dashicage
i wouldn't mind if she cleaned my cock too =D
Author: Kitilar
i mean seriously that was one disgusting thing to do but that one chick was hot though
Author: Guktilar
240p... Oh. It happened in 2006. Ok.
Author: Kajim
He looks disappointed.  He didn't get a handy.
Author: Kigalmaran
Should make more videos like this
Author: Zolonris
@Dale Benton The fuck did you try to say?
Author: Zulurisar
Tor you are beautifull!!
Author: Julrajas
Do a tutorial on how to get a little more thorough with the horse :)
Author: Dobei
@ekoglen Well, that isn't always the case. Some animals don't need to have that tended to but some do. It's not like they can grabs a tissue and wipe it out themselves, if their body produces more gunk than is typical.
Author: Dak
ooooooo yuk,thats small,ive got bigger 1 that that,do t he Horse have to find the magnifying glass to find it lol
Author: Moogunos
Also, if he's a stallion that's used for breeding, it's a requirement that their "equipment" be cleaned to make sure the semen doesn't get contaminated.
Author: Bacage
yea me too
Author: Babar
hahaha xD +1 bro.. +1
Author: Meztilabar
Author: Zugrel
i want the same too =))
Author: Goltitaxe
Author: Zugore
poms like willys
Author: Goltijinn
i luv u Tor!!
Author: Mautilar
Author: Shaktizilkree
only those responsible for the care and maintenance of male horses.


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