Angry Photographer: Interesting great Nikon D750 attribute / news...nobody else is reporting this.

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Comments "Angry Photographer: Interesting great Nikon D750 attribute / news...nobody else is reporting this.":

Author: Samulkis
Your videos are great. I always laugh like a mad with your "black humour".
Author: Bracage
Wow, I just bought a D750...and i have bit of AIS glass.
Author: Samubei
love my older lenses, thanks to you and my lens addiction.
Author: Kigakora
"Of course your depth of field at f1.2 is staggering. If you plan on doing a hand held shot at f1.2 then your definitely smoking crack and deluding yourself." hilarious.
Author: Nibar
I thought you said not to buy a Nikon 50 1.2?
Author: Akik
Bought it earlier this year love it
Author: Vikasa
CNET now jumping on your D750 commenting how Nikon has improve their product. ??
Author: Arashikus
To be honest I don't even know what the report was
Author: Kazilabar
but what does it all mean
Author: Kalrajas
Can't really understand your review. My D750 is giving me all kinds of exposure problems that I have not experienced with my older Nikon's.
Author: Vitaur
Finally at 5:24 you clearly make your point. At least I think that's the point you came to make. Very long and unclear!
Author: Arataxe
Did you test the DF?
Author: Mekus
I use the 50mm f/1.2 handheld at f/1.2 all the time and nail the focus on a reliable basis. Certainly not 100%, but I nearly always get the picture I want. When shooting this lens wide open, I always purposely underexpose a bit as bright areas blow out much quicker than typical, regardless of the overall exposure. Certainly part of the way the lens renders, which I love, but can easily leave you with lots of blown out stuff you didn't see coming.
Author: Shakazahn
Amazing discovery. I love my Df to death. It's also compatible with pre-Ai lenses. Nikkor is almost about to celebrate its 100 year anniversary.
Author: Voodoolar
Diaper and pee. That's hilarious! I can't stand going to the discussion forum on that site. Many times it just ends up with people "pissing on trees" and the point gets lost somewhere in all the bs. Sure you might ramble a bit, but I still enjoy your videos. I like my D750 and will be trying some older lenses. Thanks.
Author: Voodookazahn
I hope to be able to afford a D750 one day. In the meanwhile, I'm listen to your advices, and I'm trying to get good quality glass; one lens at the time, of course.
Author: Kataur
What about film cameras? Do you own one? Do you still shoot film from time to time? Thanks!
Author: Fegami
So funny you say this! I compared my D750 to the D810e with all my 8 lenses. I am at a hard place and a rock with the results of the D750 vs the D810e. Especially with my older 50 1.4. My 750 smokes the 810e in deep dark detail. Just my take.
Author: Bazuru
what do you think about d610?
Author: Shasar
AP, thanks for the info and it's nice someone out there is doing the research.....but......maybe just cut it down by 8.30 so we just get the 7sec version?
Author: Bajar
I hope it's better than my d700 (which I bought off you recommendation ) my 700 has terrible exposure. Thinking about selling it to get a 750
Author: Munos
Non ai lens will damage your D750’s fucos ring is that true.?
Author: Moogurr
Thanks for the information.


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