Grocery Haul Yall!!!/ Monthy Grocery Haul/ Shopping for a Family of 8!!!

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Author: Jurisar
You did great, I love a great haul and ALDI is a great place to stock up
Author: Kajihn
I would love big chunk of goat soap. Thank you for sharing.
Author: Dogrel
TM-that guacamole salsa is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Author: Mitilar
Wow that’s a really good price! We spend that in about two weeks 😬
Author: Mikakazahn
I love guacamole too TM. Great grocery haul. Lots of love from Margaret in Wales
Author: Nitilar
LOL I prefer big hunks of "Goat Soap"...... :) Always love your grocery hauls. Thank you for sharing! Love you'll.... :)
Author: Bazilkree
The Classico spaghetti sauce comes in WONDERFUL heavy glass jars. I have a bunch of them and buy the plastic canning jar lids and use those jars for all kinds of things. I freeze milk from the dairy in these jars, as it's about 14 miles from here and I only go once in awhile. Also use them for iced tea, and all kinds of other things. LOVE those jars.
Author: Kigalabar
Wait until you see what spacing out those shopping trips does to your grocery budget. :) I was ecstatic when I finally got to the point we only had to go grocery shopping once a month. It wasn't to save money, I just don't enjoy shopping. LOL! The savings was a bonus and one I wasn't really expecting. We're now to the point of only shopping every three months. BLISS!! But the really surprising twist is what we used to spend in one month (for a family of 12) we now spend LESS than that doing a quarterly shopping trip.
Author: Shakajas
Thank you, Texas Mom, for being such a great example amd inspiration for young girls who want to grow up to be truly christian women. And the title is pretty funny, "Mouthy Grocery Haul"😅 God Bless!
Author: Gosar
Texas Dad your wife is very beautiful...her facial features are very reminiscent of a woman in a Victorian painting (from an artist perspective)...very clear cut and deep features...its a blessing to have a wife that is resourceful and very beautiful to behold. Praise the Lord for his wonderful insight and creations.
Author: JoJolabar
I watch Our Tribe of Many she and her husband have 9 children they do a once a month grocery hall and home school their children - she like you does the best she can food wise just like you - tries to feed her kids as healthy as she can and like you her kids can eat - maybe meat chickens in chicken tractor for your family this year you would need 100 but in the first year I would only do 50 - Justin Rhodes who you know has just got his chickens in for the year
Author: JoJoshura
Great grocery haul y'all!!! And YES, ice cream is highly imporatant to be sustainable!!! LOL!!!😄 Have a very blessed day!!! ~ Joy
Author: Kazralkree
That herdez guacamole salsa is my favorite!! your going to love it :) Way to go on the grocery haul! Its tough to be frugal but also feed our familes good clean food, aldi has helped us stay on budget too!
Author: Samushicage
It’s always a struggle when normal people come by our house, too! 😂
Author: Doull
It seems like joy would be in y'all's family.yall look alike and talk a like.its cute.
Author: Mazut
I love being able to watch you while I drink my coffee in the morning, of course with 4 kids running around it took me 40 mins to watch it all. 😂 Oh well, time to feed goats and get out school work. Oh and we get excited when cantaloupe goes on sale for $2.50 each!
Author: Mezinris
“Normal people” 😂🤣😂🤣
Author: Kigagrel
Author: Gardasida
$430! is great for all that
Author: Sami
Sooooooooooo soooooo Happy you are realizing that “organic” isn’t usually “organic” unless you honestly grow it/harvest it yourself.
Author: Nikazahn
I love shopping monthly, I save more money that way. Little Tex is so adorable!
Author: Gushakar
stinky laundry-try biokleen bac-out! i add it to every load and it has been a game changer. I use BioKlean Enzyme powder detergent and the Bac-Out makes it get smells out of even sports wear.


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