Learn the Top 10 Hardest Japanese Words to Pronounce

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Author: Kajas
katana (Kuh-TAN-a instead of "kah-tah-nah")
Author: Mesida
What is Japanese for "I want Risa to be my teacher"?
Author: Shakataxe
Such a great informative video, I enjoy the animation as well. :-)
Author: Akinojar
Is is me or does the word ''atatakakunakatta'' sounds like a Maori or Native American word? XD
Author: Togul
I love the way these videos are formulated! It shows the romaji, kanji, and english translation all together, which makes learning so much easier. Plus the way that Risa slows down her pronunciation of the Japanese word is super helpful. Thank you for these videos! They're great! :D
Author: Dill
3:47 a clumsy girl also spelled clumsy wrong hahaha!
Author: Dir
Gaiden (Gayden)
Author: Nim
Such words include:
Author: Shakalkis
Sayonara (sigh-O-nar-a instead of "sa-yo-na-ra")
Author: Nirg
My mother tongue is Polish, and I don't have any problems pronouncing those, but I can understand why those words could be hard for English speakers.
Author: Brarr
I bet all the native spanish speakers are laughing at us right now :')
Author: Kikus
Matchu Pitsu... Matsu Pitchu ^^
Author: Golkis
Karaoke (carry-o-kee instead of ka-ra-o-kay)
Author: Gogor
Just when I was thinking that I was improving my japanese...I play this video and my moral is now on the floor. Holy kami-sama!! This words are hard!!!
Author: Mikakree
We learnt this word in Japanese class, but not even my teacher could get it right! XD but yeah, because of that technique, I was the first one to get it right... I don't know if anyone else does it or if it's a normal thing, but it seems my class has never thought of that even after 2 years of learning Japanese...
Author: Zubei
It's not hard for spanish speakers because we have the same phonetic for some letters except the "J" or the "H".
Author: Dosar
Thank you.
Author: Zuluzshura
I didn't really understand what's so hard in these words, but my first language is Russian, so... :DD
Author: Vigor
bottom of screen xD
Author: Taramar
atatakakunakatta remimded me of " hakuna matata" xD
Author: Najar
Tokyo (Tow-kee-oh)
Author: Dour
Bonsai (pronounced like "banzai")
Author: Dojas
Usually what I do with words like "atatakakunakatta" is split it up like "ata", "taka", "kuna", "katta", it works really well for me for speaking and reading.
Author: Brahn
How can she not own a computer in this day and age?
Author: Zulkirisar
she's so goofy
Author: Zulkilar
Risa should do a "top 10 Japanese words that are often mispronounced by English speakers."
Author: Mezuru
Risa's videos always put me in a good mood. n_n
Author: Dile
They're hard to pronounce for english people, i speak spanish and there's no problem
Author: Tojajar
2:26 like portuguese word:
Author: Mazushicage
it took me 30 tries you say atatakakunakatta at the same speed as Risa is saying it
Author: Zulkilmaran
i love it
Author: Araktilar
Raiden (mispronounced "Rayden")
Author: Fenrill
Ryu (rye-oo)
Author: Kenris
Author: Jull


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