Narmer Palette - Foundation of Egypt

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Author: Shaktilmaran
It's always been the contention of those in power that they gave the people freedom. That their taking power and authority over the land was a victory for us all. However we know the individual's freedom cannot be given, but must be taken. The pharaoh, president, Zeus or even the mob of people you vote for... the only real good any ruler(s) can do, is govern less than the previous one.
Author: Shagar
Cool video.
Author: Kajikinos
you didn't talk about the palette like at all
Author: Jull
you cannot compare egypt to America....the president copied 
Author: Meztizahn
Are you so America-centric that you can't look at ancient history without comparing it to pieces of relatively modern pastiche/cultural appropriation in Washington? The Palette of Narmer barely gets a look-in in this video. Travel (abroad), open your mind: broaden your horizons...
Author: Mikazragore
no one cares about was stolen....native Americans were robbed ....


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