Top Ten Love Stories in World of Warcraft [Lore]

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Author: Dihn
6. Never completed her work at Dalaran, which got promptly nuked. Her teacher dies in the process.
Author: Mojar
...Wow, a universe about demons and dragons and ganking by asshole rogues and the world coming to an end has some pretty damn good romance stories.
Author: Tojaramar
You forgot about the beautiful love story between Johnny Awesome and Warden Stillwater, in Hillsbrad Foothils . :))
Author: Mazull
I'm really shocked Vareesa and Rhonin weren't on here at all.
Author: Gardagis
2. Had to assist in killing her own father.
Author: Guramar
Jaina and Arthas is such a big, sad, waste. Even as Scourge leader he was keeping that? Damn Blizzard, why so serious. Still better love stories than Twilight and mayn other.
Author: Yozshugor
3. Tried to bring peace - was laughed at, or simply ignored.
Author: Mirn
Break the Cutie doesn't begin to cover it.
Author: Dira
I feel sorry for Shandris. Friend zones for 10,000 years... Wow D:
Author: Mek
What about Galleywix and gold? That's a pretty steamy romance
Author: Kajijind
4. Turned out Arthas wasn't all bad, but too late to do anything.
Author: Tulrajas
What about the love story between Chris Metzen and Thrall??
Author: Samulmaran
And people wonder why I like this universe.
Author: Gulabar
5. City she established got nuked by the Horde.
Author: Zulujora
*Pained sigh for Korialstrasz*
Author: Groktilar
From a straightforward perspective, Jaina Proudmoore probably has the worst luck. Every single major event turns her into a chew-toy at the end.
Author: Tauzahn
For me, number 1 has to go to Rhonin and Vereesa. Those two just had an amazing love story.
Author: Dukazahn
Now she's a genocidal lunatic who's not so different from Garithos or even the Lich King himself.
Author: Makinos
Huh, can't really fault the numbering.
Author: Maurn
God I need to play WC3 again
Author: Yosho
Author: Mazucage
I would have included Rhonin and Vereesa to the list, not rly sure who I would swap them out with tho since all their stories are so good
Author: Akigami
Arthas is such a huge part of the Warcraft universe. Without him/the lich king, i doubt that Warcraft would have been so huge as it is. So in my eye's. Arthas and Jaina is, and always will be the number 1.
Author: Garan
dont forget about Maybell Maclure and Tommy Joe Stonefeild lol
Author: Nejind
1. Liked a guy who turned into a megalomaniac evil overlord.
Author: Kajigal
Why are my favorites always killed off
Author: Kagal
There's a story in frost fire ridge that is my favourite love story. I stumbled upon it per accident when I found this orc lying in a pool of blood. He held a note and half a necklace. In the note a woman expresses her love for him and they've arranged to meet so they can go live together. Following the directions of the note, I eventually found this lonely frost wolf hut and in front of it next to a dead fire sits a female orc, frozen to death.
Author: Voktilar
I don't know who they are but I shed a tear when I found her. So unknown and so beautiful. She just sat there waiting for him. Waiting and waiting till the cold of death crept into her body. Only time blizzard actually managed to tell a compelling love story in game.
Author: Zulkir
I ship Nobbel and Lore.
Author: Dagami
Nobbel, how could you not put Wrathion and Anduin in the list at all?
Author: Zulujar
I feel like Arthas is the handsome jock who's dating the cheerleader (Jaina), and Kael'thas is the nerdy guy who's trying to get her to notice him.
Author: Moogucage
Author: Meziktilar
Wait...Medivh was still Possessed when he was romancing Garona? So...Sargeras get's free porn?
Author: Maktilar
Arthas and Jaina lore makes me feel so sad.


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