One Stroke Painting on Pottery / Ceramics

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Author: Tojaramar
Author: Sajas
Which colors material you use acrylic?or oil or other name plz
Author: Voktilar
Love it!! And Love that you did henna for this demo
Author: Dogrel
so beautiful
Author: Kazrazahn
Author: Kejin
Amazing :-D. Is it possible to painting with pen permanent marker and fired to make it food safe?
Author: Vuramar
너무 멋지세요~
Author: Kekasa
A painting teacher once taught me- if you are right handed put most of your painting materials to your right- especially your paint and water. You will save wear and tear on your shoulder and save yourself from that occasional drop of water or paint in a place you had not intended it. Sometimes it takes a while to form the habit, our bodies hold up longer so we can paint longer!
Author: Vojar
so beautiful. U r so talented.
Author: Gorr
What does a plate like this one sell for?
Author: Nasar
Author: Zulugor
Cutest plate I've ever seen!  Do you sell them?
Author: Gromi
와~예술 그자체네요~♡♡♡
Author: Galmaran
très joli merci, à quand la prochaine vidéo ?
Author: Akinonris
Author: Vudolkis
Your the best artist I have seen in years well done you put a lot of effort into it the flower is beautiful
Author: Tazahn
is this painted on porcelain greenware or bisque Ware? I understand that it's glazed afterwards, with clear glaze I'm sure.
Author: Shaktijind
do you sell these colours? or where can I get them otherwise from?
Author: Yohn
where we give for firing
Author: Goltikora
Adorei, explicações muito claras.
Author: Faugal
Which kind of colour r u using on the plate?
Author: Kakasa
Author: Magis
at what temperature you fire?
Author: Tojaramar
What if you mess up while you're paining this? Is there a way to get it off??!?!?! Paint over it? How does that work?
Author: Tygora
wher do you get Ceramic glaze and myco?
Author: Shat
Is the plate stoneware? Did you glaze the plate before painting on it?
Author: Moogumi
I love your wild rose! Very nice demo! Thanks for sharin
Author: Mezikinos
Author: Vudal
what type of paint are you using?
Author: Zolozuru
its beautiful.
Author: Tejind
The technique is just fabulous, but the design is boring, adding those dots around made it even worse in my opinion. I would have like five flowers in different stages of their development during a roses life cycle......... But then again, this could be a 'traditional' pattern somewhere..........
Author: Zologrel
You lighted up my Children's Day!❤️❤️❤️
Author: Vuran
Author: Daikus
likeee! muito legal
Author: Faukazahn
Was the plate glazed before you started painting on it?
Author: Daik
Beautiful video. Is it acrylic paint? Thanks
Author: Yozshuran
Author: Mezigis
Later: I don’t know what I did wrong....
Author: Nikozahn
food safe?
Author: Mezizshura
can I use, Acrylics on glass are they permanent?
Author: Netilar
Fab video
Author: Vudogul
SO BEAUTIFUL!!! it animates me to practice painting again :-D
Author: Kazralmaran
Omg! That is tallent! Mesmerising! Beautiful!
Author: Faegore
LOVE LOVE IT ....please show it after the firing !!!!!!!
Author: Kazrakora
you don't show if it is fired or not not enough detail
Author: Faezilkree
There is a pottery store were you can paint pottery and keep I want to do a plate for THIS and the place will do the fire for you and will give you it after a week because lots of people Arne there so it will be a wile till your goes into the fire


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