Family Guy - Stewie Goes To The Casino [1080P HD]

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Author: Kezuru
That's Vegas.
Author: Nagar
Lost my whole life savings in Sin City
Author: Zutilar
I love Stewie Griffin!! Gr8 video
Author: Tajind
The not being able to get the attention of a waitress when you're sitting in the slots' area (with that telltale loser look on your face) is so true. The waitresses seemingly know you're on your last fistful of quarters and not worth their (tip) time.
Author: Arashigami
I love how the "think of a warm place" gag is literally the heater being turned on in the bus right at the end... the rest of it was just filler.
Author: Vijinn
Stewie is "AWESOME"!!
Author: Akinokus
And this is why.....despite me already being 21....will never gamble. I don't want to possibly end up like this ;-;. I love Vegas and everything but noooooo sir to the casino's
Author: Gumi
0:17 the card he was just dealt disappears.
Author: Dougami
I like how the video is exactly 1 minute long
Author: Zolocage
Stewie would do Vegas exactly like me.. Failing at everything, then choking a hooker with a chord in the bath tub outta frustration
Author: Fenrilabar
This is one of the best cutaway gags lmao
Author: Kazrashicage
Win a fortune.
Author: Tulkis
This was 100% my trip the veges
Author: Mooguran
It is a reference to a movie but I can’t remember the title! Can somebody hell me?
Author: Bragore
Who else came here from the original song??
Author: Gajora
honestly, Stewie is my favorite character. and for some reason, this video only strengthens my love for him.
Author: Vonos
what is the name of the song i love it
Author: Voodookree
Kill a show girl.
Author: Arashimuro
thats exacly how i imagine warm place too
Author: Zolom
Lose a fortune.
Author: Vibei
This sums up my life
Author: Samuran
0:43 me everyday
Author: Vudolkree
What song was playing in the background?


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