Star Wars Geonosis Troopers | LEGO Stop Motion & Review in 4K

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Comments "Star Wars Geonosis Troopers | LEGO Stop Motion & Review in 4K":

Author: Zukinos
Amazing! Love the perfection
Author: Malazragore
Man this is amazing, nice animations👌
Author: Zoloshicage
This review is one of the best I have seen
Author: Dorn
You are very good at reviewing kelp up the great work
Author: Dubei
I love the idea of how you make animations then review the set, I was actually thinking of doing that!
Author: Moogushura
This video is amazing!!!!! Well done!
Author: Sajar
Really solid channel! Love the layout and videos. Super unique!
Author: Daijas
"this set is awesome"? your video is AWESOME.
Author: Goltijin
Beaton Films awesome job
Author: Malazilkree
Love The Quality of the Animation! Dragonframe is as always very impressive but what you have done with it is superbe!
Author: Nelabar
Dude you put your door in the walker upside down
Author: Tauzuru
Love this, 4K quality, smooth camera work, amazing VFX and SFX
Author: Kagazragore
Author: Maule
Sweet great stuff man :D
Author: Faezilkree
Oh what is the music used in this?(don't worry didn't look close enough)
Author: Tugrel
Amazing review again :) Especially the way you provide a short animation to start the video ;) Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see more videos!
Author: Mull
Trop bien la qualité de la caméra super stop motions
Author: Jusho
I love this i found this through order 66 in lego and yours was the best, i adore this!
Author: Mikasa
Great video, what program do you use to add the blaster effects for the beginning stop-motion? 🤔
Author: Brajar
Thank you so much for the review I was looking for a good battle pack to buy this one is by far the coolest
Author: Fenricage
This is great! Amazing channel!


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