Learn to paint Pallet knife Abstract Rainy Day City Street Acrylic Painting on Canvas

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Comments "Learn to paint Pallet knife Abstract Rainy Day City Street Acrylic Painting on Canvas":

Author: Douzahn
Lots of great techniques and tool information, in a friendly positive environment. TY
Author: Digrel
I think i see a project in my future!!!
Author: Zolozuru
what was the paint extender stuff you used??? is it a gel medium? thanks for all you do!
Author: Taubei
Love this painting! I'm done with the spooky Halloween stuff, lol!
Author: Gushakar
I can't wait to try this. I just got new sofas in a granite color. My husband saw a picture like this at the furniture store and asked if I could paint something like that to go with the sofas. This painting is something that I can do. Thank you Cinnamon and John. You guys have touched my life and helped me heal. This painting story I can make mine!!
Author: Moogushicage
I love your videos, your positivity.... and how you encourage us all to try painting 😍
Author: Grozshura
greetz from the Netherlands
Author: Tygoran
Thank you for the surprise tutorial! You guys are so good to us! 💗💗💗
Author: Tetaxe
Thank you for being you. Love the creativity, energy and fun.
Author: Niran
I really love this painting! Thank you for doing it!
Author: Akinole
yah,  I am the first comment.  Love, love, love your work.  please don't ever stop doing You tubes...
Author: Akigrel
Loving it. I love when you do the drawing in step by step and measuring 😊
Author: Bajas
I love your work...
Author: Mozuru
Wow this is gorgeous! I love these palette knife paintings :-)
Author: Meztijas
Hey Cinnamon-Sherpa, I observed that most of the rainy day paintings on YouTube are done using a palette knife. Do you think we can achieve a rainy day cityscape using only brushes and texture mediums?
Author: Daishura
Author: Kajinn
Thank you for the inspiration😊 I actually finished doing this yesterday and it came out beautifully😍
Author: Taubei
BTW I'm loving your hair!
Author: Kacage
your getting so much better at explaining your lessons!!! I like Thai video a lot it's very detailed and you explain everything process good! PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS
Author: Faular
this was wonderful to paint ...thanks
Author: Gurr
you rocked with the pallet knife!! thanks Sherpa💛💚💙
Author: Diktilar
thank you for the video cinnamon! i love doing landscapes! nature scenes are my fav!
Author: Mazulmaran
I love this so much thanks for sharing and I'm sharing you!🌈🎨👍❤️


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