Super Monkey Ball is finally getting its Sonic Mania moment — ROLLED OUT

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Author: Mazuzuru
Jet Set Radio Future
Author: Nikus
Panzer Dragoon/Panzer Dragoon Saga
Author: Mazuzuru
I clearly remember the first two Super Monkey Ball games being the first games that I really got into as a kid. I actually went back and replayed 2 a couple months ago, and was just loving how insane the level design was. And, I've gotta say, I wasn't sure how to feel about Rolled Out when you first started showing the footage, but I started watching closely and hearing what you have to say... god damn. It really is classic monkey ball. And a possible Switch release of this would be absolute heaven for me. Thank you for letting me know about this project - I'm unable to support it on Indiegogo, but I will definitely be spreading the word and keeping an eye out when it releases! <3
Author: Bagami
Pappy Van Poodle as unlockable character using the code "Mustachioed Bear"
Author: Arashigore
There is good in this world.
Author: Nikogami
Haha from $250 to $30,000 in a day. Great job everyone
Author: Nektilar
Goal 80%
Author: Male
Monkey Ball
Author: Nara
The most disrespected game by sega: Super monkey ball.
Author: Dur
>103% funded
Author: Dak
>Checks igg
Author: Kigataur
Jet Set Radio: Am I a joke to you?
Author: Feramar
Author: Gardakinos
Goal: 2%
Author: Faelkis
Nick: Crowdfunds Brandon
Author: Arar
*Video uploaded for one day*
Author: Zulkijinn
Author: Yozshujin
Other person: I'm addicted to alchohol.
Author: Tolmaran
"There's another series that Sega has treated disrespectfully and that is [insert any Sega franchise besides Sonic]"
Author: Dazahn
>Sees it's only 2 percent funded in video
Author: Kazizshura
Sega is where great ideas are born, grow up, and then are brutally murdered in their prime.
Author: Kajigrel
This man just funded an entire game with free advertising, you sir are a legend
Author: Tygogami
Phantasy Star Online
Author: Faull
I am beyond stoked for this, just funded the game!
Author: Meztidal
I’ve always hated sonic, even the old ones but Sonic Mania I find is really fun and aesthetic
Author: Douran
Crazy Taxi
Author: Tujora
I played Banana Blitz when I was little. I remember it being very frustrating. ^^;
Author: Kazik
“I can think of a franchise that Sega has treated worse than Sonic”
Author: Brall
this game really makes you feel like a super monkey ball
Author: Tojalabar
Person: I'm addicted to heroine.
Author: Faunris
Author: Tezuru
Do you mean every other franchise that’s not Sonic? Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Streets of Rage, really anything that’s not Sonic the hedgehog doesn’t get a new game at all. They’ve driven sonic so far into the ground while neglecting them literally every other IP that they own.
Author: Kigalkree
You single-handedly made the dev team $20k in less than 2 days.
Author: Kazim
Brandon: Crowdfunds Nick
Author: Gacage
The Vita game is pretty good and when you said it was bad I literally yelled at my screen that it wasn't and that you probably haven't even played it. A few seconds later, you confirmed what I thought. Honestly I loved it, it was my favorite since the originals on GameCube. Definitely give that a chance if you can! I tried to like that mobile app but I'd rather play Peggle, lol.
Author: Jurg
Yo thanks for giving this project more visibility. I didn't know about it until I saw this video and I'm glad I did.
Author: Vukazahn


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