Coolest guy at the boat ramp

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Author: Tojatilar
"Dad what is he doing?"
Author: Gugar
This week on 'Redneck lotto winners', stay tuned!
Author: Kazrarisar
..low key jealous af.
Author: Dukree
Youtube: yo watch this car boat
Author: Mubei
If the A-Team had a boat....
Author: Tygolabar
"I don't think thats a boat"
Author: Gardakazahn
Wait, what just happened?
Author: Zulkimi
Very cool 👍🏼
Author: Grot
Coolest dad in the whole street!
Author: Doutilar
This is the perfect time!
Author: Muzilkree
i thought he was gonna drive the WHOLE van into the water and started floating
Author: Barn
Dude had way to much 1980s cocaine money left over lol
Author: Tygonris
No one:
Author: Sarr
Author: Voodoogul
I wasn't ready for that.....
Author: Shat
Me at 1:30 : Oh shit!
Author: Kazrataur
God damn it YouTube..
Author: Fegal
6 years. It took 6 years for this to show up in my recommendation. 6 years!
Author: Sajinn
LoL. IDK what to expect from seeing that? Thought the whole thing floats. Pretty trick & likely expensive! Awesome
Author: Shaktinris
Whoever says "money doesn't buy happiness?"....ask that guy
Author: Tami
Perfect for the Bond villain who likes cheap beer, grass, and quaaludes
Author: Grom
They really went all out with these GTA 6 vehicles
Author: Mezuru
Looks cool but it has no functiWHOOOOAAH! DUDE.
Author: Bradal
“I just saved a boatload of money combining my car, boat, and RV insurance with Geico.”
Author: Bale
If someone just handed me this vehicle and told me to launch it, I would probably assume it was amphibious and just drive into the water :|
Author: Shaktishicage
I'm rarely impressed these days, but this was indeed cool.
Author: Vozuru
Me at 1:20 : Is anything going to happen this is getting boring
Author: Shaktitaur
Video from 2012, pops up randomly in my recommendations in 2019...
Author: Nikorisar
Cheers to the YouTube algorithm that recycles a 7 year old video that has nothing to do with my search characteristics tho
Author: Kaziramar
👍🏽I'm watching in 2019,who else /
Author: Mazuru
Whoa,didn't see that one coming /


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