The Cupps - In God We Trust

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Author: Mebei
praise God!! we need to put God back into our country and our lives again!!
Author: Fejind
Congratulations .
Author: Grosho
Great song
Author: Mooguktilar
Sorry for all miss spelled words m phone thinks it is smarter.. Lol! AWESOME SONG!! Praise The Lord!
Author: Shaktigar
In God we trust praise be to Jesus our Lord and savior
Author: Faern
Praise God ....yes we need him back in our schools every else to .Amen
Author: Samuzshura
Awesome song.
Author: Zulujind
Such true lyrics and so beautifully sung ..... into my fav's this one goes...Thankyou for the share.
Author: Sarg
The Cupps - In God We Trust
Author: Tugis
Praise the Lord, we need him in everything.
Author: Tuk
Author: Kigam
In God we trust and that the way it needs to be. If every body knew Jesus. What a wonderful world this would be
Author: Temuro
Praise The Lord!! This is what is gaping right now .. Awesome song! The Body needs to take a stand for what is in the Bible not in the things in the world
Author: Milkis


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