Angry customer throws epic tantrum at in kebab shop, door hits her on the way out - TomoNews

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Author: Vishura
Hey! It's Ann Coulter!
Author: Nikonris
wooooow it's only a tiny mistake. either shut up and eat the damn food or politely say "excuse me, I am sorry to bother you but there was abit of a mix up.I asked for red peppers not green.once again I am so sorry for bothering you"  sorry if that sounded weird, I am a polite person by nature.this is just one of my few pet peevs when people explode like this.
Author: Douzil
She probably spoils her illegitimate kids because they like the looks of red peppers better and think they taste better. But of course that's to be expected, after all, they probably have to tolerate being teased all day long at school because their mom's a stripper.
Author: Tejar
I wonder what happens when she's goes into McDonald
Author: Kazrakasa
.the customer is never right!
Author: Zuzshura
This lady doesn't represent all Americans
Author: Vot
I hate people who expect better service, when their too stupid to know how a door works.
Author: Samudal
Opens Kebab stand
Author: Brall
I would have laughed like a crack head if I saw that! >xD
Author: Milkis
If you want better service don't expect to get that from a place you $10 for lunch
Author: Kajitaxe
'Murica. No one uses 'Merica anymore
Author: Galar
I would have intentionally burst out laughing while pointing at and mocking this girl on her way out. I probably would have followed her outside and continued to point and laughi hyserically, while relaying the details of her hissy fit to anyone willing to listen and laugh. She wouldn't show her face again on that block by the time I got done.
Author: Mugor
This gon be good starts video
Author: Samulrajas
I guess she didn't get it right the first time either.
Author: Kashakar
Id love if one of the staff said "It says pull? Get it right the first time"
Author: JoJolmaran
Was this woman ever identified?
Author: Zolocage
It's not like she going to die because the pepper is a different colour and if she dosent like the service , she should go somewhere else .
Author: Gardarr
I could have sworn you uploaded this already.
Author: Taugal
,,customer is always right" like WTF who invented this sentence. Does the customer own the shop? No!
Author: Maugrel
"get it right the first time" says her mother while giving birth
Author: Fenrijas
I could see Trump stumbling by with a couple body guards, opening the door and saying " hey i just was walking by and i heard an american woman was being given ineffecient service at the kebab shop, listen kebaba you heard the girl "This is America you get it right the foirst time and you to dumb brod if i had you as i secretary id say YOUR FIRED because when your walking out the door, you get it right the first time", proceeds to push door beautiful motion.


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