Arrival in Washington, D.C. - 6/6/2012

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Comments "Arrival in Washington, D.C. - 6/6/2012":

Author: Zulumuro
hahaha nice
Author: Daikinos
Long live the president..
Author: Ararr
eto mga pilipino masyado maingay !
Author: Vosho
We love you daw our president ano kayang citizenship nila. Proud sila pinoy pero US citizen na sila hahahahaha.
Author: Grojin
Let us all pray for him continually. Ang daming problema ng ating bansa. Blessings to you Mr. President!
Author: Grogami
Quite a welcoming ceremony. Very pomp indeed!!
Author: JoJorisar
tulog pa mga pilipino ntu...
Author: Taktilar
hehe, lol, paanu kaya kun after Yolanda to nangyari, ganyan pa kaya sila.
Author: Tushura
goodluck Mr. President !
Author: Arataxe
ano gingawa ni pnoy abnoy jn sa usa??
Author: Megar
hehe,,kakatuwa yong mga pinoy dun,,nice pres.


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