Behind the Shocking Conditions of Malaysias Immigrant Detention Centres

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Author: Vogrel
What goes around will surly comes around. I urge you Malaysians, don't forget the world is turning round and round. It could be another country today, Tomorrow it might be your country. No country was created with problem. It all started one day. Treat people right, because they are a human like you. Should in case of tomorrow. Your country can't be good forever. Since problems can be fall Americans it could also come to you. Treat people right and respect them because no one knows tomorrow. Irrespective of the race
Author: JoJoll
These people bring children into the world with no future . Overpopulation, disease, starvation and poverty is what their parents signed these poor bastard up for . Western people understand that with limited resources populations must be controlled as to not make those enjoying a decent standard of living absorb the burden of those with moral deficits. The west has , through welfare , been paying the way for their own ignorant and morally bankrup citizens for long enough!
Author: Gotaxe
Yeah.. Immigration and prison gov staff treat people like dog. For sure
Author: Mizshura
Take a look at some suburban areas in Malaysia or even KL. The life of the locals are struggling not much better than these poor refugees. Illegal immigrants related crime rates are serious. The locals were victimised. Even the Australian government knew this and they don't feel right to give further comments. Not to mention Malaysia is not the signatories of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, yet they still take this 'shit'. And now their compassion and hospitality are being taken for granted. Especially by this form biased media. Yes, they are refugees, and it requires more improvement to handle them. But it doesn't mean Malaysian government are shaking their legs and laughing at the back to mistreat these people.
Author: JoJole
Love them they hardworker not chinese...
Author: Sasida
what is neighbour country
Author: Akizil
at 2nd link immigration there is no asean counter no Singapore counter
Author: Mora
I mean it's your fault for going to our country if you know this would happen. Seriously, there is over 5 million immigrants in Malaysia right now and most of them are illegal. What do you expect we do to them? Even we can't control our own people. Just go to another better country if you think our country is fucking bad.
Author: Shaktitilar
Don't go to Malaysia. Simple.
Author: Shakajar
The illegal immigrants come in to robbed the job of the local, if not robbing them of their pocession by knife-point.
Author: Arashishakar
its quite funny when the immigrant complained on how they are treated here. what are you expecting from us ? rolling red carpet for you all ? hold a festival for your arrival ? it is us malaysian that has to pay for your food and other necessities here . why cant you find a job here LEGALLY ? it is YOUR PROBLEM when the immigration officer treated you like that when you come here ILLEGALLY .
Author: Tehn
You should be banned from being a reporter. What should malaysia do feed all these runways haute cuisine. Why don't you feed them instead of writing about them.
Author: Nikotaxe
what a disgrace
Author: Moogura
very sympathetic but this is world full with training and tragedy
Author: Narisar
These r not refugees,THESE r ECONOMICS MIGRANTS,they go anywhere for a better livelihood
Author: Taran
Asean Counter Singapore Counter
Author: Dutilar
semua ni kerajaan malaysia ndak tanggong. dah tanggong pun dah cukup baik. pemberita luar tahu ndak lapurkan yg buruk aja. ngapa negara mereka tak mahu ampil pendatang2 yg dikatakan dibawah UNHCR
Author: Nazragore
Malaysia in SEA like US. Golden place. That so much refugee
Author: Gardagul
most of these refugees should know that it is not cheap to feed illegals and refugees. millions of ringgit are paid by malaysian tax payers to be spent every month on these people and they are complaining about plates and food. the money can be used to give poor malaysians better live and free housing. if UN wants Malaysia to treat this people with better food then UN should force the countries where these refugees and illegals come from to pay for the food and accommodation.
Author: Nazilkree
what is asean mit then when counter no asean counter
Author: Fegami
what is asean value
Author: Dukus
Lhnit hy Malaysian kutoo pur
Author: Zolozilkree
This documentary is somehow bias. I'm not denying the refugees were mistreated. I felt sorry for them. But I'm sure at 10:00 , the officer was just making a joke on the reporters. Obviously, these officers are less articulate in the presence of camera and foreign media. English is not their first language. It's not fair to be used as if they were cynical and tried to cover up something. This is very good example of how foreign media could antagonistically portrays certain party from their perspective beyond local context.
Author: Ditilar
Have immediate
Author: Mezijinn
What did you expect the Hilton Hotel...Why do you have too justified yourself to that should go back and sort your own problems out..
Author: Shakashakar
do not make Asean no value no valid
Author: Shakak
why did they stop at malaysia. malaysia did not sign the UNHCR agreement. better for them transit at other country. dont blame malaysia. malaysa have too many illegal immigrant from most part of ASEAN, south asian and also arabs countries. there are more than 5 million immigrant in malaysia and more than half are illegal. we cant just feed all of them. we do take some refugees but those who coming in illegally and then claiming as refugees are so many. their country also dont want to take back their people. then this happen, they stuck for months and years at detention camp. it is good if australia want to take all of them which i dont believe they would.
Author: Kajisida
14.04 yes u are an unwanted strays...


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