Belfast riots: 56 police officers injured in clashes with loyalists during republican parade

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Author: Samumuro
Ireland's economy is fucked, its full of gypsies, Pedo catholic priests and the IRA.... Who in their right mind would choose that over Britain? Trying to force them with riots/violence is just going to hate the idea even more. People are fucking thick!
Author: Tasida
Just use live bullets nobody's gonna take one for there idea anyway
Author: Karn
Looking at the antics of Collins and DeValera during the years 1919-22 I'm not in the least bit surprised that the North wanted nothing at all to do with the Republic.
Author: Malale
I agree that the level today will not finish the job. However, the IRA mostly have; and will finish, uniting Ireland. To say that that doesn't accomplish anything deserves one answer. Michael Collins.
Author: Fezragore
Republicans have been bombing and bricking peaceful protestant marches for decades until the government gave in and had them stopped to appease the catholics. The republican terrorists march to glorify the terrorist who killed innocent people throughout N.I. Protestants find it very offensive that they were going to be allowed to march on one of the main streets of Belfast where many IRA victims were killed.
Author: Gujas
Or maybe not religious, and national?English is better and smarter than the Irish?I just want to know?
Author: Gosida
bloody right there lad
Author: Voodoomuro
We Irish know are history just fine! and the Belfast pogroms 1920-22 was far worse than anything that happened in the south, 8000 catholic men forced of the job in Belfast ship yard for a start, The Irish won there independence from the brits but were vetoed and robed by the Carson crew who have held the population of the 6 counties at ransom since but no more the orange state is over and a united Ireland is inevitable!
Author: Mibar
ya but what their doing wont accomplish anything in a million years
Author: Zulkijin
It just blame religion?
Author: Sharg
For 800 years we fought you without fear and we will fight you for 800 more (IRA)
Author: Nagami
im 18 and they are the most stubborn fuckers you have ever dealt with. its better to just get on with your own life and not stress yourself out by trying to convince these fucks that rioting doesnt solve anything
Author: JoJojinn
Fuck Ireland
Author: Faele
i meant what the thugs are doin just lookin for an excuse to go wild you know.
Author: Visar
Why is it that when Republicans block marches and start riots over Unionists celebrating a centuries old battle, the Unionists are the bad guys of British news reports, and when Unionists block marches and start riots over Republicans celebrating terrorism still in living memory, the Unionists are the bad guys of British news reports.
Author: Arashigal
Or maybe not religious, and national?
Author: Murn
Collins and co. abducted people from their homes, killed them, beat their bodies to almost-unrecognisable pulp, and then dropped them off in their home street. I bet that worked wonders for community relations between north and south eh? Irish people seem to have very selective memories when it comes to history.
Author: JoJogami
... and who started the riots in July when the Orange men were marching?
Author: Nekazahn
Agree below
Author: Faejin
Keep the replublicans out of NI UNITED KINGDOM
Author: Gagis
Lol northern ireland cant make a difference without "millitary". Why dont you just all nationalist go to the Republic of ireland and ask the president for help...


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