Biyahe ni Drew: Biyahe ni Drew in Guam Part 1 (Full episode)

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Author: Shat
Yo dude where's the chicken kelaguen?
Author: Bralrajas
Hafa Adai! If I may correct you, Two Lovers Point is not located in Tamuning! It is in Tumon Bay fyi. I am a Filipino who has lived in GU for quiet some time and I certainly dislike how your portray the island. The island has it's own identity and unique in its own ways. Nonetheless, thank you for featuring the island.
Author: Tygosar
may visa ba jan?
Author: Bar
The Caribbean Islands don't have shi* on Guam.
Author: Gajar
Chamorro came from Luzon, proven by Linguistics and genetics
Author: Fenrishakar
Drew next trip mo sa Hawaii nman😉
Author: Aram
same thing what happened to hk under british ,,,
Author: Shasida
Kelaguen is actually still Filipino-derived. It's the Chamorro adaptation of the Kilawin mixed with the Spanish Ceviche.
Author: Shaktirr
Another nonsense comment i saw here.. if its not in your taste seeing those places and saying in your own way well just enjoy the show..! got it! popcorn for us!
Author: Meztimuro
Hahaha tang ina yan
Author: Mikacage
Correction . Unlike Filipinos, no Historical Facts that the. Chammoros Fought the Japanese Along W/ the Americans. They Were Liberated by The Americans w/ the Philippine Scout Rangers.
Author: Dugal
welcome to guam drew.. i miss guam...:).. puro meat, bbq ang food dyan... no rice  hehehe
Author: Kizil
Guam maybe small. But it has interesting places.
Author: Zololkree
OMG jan galing sina Ariel at Joe ng They Kiss Againnnnnnn 😍
Author: Taushakar
EDIT: He got it on his own. Heh.
Author: Goltizilkree
If the philippines was still american colony we wouldve enjoyed living standards similar to guam.
Author: Dalkree
ang corny nya. pero nakakatawa ang loko. hahaa
Author: Zulkibar
tried to watch this.; don't speak Filipino but you keep blending english I have to keep guessing whats going on
Author: Nale
thanks drew for featuring our second home as life here is so simple. no pollution, people warmest welcome all folks of life
Author: Aralmaran
I'm Guamanian, and I like to say? BIBA GUAMERICA!!
Author: Zolonris
would have b een the same,,,,kung under japan ,,,economic stability,,,,,


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