Boeing YAL-1: Boeings Flying Laser

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Author: Samugore
Epic fail
Author: Mezikus
WoW, I'm early
Author: Mezimuro
Happy 50th Birthday to the beautiful Queen of the Skies. She’s had an amazing run in the aviation history books, and got many young children (including myself) fall in love with this awesome industry. Hope to see it around for many, many more years years to come ❤
Author: Kajik
Happy Birthday B747!👍
Author: Mabar
Why didn’t they use the bigger c-5 galaxy?
Author: Milmaran
The 747 is a deadly laser.
Author: Kagalabar
That was a big mistake, very costly one too.
Author: Kagam
Pretty awesome!
Author: Shazil
What about the presidential plane of suganda??
Author: Tajin
It seems like YAL-1 backfired, RIP 747.
Author: Majora
Author: Modal
There are no failures in technology experimentation. Lessons are learned and will be used for the next experiment. There might be a criticism of the cost, but we are talking about shooting down a ballistic missile in flight. As this experiment shows, it is not something you can just use a computer model to predict and then go right into production. Real-life experiments are necessary. And the cost is what it is. There is no alternative, unless you think we should just "hope" the bad guys never shoot at us.
Author: Arasar
wing wing! Herro??
Author: Arashihn
Ooh, that looks nice. Sucks it didn't work. Happy 50th B747!
Author: Daikora
Im 50 Years old!!! XD


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