Canadas Toxic Secret: A troubling trend of leaks and spills in the Sarnia area

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Author: Jushura
Global news should look into Ross Place Retirement home in Victoria BC.
Author: Zulusida
That was years ago the building hasn’t been touched in years trust me I live in Sarnia.
Author: Tamuro
breathe in, breathe out. smell the fresh air.
Author: Nilrajas
I am moving here ahhhhhh
Author: Tujind
SHAME SHAME.. people are dying.. what is being done about this!! ???
Author: Kazrajin
Well I'm moving out of sarnia as soon as I get the chance
Author: Fenrihn
Scary!! Makes you wonder
Author: Kegami
Don't become fox, msnbc, cbs, cnn....
Author: Zulkit
I live there!! O:
Author: Kirr
I'm glad I moved from there
Author: Fetilar
First off the current STEL for benzene is 2.5 ppm and seeing as the reading at the Harley Davidson dealership was 50.2 ppb any person in the area would be almost 50 times under the STEL and 9 times under the TWA allowance of 0.5 ppm. Secondly, you showed the light from controlled flaring and a sunset being refracted by steam. How can you argue for 'Fair Warning' using an example where a bunch of imbeciles can't tell the difference between that and a chemical plant fire? Here is a tip - if a chemical plant is on fire then you will see black smoke.
Author: Vibei
Who is this a secret from? Everyone in the area knows about the valley. I watched guys dumping 55gallon drums of ??? into the river in like 1993-94. They weren't even hiding they pulled up and 3 guys pulled probably a dozen drums off and dumped the contents into the St. Clair. This was by the Suncorp docks.
Author: Mezir
And this is where our Father brought us from Scotland. He was a ship builder. For a better life!
Author: Kelabar
Canada is a beautiful country please don't make it like others . It's not good though
Author: Mosho
It's sad I still have family there , I wish they would realize what's going on and get the hell outta there !!
Author: Nalar
Horrific but well presented...
Author: Vudokree
That's horrible. :( But that guy that said "This would never be tolerated in a white community". That's ridiculous. There are other places that are "white" communities where they are being killed by the chemical industries. Look up Canada's Love Canal. This has nothing to do with race, this has to do with corrupt governments, which unfortunately is every man-made government. They put money first before all else. It's a cruel world.
Author: Fenrirg
Kalamazoo spill whistleblower, John Bolenbaugh, points out that spills are lucrative for oil & gas companies. Once a spill occurs, insurance covers the costs and cleanup companies (typically owned by the oil & gas companies) are hired. Shutting down operations for proper maintenance costs money. Spills generate revenue.
Author: Dinos
Like you cats give a hoot! We live just down the street from where this happened and is always happening! Tower landing on Fins!?
Author: Goltitaxe
It's so easy for people to say well move, it's not that easy. This is where we are from, our home. Aamjiwnaang is all we know, our history is here
Author: Tojataxe
I live in watford
Author: Muhn
I had acute asthma attacks as a kid born in Sarnia.. Most of my symptoms faded when dad& i moved away..
Author: Tegami
Canada's Ministry inspectors are paid off by Esso Imp
Author: Fenrigami
Lol it’s not the 1930s anymore guys. Sarnias cleaned up a lot since then. Not to mention that we’re basically on a peninsula off of Lake Huron. The winds off the lake carry anything that flies up to the outer areas of Lambton county.
Author: Malagami
Msm doesn't report what they need to and reports on many unproven events
Author: Nishakar
use to be its lovely here now lol your all nuts
Author: Malakinos
Uh oh I guess I’m finna die
Author: Sabar
I still love going back there to visit :-P
Author: Mezira
I live here😕
Author: Nikokasa
We all know this


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