Christopher Hitchens on Henry Kissinger

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Author: Maulmaran
And finally there is option of firing the WMD on your enemy.
Author: Gardall
hitchens what a man pure class and no fear
Author: Grogrel
LOL. That just proves you have nothing left to say! You know you're wrong and can't respond! Hahahaha
Author: Vuktilar
I hate seeing you like this hitch. You are the greatest may you be dead and that's it. <3
Author: Tojajin
"And he gets very petulant and angry and spoiled and ugly when he's criticized." I thought of this video when watching a Devon Tracey exchange.
Author: Maukinos
That is easy.
Author: Negul
Who cares? It's in the past. Kierkegaard once wrote, "Life can only be understood backwards but must be lived forward." Well, I've seen plenty of looking back and not moving forward. Whatever Kissinger did, regardless of the moral consequences or diplomatic consequences, it happened and can't be undone. So, I think everyone should simply stand up and say, "Screw it. Not going to let it rule my life."
Author: Yosho
Yeah, but the yanks aren't going to bomb people (nuclear I'm talking about) willy nilly. Theocratic forces actually have reasons (however stupid) to use them.
Author: Negore
If there was one man that could strike fear in a criminal's heart it would be Hitchens. I'm sure he knew he could absolutely destroy anybody he found to be either a fraud or a immoral thug like Kissinger. And, that became his job, and nobody was ever better at it.
Author: Arashilar
You are insane and have no clue about American foreign policy (imperialism) and how much suffering it has cost. Try getting educated.
Author: Voodoobei
Unfortunately Hitchens supported the Iraq War, what a hypocrite. I will never forgive him for that.
Author: Arashikree
Thank you for making my point in my most eloquent moment I couldn't have proven it better.
Author: Fegal
Unfortunately, because of such popular criticism of Kissinger, so many people on the left are spineless pussies too scared of their own shadows to fight the religious barbarism of the Middle East. Yeah, Kissinger was a mass murderer and an asshole, but the ideas behind his foreign policy are something to be admired. He at least had the balls to recognize and confront a threat to world liberty, communism. Islam is just another form of tyranny which we must defeat. Liberals shamefully defend it.
Author: Goshura
Author: Zusho
Nuclear terrorism is another option where you create suitcase full of plutonium and can pose a serious threat to your enemies.
Author: Faukus
Kissinger is a Jew.
Author: Zulubei
Author: Tygorg
America defeated Communism ? have you heard of the Vietnam war? if your talking about the collapse of the USSR America had no imput into the collapse of the USSR at all it was Gorbachev and Yeltsin that took down the USSR not America
Author: Togar
He is certainly ill here you can hear it in his voice.
Author: Zuzragore
You can fund terrorist groups to commit atrocities like Col Gaddafi and the Lockerbie bombing, and nobody can invade easily you since you have the bomb.
Author: Dirn
One year on, this still sounds like babbling.
Author: Faekora
America is perhaps the last rational actor left on this planet. Latin America and Europe are infested by spineless, pacifist, moral-relativist masochism. Africa and Asia are full of corrupt dictatorships and insane theocracies. It's not just about defending the United States, it's about defending all people of the world from the sadistic aggression of enemies, regardless of whether or not they acknowledge the threat. America defeated communism, and this is what we get? Ungrateful traitors?
Author: Maule
If you had WMD then you can still pose a threat to a nation that has 5,000 WMDs. How?
Author: Kazram
Almost a decade after his death, I'll look for a Hitchens video, the same way somebody orders a morning expresso at Starbucks.


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