Constantinian Order 2003 - Archbishop of Canterburys Investiture

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Author: Fejas
Author: Fauk
To Constantinian Order:
Author: Arazuru
They are risen and preach salvation in great eternal kind strength and
Author: Vojin
Author: Sazilkree
Author: Mobar
Author: Kajora
Author: Dalkis
[Has not the world's food baskets and lands been plagued in this year
Author: Kagagul
hunger and disease, it shall come into thy nation (America) and to all
Author: Grogul
3 Which Israel, have heard, and known my dark sayings of old , and your fathers have told those dark sayings previously to all of Israel.
Author: Vizuru
to blog much of anything lately, if at all, concerning not to divide
Author: Grojas
Author: Daisar
5 For God established a Christly fiery testimony in Jacob, and appointed a fiery law called Jesus Christ in Israel, which God commanded our past fathers, that they our fathers, that our fathers should make those dark testimonies of God’s laws in Christ Jesus, which are dark sayings that show the words of majesty and honor of God unto all man, forever, as saith God, and is: To be known to their [Israeli] children, all Israelis, forever true and forever sure:
Author: Dor
Author: Mikakree
In 80:10 is Jesus and Israel are one and the same in giving God’s salvation to all of Israel before Israel killed Jesus.
Author: Daikinos
All written on 5 14 19 at 9:21 PM EST, today is: 5 15 19 roger dale wallace
Author: Goltizragore
Author: Gosida
Those people clothed with the glorious gospel wrapped around themselves,
Author: Vudoramar
Author: Arashishakar
E-860RW 9-20-2009AD
Author: Mezitilar
To Constantinian Order
Author: Nelkis
1 If thou shalt O America and true world, shall not hear not my (god) plea, as to not divide my land that is called the nation of Israel, then I shall divide thy land– from thee– in ruin– forever
Author: Tegor
Author: Dairn
desires to divide Israel forever? How does thy land look to you O
Author: Goltigal
Author: Telmaran
Author: Guktilar
And so the prophecy and vision found in Daniel 9:24 ,
Author: Kazrarn
Author: Bami
Author: Duzil
Author: Melar
Author: Taushicage
Author: Gronos
god, as saith me, who is Holy and righteous without sin, forever ever
Author: Kimi
Again, our earth is currently, in: "The day Of Fierce Anger", in which the earth is dissolving and is falling down and will be removed from it's place as scripture says and this earth is most surely, already on it's way:
Author: Yozshurn
Author: Mugis
All creation is found in god and is god, together as one and the same. And are the same together, for all of eternity without end. Yes, creation and god are one and the same, for our GOD dwells as himself in all that is creation, and is so, as saith me, who is HOLY.
Author: Vurisar
To Rome Reports:
Author: Akinosho
Author: Brarn
horsemen, so shall they run.
Author: Bralkree
Author: Taushicage
Author: Shaktir
plea, as to not divide my land that is called the nation of Israel, then
Author: Gunris
In 2:2, it is saying in meaning: The day of the Lord is a group of
Author: Febei
of sinful men and are not real events but are fake. But in the sense of
Author: Voodoozil
land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate
Author: Nilkis
Author: Gajar
Author: Faulabar
2 / 25 /19 RDW
Author: Yolmaran
Will open again and the sea shall boil and the earth shall dissolve into eternal folded up eternal darkening void, once again, forever, as saith god!
Author: Terg
rain unto thee and I shall appoint terror in the land, as it is mention
Author: Grogore
In Daniel 9, Daniel was told that the vision and prophecy were to be
Author: Shaktile
5 That plague, it shall come quickly until thou shalt repent unto me as
Author: Samushakar
Author: Voodooktilar
Author: Fenrigami
Author: Fer
9:27 PM, 3 /3/ 19.
Author: Kagaktilar
become christian:
Author: Mooguhn
the risen savior. That creates these mighty people who preach the
Author: Zuzuru
80:18 In receiving Jesus Christ as quickening savior, then Israel will be quickened in Jesus Christ forever, and all of Israel will never go back to being sinful again and forever.
Author: Nakasa
places of worship and in business establishments and in places of your
Author: Nijar
Author: JoJoshura
written on 12 2 18, today is 3 11 19 roger dale wallace
Author: Shaktijar
Author: Tukasa
who do not want Christ as their savior].
Author: Dasar
and is forever seen like a great morning of fierce morning clouds,
Author: Bajas
Author: Zolokazahn
Author: Tojin
Author: Meztigul
Author: Galkree
Keep your eyes on the weather and the earth, because the Lord hasn't had me
Author: Goltishakar
To Constantinian Order:
Author: Bragor
7  That they of Israel, might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God in those dark sayings found in Jesus Christ and his [Jesus Christ] testimony of me [God], thy “FATHER GOD“, but done as in keeping those dark sayings that are forever: God’s commandments found in Jesus Christ unto all of Israel and to all of the true world, saith God.
Author: Kizragore
Author: Vudoramar
the Lord our kind God, as to receive Jesus Christ as our personal
Author: Kilrajas
Today is: 5 23 19 roger dale wallace
Author: Taukora
Author: Nizahn
80: 17 God’s hand upon Jesus Christ to give strong salvation who is made strong to deliver Israel from its sins through God the Father‘s promise of life for Israel forever. Jesus is the man and is called even the son of man, this Jesus Christ is the right hand of God and this Jesus Christ is made strong by God to give strong salvation to Israel and to the world, forever, saith God.
Author: Julkree
Author: Samudal
strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more
Author: Akinolabar
Author: Tygozuru
course, that church setting existed before Jesus was born.
Author: Talkis
Author: Samushura
own eternal self: For god is their kind god and their there is no other
Author: Faeshicage
As seated In high authority in this earth and with also they the kings of the earth who serve not god, and they and the high ones, shall be gathered to the pit of hell, and punished forever because of their wanted sins that they wanted in themselves, as without end, forever.
Author: Dailkis
1 If thou shalt O America and true world, shall not hear not my (god)
Author: Kakinos
Author: Mum
As found through the adoption of children, they are reconciled unto me
Author: Kazragul
will die unto me forever, if you should deny thy selves Christian
Author: Gardakree
Author: Dailabar
4 I shall further, take thy money system down and a great plague of hunger and disease, it shall come into thy nation (America) and to all nations who try to divide Israel,
Author: Mirn
Author: Gojora
Author: Mejinn
Therefore and nevertheless: Extreme tribulation biblical end time judgment is not given to Christian nations to hath to suffer and live through fully, as while the fallen sinful beastly world is currently:
Author: Tokazahn
Time in this earth, is therefore stopped and is eternally over and this earth is in closure time, saith god.
Author: JoJom
Author: Voodoocage
would die, as to make reconciliation for mankind’s iniquity, and was to
Author: Tetilar
13 God divided and parted the sea and its waters, and then God caused Israel to pass passing through such, and when god parted the sea, he [God] made the waters to stand as an heap, as walls as great might and stature.
Author: Momuro
Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to
Author: Kagajind
forever sure and seen through salvation eternal.
Author: Vudorg
Also: I heard the documentary on the early church, it is hard to ignore the documentary stuff about the 666, because in my study of the early church, the early church did think they:
Author: Tezilkree
Author: Kazraran
To Constantinian Order:
Author: Doular
Author: Tulabar
Author: Kigashicage
Author: Faeshura
And the end to this world is quickly coming in this last generation of the fallen sons of God. And: "The End Of This World" is quickly and physically, going to happen in our generation, for heaven and earth shall pass away as recorded in the christian bible, such as found recorded in Luke 21.
Author: Akikus
Now, with some prophetic interpretation for this 26 thru 28, as in how
Author: Vorn
18 “In all her biblical true land– eternally forever, as saith me (god), the holy god of recompense, eternally forever“.
Author: Mazukora
Author: Tauktilar
Author: Kehn
5 23 19 roger dale wallace
Author: Mezilrajas
Author: Faesho
2:2 A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick
Author: Braramar
Author: Gudal
Author: Togar
Author: Kajirisar
Author: Mozahn
2 For I the lord thy god, I shall forever, stop the great abundance of
Author: Malagami
Author: Morg
of God] that was found in Israel in those past years and times, which of
Author: Taugor
savior, which God has already commanded us all to live by for salvation,
Author: Grohn
recorded in christian scripture.
Author: Maunos
28 And a curse, if ye will not obey the commandments of the Lord your
Author: Galmaran
Therefore, I [God] shall remove the haughtiness of the eternally terrible wicked, as from the earth, as forever sure, saith God. And I shall punish the world for their evil and for their proud arrogancy to commit sin, as to commit sin unto me, I am God.
Author: Mikazilkree
Time in this earth has ended completely and the earth is therefore nearing to come to a complete end found in the final moments of complete closure of time its self, and closure time will end shortly, saith God.
Author: Junris
Author: Faenris
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast who [beast] is a man [beast]: for the beast is the number of a beastly man; and the man's beastly number is Six hundred threescore and six.
Author: JoJorg
Author: Nikolar
be done and that would bring in: everlasting righteousness into the
Author: Akikasa
3 9 19 roger dale wallace
Author: Meztizuru
Author: Faunos
Because the writer of revelation may have been trying to hide the name, as to keep the early Christians from greater persecutions by Rome. For, if the name was made public, Rome may have went after the book of Revelation to destroy it.
Author: Mazuzilkree
15 Instill the fruit of acknowledging my existence to thy schools, and I shall bring the good of the land and all of thy water and rain back unto thee– forever.
Author: Mogar
Deuteronomy 11:26 -28
Author: Mazugal
at that very moment, on the cross.
Author: Yozshudal
Author: Dijar
remove all darkeness called sin through thundering resolve, as to
Author: Toshura
beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred
Author: Vukazahn
One thing is for sure, if God teaches me about the numbering system back in Rome's day, concerning the early church, then god may have me to write a prophetic peace for him to the church. I can't say it won't happen, after seeing all that he has written through me already.
Author: Temi
two? Did anyone notice that America's food basket out west is in ruin in
Author: Gorisar
Our kind God, he set's before us in our days, a blessing and a curse;
Author: Goltizilkree
Author: Meztiramar
Author: Meztizilkree
cometh, for it is nigh at hand;
Author: Mikasar
Author: Nak
Author: Voodoolmaran
Joel 2:4
Author: Vigor
80:19 Turn us Israelis into Christians, so shine thy face of salvation called Christ Jesus to us forever, that we maybe saved forever from our sins!
Author: Bralkis
Author: Mashura
after it, even to the years of many generations.
Author: Shakashicage
Extra help for the book of Joel.
Author: Fenrilar
Author: JoJojas
such things and feel the need to create gun laws and gun protection in
Author: Tebar
]Did anyone notice how much of America is in ruin over the last year or
Author: Tausho
through Christ Jesus the man called God, as eternally forever true,
Author: Kazir
The land is as the garden of Eden before them [sinners converted and
Author: Kekree
21 I (god) will require life for life in that regard in whosever taketh sinfully the life of the unborn child that is preformed, without sufficient medical reasons that I (god) do agree with — forever.
Author: Nakree
Revelation 13:8
Author: Arahn
Author: Kagakinos
Author: Akidal
Psalms 78:1-13 with prophetic interpretation:
Author: Barn
Joel CH 2 The Day Of The Lord
Author: Brajar
You might have not seen or read some of my prophetic work of god here on the net. There are two particular studies by me, one is the "History of anti-christ spirit", secondly is the "Luke 21 tribulation", which is a 5 parts post.
Author: Kajizuru
But the early church knew it was Romes ruler, if it be true about that numbering system to be used in the place of words I suppose, but the system is at this time, is unknown to me.
Author: Mazugul
3 Thou shalt not divide my Israeli oath Abraham true land, and I shall stop thee, if thou shalt try to keep Israel from having my eternal oath with Abraham– forever.
Author: Yolrajas
Author: Tekora
salvation that is eternally called forever: Christianity.
Author: Dozragore
Author: Dura
Author: Akijin
Author: Shajora
Author: Vukasa
To The Constantinian Order
Author: Dait
But at this time, it is hard to see a future for the 666 to happen in our day, after finding out about the numbering system that John the Reverlator may have used in the book of Revelation.
Author: Kagataxe
Again, with in those same 22 verses
Author: Nilkree
Author: Gujind
Author: Tegar
A fire devoured [effects of the gospel preached] before them; and behind
Author: Nakree
Author: Sabei
W / 22 vs.
Author: Tauzilkree
They are powerful in god the Father of Lights and live forever by god’s
Author: Yoshicage
Author: Taumi
4 Israel will not hide those dark sayings of God’s truth from their children, shewing that truth unto the generation to come that are even the praises of the Lord, and God’s own strength that is placed in Jesus Christ his son, and are his wonderful Christly works that God in Christ hath done.
Author: Mezikinos
The world is coming to an end, and shall end for Christ Jesus shall then, split the skies and the glory of God shall receive unto its self, all that is God, whom are the Elect, forever.
Author: Mazugami
Author: Mezisida
Author: Akinotilar
Author: Kegis
Author: JoJogar
W / 1 thru 5 vs with newly written prophetic interpretation on 5/23/19
Author: Kazile
Author: Shaktikazahn
was sealed up of god during the seventy weeks, and was unsealed by god,
Author: Zulkilkis
In 80:11 God’s salvation is spreading through Israel and its people before Jesus is killed by Israel.
Author: Fenrizilkree
Author: Tushakar
they risen unto god through the newness of life that is Jesus Christ
Author: Ditaxe
27 A blessing, if ye obey the commandments of the Lord your God, which I
Author: Tausida
Author: Yozshuzshura
Author: Gudal
Author: Voodoom
are eternal kindness in god himself, through Christ Jesus their savior,
Author: Golar
finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make
Author: Tulkis
name is given eternally kind with love of god unto all men.
Author: Shaktishicage
A blessing, if we, the fallen sons of God, will obey the commandments of
Author: Nerr
Yea, and nothing shall escape them [the gospel shall effect all people,
Author: Goshura
Author: Nataur
Author: Mooguzshura
Author: Samut
22 Whosoever does that sin unto me (god) forever, I (god) will take and or even curse their seed’s life in the place of that folly sinfulness that is done unto me (god) — forever. Therefore, repent in Jesus Christ, and go and sin no more o person (the word person is whoever) who is guilty of that sin before me — forever.
Author: Kazizil
Author: Mazulkree
Christ Jesus unto heavenly places with Christ in god the Father, as
Author: Tygojar
10  They [like unto Ephraim] kept not the covenant of God, and refused to walk in his law, his [God] dark sayings;
Author: Vikus
Author: Meztirr
world that is called “Eternal Salvation“.
Author: Grojin
Author: Gurr
20 If it be found preformed against my command to not do so. And I will devour them also, who even maketh laws in favor of sinful abortion. They shall be devoured by me, and abortion shall not happen, least I devour whosoever does such unto me (god) — forever.
Author: Meztitaur
Author: Tuzuru
Israel because it seems the world and America aren't listening to God
Author: Dugul
all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lord
Author: Dashakar
Author: Dagami
80:13 Israel is devoured in 70AD
Author: Gardazilkree
80:12 her is Israel and Jesus and Israel are parted through the death of Jesus and Israel’s rejection of the gospel as the gospel of the Kingdom of God went to the gentiles, that the gentiles could receive salvation from their sins.
Author: Gardazragore
Author: Vudogal
like them and never will be like them after their existence.
Author: Kagarr
Author: Gagami
Author: Marr
Author: Moogugar
now come to America and the world..
Author: Tojagul
Author: Tahn
Author: Akilkis
2:3 A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the
Author: Goltizahn
Author: Grocage
and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.
Author: Meztiran
Then we the fallen sons of god are cursed of God forever: If we will not
Author: Nikogore
Author: Faesar
Birthing to return because of continuing forever sins, as to being found forever, in being forever: In eternal void and eternal darkness upon the face of deep, again and forever, saith God.
Author: Tokinos
forth coming of thy self to me, forever.
Author: Kazrakazahn
as to when Christ Jesus our savior from sin, raised from the dead.
Author: Tygolar
Shall fall and not get up and shall cease to exist in sin forever, and this anti-christ beastly perditious final ruin world of sin, shall be folded up and the sinful earth shall remove out of her place from among the stars of heaven, and the earth shall flee from the face of god and they with it, who are seated:
Author: Daigul
threescore and six.
Author: Kazigore
As saith me (god), Thy shame O world
Author: Got
stop thee, if thou shalt try to keep Israel from having my eternal oath
Author: Mukus
Author: Mazurisar
8  And that Israel might not be as their fathers who sinned against God and who were a stubborn and rebellious generation, which is a generation that set not their heart aright to fully serve God, and whose spirit was not stood fast with God but rebelled against God and against all that is God.
Author: Zologar
to occur of me in the book of Deuteronomy.
Author: Akinohn
Author: Shakagal
9  All of Israel became in spirit, fallen from God, as like unto the children of Ephraim, being armed, and carrying bows, but turned back in the day of battle, instead of having kept the covenant ways of God.
Author: Voodoozshura
[Did anyone notice how much of America and its dream of future and gain,
Author: Zolorr
Author: Kejin
Author: Meziktilar
Author: Yoshicage
3 Thou shalt not divide my Israeli oath Abraham true land, and I shall
Author: Tam
Author: Dijind
This old post found here below, was written by me to another youtube site earlier on 12/2/2018AD.
Author: Yozshugar
Author: Akinomuro
command you this day:
Author: Nasho
none shall be spared from receiving the gospel call to repent].
Author: Mugami
2:4 means: They are strong in god and signs follow them who know their
Author: Kazahn
That day of warning to Israel, was therefore fast approaching their time
Author: Tygomi
80:14 The vine called Israel is severed from Jesus Christ when the Kingdom of God gospel was sent to the gentiles to receive salvation by accepting Jesus Christ as their savior.
Author: Gurn
with Abraham– forever.
Author: Musho
Author: Shajar
wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them.
Author: Goltigul
Author: Gardalkis
As a note, Psalm 80:1-2 with prophetic interpretation. Those 2 verses are Jesus Christ before he was born by a virgin.
Author: Daik
destruction in thy lands? Are you now fearing that there is no end to
Author: Zologrel
cleanse the earth of it’s sins forever.
Author: Taujas
Author: Mezinos
Author: Dimi
darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a
Author: Fauzilkree
bit ago. I thought I might post this to a few people for now. It is
Author: Akinobar
[How does America's 2019AD food basket look to you O great America who
Author: Kajilkree
And agonizing effects of this world breaking up physically in our tribulation generation, that is effects given of god and of Christ unto our sinful days of Noah type generation of ungodly nations who are non christian nations.
Author: Tolar
6 I shall even send locust and diseases unto thee O America– quickly, as to cause thee shame unto all thy neighbor countries for trying to divide Israel away from my eternal oath with Abraham.
Author: Mezibar
Author: Shaktidal
Author: Karisar
people who are strong and that no people in this earth has ever been
Author: Grozuru
But christian nations shall always have plenty of good land enough in their own nations to bare crop life for they are christian nations unto me, and all non christian nations shall have no life in the world and will die and cease to exist, to me, saith God, that is:
Author: Zujas
In 80:9 Jesus Christ is the root
Author: Jusida
Daniel 9:24 :
Author: Dazragore
Author: Yotaur
Author: Meztizahn
Author: Narn
Author: Mikataur
Author: Grozilkree
Therefore, Christ shall come for the living and the dead, and the church who is the bride, goeth as it was and is determined of god from the beginning of the foundation of the world, and this current beastly anti-christ world:
Author: Kataur
Author: Goshakar
Author: Jujind
For those non christian nations should had served God reasonably and faithfully of themselves, unto me God, forever, as saith me: Whom, is: "HOLY AND JUST".
Author: Gor
11 I (god) do grow tired, O America, of thy lack of proper concern in not recognizing me to be forever, in all of thy government doings, forever.
Author: Muhn
In Psalms Chapters 78 and 80. This is in the raw but should be all correct.
Author: Arataxe
Author: Nenris
Author: Barg
And we do see, that happening day to day in today's world, as our own news people report on the continuing severities of our earth as the earth is physically breaking up to extinct all sinful mankind, forever.
Author: Fem
Joel 2:3
Author: Sar
Author: Kigal
Author: Nikorn
Author: Voodoor
Author: Fenrizil
Christians are to all sinners of the earth and unto Israel: “THE DAY OF
Author: Dirisar
Shall soon, remove onto full force death in which no human life can remain any where in the earth forever, unless god should remold the earth to sustain life again. And naturally, therefore, all volcanoes:
Author: Fenris
As those commands are most certainly, already found written in the
Author: Mezit
Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let
Author: Akinosar
To The Constantinian Order, this is posted else where today:
Author: Kagamuro
17 Have I not, O America, already warned thee in these days, as to not divide Israel? But you do turn away from my plea, therefore, I shall turn away from thee, until you shall help Israel to be found forever,
Author: Shakajas
Author: Dougar
The early church was facing persecution and it was said I believe, that The ruler of Rome was possibly considered to be the person mentioned in Revelation CH 13:8, and his name [13:8] hidden in scripture and converted to the 666 representing the name of Rome's ruler.
Author: Tazuru
9 I (god) shall not wait long, O great America, therefore, change thy ways and complete my oath unto Abraham– forever.
Author: Dulabar
in today's world, some of these past written things that are found
Author: Tezragore
Author: Shaktinos
Let all people understand that I will not prolong this earth for the unrepentiful, arrogant, terrible beasts [sinners] of the earth, any longer without fruits met unto meaningful repentance.
Author: Shaktigrel
Author: Tutaur
Author: Mojar
And that reconciliation by Jesus Christ, did happen when our Christ died
Author: Kagale
Author: Akinozuru
I have written those things about early church, man of sin things, but I cannot tell you about the beast who is the 666, accept, It maybe symbolic with real time persecution mixed in it, it may have already happened or may not have. Personally, I have felt for many years, that it is a symbolic situation, but I do not know that for sure.
Author: Tehn
Author: Yozshut
Old post, today is: 12 24 18 roger dale Wallace
Author: Arashijinn
Author: Mogar
Author: Yokinos
Author: Voodook
America and world who desires Israel to be divided forever? ]
Author: Tosho
Israel, that day of the Lord was near to actually to be fulfilled and
Author: Mezizil
Author: Tojagrel
could help our everyday lives in our: today's world.
Author: Malazuru
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the
Author: Yosar
To Constantinian Order: About the 666.
Author: Sagal
Author: Dozahn
Author: Malashicage
Author: Zulukus
The warning to all of Israel’s people found in verse one is to show that
Author: Feshura
They are Christians and Jesus and god the Father of Life, has risen them
Author: Tulkree
Author: Togami
for sin without repentance];
Author: Akinom
As to be done by the end result of the crucifixion, when Christ Jesus
Author: Yorg
Joel 2:1
Author: Yora
And if we do turn away from God with all our heart, then our God will
Author: Tajind
christian bible. But if we will not live by the Christian bible to
Author: Guhn
1 Give ear, O my people Israel, to my law whom is Jesus Christ my son: incline your Israeli ears to the words of my mouth spoken by this Jesus, my son.
Author: Daizil
Author: Mautaxe
2 For I the lord thy god, I shall forever, stop the great abundance of rain unto thee and I shall appoint terror in the land, as it is mention to occur of me in the book of Deuteronomy.
Author: Yomuro
Author: Kazrakazahn
Author: Vugal
As to being utterly broken down physically by god's dissolving end time shaking judgments that is given of god to the world's sinful anti-Christ nations, and the earth shall, therefore, be clean dissolved of sin, and the earth [Isaiah 24:18 -22]:
Author: Gakazahn
The day of the Lord begins with the birth of Christ and the effects of
Author: Mera
Author: Shalkis
In 80:1, Jesus Christ is the Shepherd
Author: Mogar
2:3 means:
Author: Kazrataur
Author: Mor
America? What about reports of terror in America over the last few
Author: Arashirisar
Author: Vigal
Author: Fele
Author: Vitilar
Author: Moramar
Joel 2:1 is about:
Author: Kazrazuru
To Constantinian Order:
Author: Dijora
I shall divide thy land– from thee– in ruin– forever
Author: Zolomi
Now: In this Daniel 9:24 . It saying to me that it is referencing Jesus Christ in Christ making and end to all of mankind’s transgressions and iniquities,
Author: Mulmaran
today] and also showing to what we would call the church [Holy Mountain
Author: Samugis
sealed up during the seventy weeks. And that also the seventy weeks:
Author: Vit
sure, and true!
Author: Kajizahn
Would bring about the Most Holy to be anointed king, which we know to be
Author: Tugore
19 Know ye this day, that I (god) will most surely, devour all sinful ones — forever. And I (god) will even devour them who most surely, doth cause abortion to any child. And I (god) will devour them,
Author: Gunris
Author: Fedal
The one thing that I can tell you, and I do know, is that the early church believed that the man of sin situation, had appeared in their day. I learned that through our christian bible scriptures my self.
Author: Mezim
10 And let it be known, that thy suffering to come O America, it shall remain, until thou shalt pursue my oath for Israel– eternally forever,
Author: Gardazshura
Jesus Christ being anointed at birth, as a anointed Holy king.
Author: Gagis
not to divide Israel currently, so who knows what Judgments of God may
Author: Mall
Author: Daigore
There is some teaching on the net about 666, not sure at this time where to find it. It is a documentary I believe on the early church. As best as I can remember, I believe that in the documentary;
Author: Daitaur
16 I am prepared O America, as to let thee suffer as Israel has suffered, that is: If thou shalt not encourage publicly forever, Israel to be found forever, in all her biblical true land– forever.
Author: JoJodal
80:15 Israel is the vineyard and Israel was a strong branch until they killed Jesus Christ and rejected Jesus Christ as their savior nationally. Thyself means God himself.
Author: Zuluran
Those fierce people are risen from the works of sin death, as risen with
Author: Akinomi
destroy us from his eternal kind presents, forever.
Author: Kesida
being their savior:
Author: Mazurisar
the plan of god, so they seek out all sin no matter where it is found.
Author: Shakakinos
12 Why do you even forsake the unborn? Why do you not put to a end to sin forever, by encouraging me to be recorded in thy public buildings and on and in all of thy government property?
Author: Sasho
26 Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse;
Author: Vukree
If they be non christian nations, as found to me in their own want of their own desired sin to be found in themselves, rather than having Jesus Christ as the national savior to have saved them from all their sins,
Author: Yozshurisar
Author: Vira
Author: Muzahn
Author: Zolojin
reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness,
Author: Malashicage
many ways saith God? ]
Author: Gardataxe
Author: Zulunos
So it is possible that they, those ancient Christians, that may have taken the mark of Romes ruler who was possibly seen as being the 666. Then those Christians who would have did so in those days, and then would be considered lost unto God because of swearing allegiances with Rome and to Rome's leader.
Author: Nikojinn
them a flame burneth [sinners repenting and judgments upon the wicked
Author: Aragrel
seems beyond reasonable repair here in America because of 2018AD and
Author: Kagashicage
3 3 19 RDW
Author: Mut
Perry stone knows some of that stuff about the numbering system I believe, how much he knows about it, I don't know, but he has mentioned it on the net, not long ago.
Author: Mazukasa
god!] They, those mighty in god people are very determined to fulfill
Author: Mer
Author: Zulurisar
Author: Faerg
They may have had to swear that Romes leader was the only god or a god, who knows: Romes followers may have such a Rome's mark in the hand and or on the forehead as to be able to buy and sell things in the nation of Rome, but that is something to find out from historians who study Rome's history. The Catholic church may know something about that situation, that might be a good place to seek knowledge over the 666.
Author: Mezisho
Showing the nation of Israel [Zion, which is ancient Zion to us of
Author: Tygogami
[Has not your rain been becoming different and terrible in many places
Author: Shajora
Author: Samukinos
And are risen through faith in the name of Jesus found of Father, as the
Author: Maukree
Author: Kejas
Those people are the clouds of a new day called Christianity and those
Author: Gojind
Author: Kazirn
This written here below by me, was written to my son on the net a little
Author: Kazigar
Author: Virr
This written here below, might be something to think about, this is off the top of my head as I am reading the 13:8 verse at this time, but before one accepts this, it needs to be studied out, fully, first to see if it is true or not.
Author: Kakazahn
the Day of The Lord was near to occur and to happen.
Author: Bakazahn
14 And do so, as forever true in all thy doings, such as in letting all people, pray unto me in school, that is: If they shall chose to pray to me in school.
Author: Nagore
Those fierce, mighty people who have cheek bone like a mighty lion, as
Author: Fauzahn
Author: Kazranris
Author: Digrel
recorded in scripture to the nation of Israel back in the days of old,
Author: Shakale
Author: Mezilkree
Author: Yorg
2019AD, as to them who try to divide Israel? Is there not great
Author: Dumuro
they preach in great darkening over shadowing mighty resolve, as to
Author: Aranris
living right] , and behind them a desolate wilderness [judgment of god
Author: Brataur
Author: Tuzuru
Author: Yonris
That the man of sin situation, was occurring in their their time of the earth [My book History Of Antichrists should help on the man of sin thing]. Remember, Rev 13 does not say the words man of sin, but the word beast is found written in Rev 13.
Author: Donris
Seeking is to present the message of the gospel.
Author: Tutaur
They are eternally kind and are god, in the sense that god is found in
Author: Najind
Author: Kiramar
Author: Meztimuro
Author: Sajind
80:16 Israel in 70AD, Israel is cut down and is exiled in 70AD.
Author: Neran
Author: Akirr
Joel 2:2
Author: Vudotaxe
Author: Mikagami
old post, but edited quite a bit today: 3 30 19 roger dale wallace
Author: Mak
Updated and revised 9-17-2009AD Old Post
Author: Tull
them only, and not found in sinners. They are true sons of god,
Author: Vulkree
2:4 The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses; and as
Author: Ner
up in Christ Jesus, as fiercely mightily risen people.
Author: Goltiran
all the plagues that are coming your way O world and to America?]
Author: Arashishakar
My hand is upon thee O world, therefore: Ye non christian nations must
Author: Mesar
terror created to you by these sinful men: Are you not terrorized by
Author: Mazujas
Author: Gorn
Even the stars are ashamed of the earth being sinful, and even the moon is confounded in knowing that the earth is being sinful toward god who is the master builder and planner of all that is himself, as he is god, forever.
Author: Majas
2019AD weather?]
Author: Meztinris
Author: Kazrazilkree
This earth is in unending great troubling tribulation that is worsening daily somewhere in the earth.
Author: Netilar
God, but turn aside out of the way which I command you this day, to go
Author: Gumi
Author: Fenrim
Author: Zulugami
after other gods, which ye have not known.
Author: Tojajinn
6  That the generation of Israel to be born, might know those dark sayings while being Christian unto God, even declaring to the children to be born in Israel which should be born; who should arise and declare them to their children to be saved in Jesus Christ my son:
Author: Duzahn
2 I the Lord God, I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter through Jesus Christ my son, my dark sayings of old that are my [God] trues unto all men, forever:
Author: Gudal
Author: Faezshura
education establishments for your American citizens?]
Author: Dudal
Author: Malataur
Therefore, a good study of the numbering system might be a good way to finally understand who the 666 actually is. The early church may have early church teachings with such a numbering system used in it, that is a real time possibility also.
Author: Gumi
Author: Takus
Author: Kagakasa
[Many gun shootings in 2018 and in 2019 in America are faked by the will
Author: Zugar
spread upon the mountains of fierceness, who is called God.
Author: Mikat
Author: Samujind
In 80:8-19
Author: Kagakinos
In 80:8 is the vine, Jesus Christ
Author: Goshura
obey the commandments of our Lord God as those things are found already
Author: Najora
on earth and that they needed to heed it and tell everyone in and of
Author: Fenrirn
come unto me [God] in Jesus Christ in this hour of just judgment, or you
Author: Taktilar
8 And most surely, I shall curse thee, whomsoever thou art, that is: If it be found by me forever, that thou art trying to destroy my eternal kindly true oath that I have eternally given unto all of Israel– forever.
Author: Juhn
Author: Ararisar
5 That plague, it shall come quickly until thou shalt repent unto me as forth coming of thy self to me, forever.
Author: Arashikazahn
Author: Kajir
And time is closely, nearing when the world, not long from now, will not and cannot physically bare enough good land for growing crops and etc life for both at the same time: sinner nations and Christian nations, together.
Author: Kelkree
4 I shall further, take thy money system down and a great plague of
Author: Dainos
Author: Molrajas
Author: Yozshulmaran
In 80:2 The word before means: Jesus come now and save us. Let Jesus Christ be seen by E-phra-m and by Benja-min and by Ma-nas-she and come with Christian salvation for all of Israel.
Author: Faugor
13 Why do you not teach in school, as to let all children pray freely unto me in thy public schools? Determine to follow kindness unto me– eternally forever.
Author: Mikakora
Author: Volabar
7 I do hold all people accountable to me, if they shall try to determine me to be a liar to Israel, as in Israel not having what I have forever promised unto Israel– forever.
Author: Vijin
Author: Goltizilkree
Author: Kazuru
nations who try to divide Israel,
Author: Meshakar
12  Marvelous things did God do in the sight of their past Israeli fore fathers, in the land of Egypt, in the field of Zoan.
Author: Mazulmaran
Author: Akinotaxe
Author: Samugrel
Author: Zolozilkree
11  And Israel forgot God’s works, and God’s wonders that God had showed them of Israel.
Author: Voodoogore
Author: Tojall
in America, rather than the peaceful rain as it once was known to
Author: Mile


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