Englands plastic currency

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Author: Sagami
I think they are pretty save now.
Author: Dorn
I feel sorry for Americans notes because their paper and Australias is plastic so that's Australian bill is worth getting wet
Author: Voodooktilar
We've been using those for over a decade in Mexico. 
Author: Kajigore
And Romania have Plastic Money
Author: Gukus
damn these new bank notes will just smear instead of wipe now
Author: Guzilkree
Really terrible to tip gogo dancers.
Author: Doran
Why is the narrator shouting?
Author: Gar
i from canada, been using those polymers bills for a while now, the only thing i dont like about them, is when u get pop, even water on them, they stick together!!! so hard to count them after.... :/
Author: Kaganris
Don't print too much or u cause inflation
Author: Faegul
its a great bill that doesnt break but it is lighter & easier to loose
Author: Brashakar
Why do you say that it's about English currency but then fail to point out that YOU ARE USING AUSTRALIAN CURRENCY AND IT WAS AUSTRALIAS IDEA
Author: Samuramar
5 seconds in a microwave will melt the hologram.
Author: Taur
Very lovely. I would be proud to have one. However the central bankers are lobbying hard to eliminate both cash and coin in favor of digital debit cards. That way they will receive a small fee from both sides of every transaction on the damn planet along with the taxman
Author: Yolkis
p.s. we dont say paying with plastic. nobody says that. we say folding and shrapnel for notes and coins respectively. but not plastic. yours truly, from straya
Author: Bashakar
This is clearly fake :/
Author: Mashakar
i like to draw a moustache on the queen upper lip i hope i can do this with these notes. otherwise my life shall be pointless.
Author: Vushura
It's made out of the same stuff as the Roswell UFO, when you bend, crumple or fold it, it just goes back into the same shape
Author: Mezinris
Australia was the first country to introduce Polymer notes in 1988.
Author: Shaktira
USD's look so boring compared to the notes from some other countries.
Author: Gamuro
0:57 I was tabbed out when I heard that...
Author: Gotaur
As an Australian I can confidently say we definitely have the best money in the world. Firstly, they're all equally distinguishable from one another as each ($5, $10, $20, $50, $100) all have distinct colours and size. Also the notes are all waterproof (you'll often find a 20 dollar note at the bottom of your washing machine after a wash), great structural integrity; they're wear and tear proof (they literally don't rip, not even if you purposely try to tear them), and safe from counterfeiting because of the materials they use and the windows which are impossible to replicate. American money has literally none of those things, some other currencies like UK and Canadian notes tick some of those boxes, but Australian notes are the only ones to tick them all.
Author: Mikall
I'd like to see them go through a drying machine - And yes the bills melt.
Author: Volmaran
Paper is a dumb thing to use.
Author: Zur
No one says playing with plastic when using notes lol. The polymer notes where used from 1988 here in Aus
Author: Samut
you just answered my only question. thank you.
Author: Moogurg
Here in Australia we went from ACTUAL paper NOT cotton paper to plastic. We have recently upgraded to ones with a heap of holographic bits UV bits and a big clear patch. If you go under UV light you'll see the year it was printed light up.
Author: JoJok
Australias definitely looks the best
Author: Fera
and now Australia is upgrading their notes to have even more security features
Author: Tygok
It's a very good idea, but i think they need to change the design to be more modern. There is no real change in the i.e colour, pictures.
Author: Nisar
America knows that England isn't Australia, right?
Author: Vubar
And in Sweden We got new notes But they're still "paper"...
Author: Meztikora
I have Romanian plastic notes, they feel like worthless package foil for me
Author: Samukinos
Me as an Australian, TRIGGERED.
Author: Kazikinos
No meaning to brag but, Australia has the best currency notes ^w^
Author: Maura
Author: Dushicage
I haaate the plastic-ish money. They are neat to look at with all the details and see through section. The thing is though, they get stuck together so often that sometimes you find yourself overpaying if you don't double check before handing the money to a cashier. I miss paper money,and pennies .
Author: Tojazuru
polymer notes are a lot better than paper notes, we should replace paper with these!!
Author: Gom
u forgot malaysia. Malaysia use this note for a long time ago
Author: Arashishakar
Nothing more than garbage fiat money.
Author: Tataxe
I made plastic bills and I have the bill I made to prove it
Author: Musida
its about time, my country has been doing this forever (au)
Author: Goltigor
now you can't rip one by accident
Author: Daizilkree
Uk pound notes rip easily where as the plastic ones don't. There much better.
Author: Akinogar
You say England's bank notes but show Australian money on the thumbnail. One of these is misleading, I wonder which one...
Author: Golrajas
. Thumbnail shows Australian Notes
Author: Fenrishakar
About time. No need to discuss the pros and cons because there are no cons whatsoever.. England is always so far behind
Author: Mosho
Does the UK do anything without consulting the public first? Maybe go pub to pub and ask them about monetary policy.
Author: Zulum
Plastic is better it won’t wipe 😂👍🏻
Author: Nezuru
this new way methods of making banknotes indicates how fallen the value of our currency today
Author: Malkree
"UK's bank notes"
Author: Kijora
LOL. Scotland had these notes waaay before England did. like years before.
Author: Akinodal
Kim knows the Money has Go to Japan
Author: Tulrajas
They melt if they are exposed to the sun or heat.
Author: Malaramar
New £5 is out
Author: Tygogami
Meh, I live in Northern Ireland which is apart of the UK, and I work in retail. We don't use English notes that much. I want to make a video for retailers here about the different bank notes you'll find in the UK. Most shops in the UK don't accept Scottish or Irish pound notes just because they think that they're fake, but they're perfectly legitimate to use. 
Author: Fegrel
Malaysian currency are plastic.. like 4years ago
Author: Zolokree
yes lets reduce the cost of printing money for our beloved governments
Author: Garn
quality windows xp 1:05
Author: Zujinn
Dude at the end had a Timbs wallet lol
Author: Shaktidal
My new Libyan Dinars are in the video
Author: Teshakar
it makes it harder to fake
Author: Goltishura
That is a great idea, ive grown up usimg polymer notes and they are much more durable and last lomger
Author: Jurg
Australia just released the new $5 note which has 21 security features
Author: JoJokree
Get rid of the coins in be happy.
Author: Grolkis
Yes, I know Australia is a colony of the British. I wasn't born under a rock.
Author: Akibei
Kim know To See In Cinemas You Must have a $50
Author: Tygok
News flash to all WE INVENTED THE P2 note and we are getting new ones again soon that look even better and has Brale on them for the blind and can't be forged what so ever
Author: Gardakasa
God no! rip gains.
Author: Zurn
I don’t like that Australian polymer notes is being copied around the world.. (Australia invented them.)
Author: Grolmaran
Scottish notes also?~
Author: Doumuro
Mine mine mine Mine mine mine!
Author: Akinobei
+ does GB also hire Germany to print their currency like we do now in Canada ehy ?
Author: Meztim
I've never realised how bright and colourful our Australian money is compared to other countries...wow.
Author: Malagul
wait wait wait can american money not survive a washing machine???
Author: Mezilar
Though, they are not durable in very cold temperatures... They crack and break.
Author: Mazusida
England is My City
Author: Mauzragore
the second best thing we have ever invented is our bank notes, the 1st is wifi
Author: Bashicage
I love it, It looks clean and modern. But since I am a USA citizens we won't see any polymers until I am ashes and dust.
Author: Tugul
England plastic currency
Author: Dijora
I'm sure Singapore also uses that for a while
Author: Kigarg
Ok so this video is titled 'England's plastic currency', but the thumbnail is a guy holding an AUSTRALIAN $20 and $50 note????
Author: Doujind
I never knew that the UK copied Australia again 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Author: Yozshular
This is a great idea, I was always finding ruined money mangled washed in clothes, the new money will be lasting longer and also unable to tear  I only wish that we could get rid of the dirty yucky coins and have plastic paper pennies, five pence, ten pence, twenty pence, twenty five pence exc...  money instead
Author: Faurr
Why can't we ever have nice things? :(
Author: Tuzshura
shows Australian notes in the thumbnail
Author: Brasho
They have done a FANTASTIC job with these. In days gone by, a watermark and a bit of foil on paper money would have been enough deter the would be casual counterfeiter, but with technological improvements in digital printing and shared knowledge on the internet, anyone with a bit of determination can counterfeit any paper note. But with this, I wouldn't even know where to start. If there was no transparent window, its a piece of piss, counterfeit as usual, spray with plastic coating. Job done. And they knew that, hence the transparent window. Its the watermark of modern day. That one thing thats going to be very difficult to pull of convincingly.
Author: Shazshura
Everyone knows we have the best bank notes 😏 (Australia)
Author: Voodoosar
Why does the USA refer to the UK as 'England'...
Author: Zoloshicage
Shouldn't seem odd. There are stories where these bills were in a safe at home and when the house burned down the heat not the actual flame melted the bills. Yes these bills survive well in water, just be aware that heat can damage them. Hope that's not too "odd" for you . . . . cheers
Author: Meztikasa
Martin Blair. Are you stupid? You criticize these bills for melting in a burning house? They are on fire. No shit. Are you saying paper currency didnt do that?
Author: JoJoll
says "England plastic currency"
Author: Faudal
*thumbnail has Australian dollars.
Author: Misida
i live in australian and i think its great that the notes are plastic but my issue i see is if england or any country makes the switch then you are doubling the money that is already in the system, whats happening to all the old wealth-less money. i do understand the all money is wealth-less already... just a point i would like to bring up :)
Author: Goltibar
I have not found a problem with that I don't miss penny's either I just wish I was able to collect more then I did before they were taken out of circulation.
Author: Mekree
Do they nicely fit in a stripper's bra?
Author: Daitaxe
Our currency is basically getting plastic surgery. I wonder if they'd ever consider adding a breast enlargement to the Queen on our notes...
Author: Zulugul
We Romanians use plastic money for a few years now, CNN does not know that as far as i see. And yea, they are way better than paper money, they last longer, they dont get as dirty, you can freaking wash em with your clothes :)) What do you mean melting ? If your money is melting in your pocket then what do you think will happen to your balls ? :)))
Author: Yole
México has it too....
Author: Narr
i personally like paper, especially the new 100, it actually feels like plastic because theres so much ink used on the new 100
Author: Tomuro
us dollars suk
Author: Kigagal
why is he screaming at me? what did I do?
Author: Maular
fake money for a fake economy, for use by fakers to make their fake lives seem less fake.
Author: Mazujas
There are some downsides. the money can melt or warp if exposed to some heat--like a lamp. The money also creeps: if you put in in your bra or pocket it slowly finds its way out.
Author: Yogrel
we don't want cash we want microchips....why the delay all of a sudden
Author: Akimi
Can't wait to deface the new five pound notes. Can they survive paint? Nope!
Author: Vohn
Polymer notes are waterproof, unlike America's uninspired and boring paper notes
Author: Mataur
Polymer notes were invented in Australia and introduced back in the early 90s.  They are durable and much harder to counterfeit!  Plus the beautiful colours are nice and bright
Author: Nizragore
Best thing about aussie money is that if you leave money in your pants and put them through the wash, the money comes out completely unharmed.
Author: Meztizil
Do you often let you money sunbath? I know I don't I live in Canada the new bills are pretty good and the fact that they can survive washing machines or plunges into the lake are very good things, ordinary money burns so that's not really an issue and unless you sun bath your money I don't see any issues with that either.Your comment seems very odd I must say.
Author: Daikinos
Folks these DO NOT melt(or freeze). Im loving the polymer here in Canada. Feels and looks freaking amazing.
Author: Gogul
Romania was first country in Europe to implement a full set of polymer notes , since 1999 :D
Author: Shajind
Best thing we ever did with our money, notes left in the wash never get mashed to a pulp and come out clean as the day they were made! Great for any weather.
Author: Zulunris
Author: Goltikazahn
I live in Canada and I absolutely hate the new polymer notes. They feel very cheap to me, like paying with a piece of a plastic bag
Author: Digor
Let me get this straight. The current notes, which are made of cellulose, a polymer, are to be replaced with polymer notes?
Author: Fegore
Money not worth the plastic it's printed on,money is just a big scam anyways.
Author: Vudolar
Sorry, but the men on the Aussi currency all look crazy and women look like some poor old grandma. English currency, paper and/or plastic, has always been ugly. Canada isn't bad but not as "beautiful" as people make it out to be. The USA has some of the most awful looking notes. The new 100 dollar bill is nice. So what do I like? THE SWISS FRANC is awesome. Their new notes beat all the rest. I love that they don't have people on the notes anymore. Who cares about some old dead dudes and ladies on banknotes. I bet the majority of the population of any country doesn't know who the people are. The Swiss notes are focusing on Switzerland's contribution to the world. Surely that is more important to the world today than some forgotten people from years gone by. Just my opinion. I do not mean any disrespect to anyone who reads this.
Author: Samujas
Had it for over 20years in Australia, survives anything but microwaving and a blade
Author: Taut
I love the "plastic" notes im from Canada I didnt think id like them but I love em
Author: Akikazahn
One world order high science
Author: Nemi
I find it interesting that The Queen appears on the new Australian fiver, when almost half of you want to leave the Monarchy
Author: Kigashakar
I support the move to polymer notes, the only problem I had is that they don't fold. So if your don't use a wallet, you cannot fold it and put it in your pocket without a money clip or something.


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