Feds Kashkari on Taxes, Debt, Rates, Inflation

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Author: Kigamuro
The “Long term issue”  is the debt is building up higher and higher and faster and faster. What long term this guy’s talking about? Even a retarded half blind can see that. How many Trillions debt USA already racking up from 2009 to 2017 in 8 years? Is that a long term or short term? So in another 10 years how many Trillions more will racking up? The country really in need for more the highly educated and smartest talking heads to BS the public because the debt is so large in the short or long term so need lot more these kind of talking in circle.
Author: Grotaur
Know what’s the problem here? One Size Fits All policy. May be this guest living in state/area where inflation is not as high,  but inflation in California - Los Angles is very high and cost of living is really high almost reach to the point of not affordable.


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