FOX Faceoff - Taiwan-China-U.S. relations

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Author: Nishakar
yup .....said that yrs ago
Author: Bak
In this one they both had good points, but QUANNEL
Author: Nalmaran
Quanell X is a crook to everybody he touch
Author: Samular
I reckon these two are the best of friends
Author: Yogal
as usual matt has a weak argument...RIP
Author: Akinokazahn
quanell undefeated
Author: Kihn
Quanell is the teacher and Matt is still the grasshopper
Author: Meztinos
Look how close they have the two sitting next to each other. They want one of them to take a swipe at the other for the ratings
Author: Toktilar
Of course, they have other buyers world-wide. However, we also purchase from more than China. Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Dominican Republic, etc.
Author: JoJoll
LOOL did he really reply to "the drawls you got on" with "look, the drawers made in China"
Author: Kekora
matt and skip bayless is the same!!!!!! lol
Author: Samumi
Quanell is right , as usual
Author: Kejind
that fool is always wrong...and proud
Author: Kizil
These guys are both clueless about politics lol
Author: Nikree
I agree with Quanell a lot more than Matt as usual. However I do think the notion that America is more dependent on China than China the US is false. China depends very much on our money/business.
Author: Brakora
The old man said that China have money issues also? OMG are you kidding me?? China owns this country because USA owes China about 1.2 trillions of dollars which they never gonna pay simple cause they don't have it; not now and not tomorrow; or even in 5000 year's since today they will not have the money ready because they will not have it.
Author: Zolocage
Matt is just a typical example of blind party loyalty.
Author: Shakall
Telling Trump to be careful is like saying no to a toddler. It will only make things worst.
Author: Kilar
You bet not play with China
Author: Kajisida
lol Quanell ALWAYS have to get the last word! lol man he be deep and trulthful
Author: Doular
first time ever ive agreed with Quannell


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