How Insurance Companies and Prisons are Making the Opiate Crisis Worse

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Author: Tusho
To suggest that drug addiction is a disease would imply that these addicts are born with an addiction gene. I don't believe that at all, it's totally environmental causes and not genetic. These "experts" weren't saying anything like this during the height of the crack epidemic which affected a disproportionate amount of Hebrews-aka-so called Blaq's during the 80's.
Author: Feshura
Pull yourselves up by your "bootstraps!"
Author: Jut
Do you want people with substance abuse walking around your neighborhood or would you rather have them being treated?
Author: Yozshulkis
I use Percocet recreationally from time to time. Opioids aren't addictive, junkies just don't have any self control. Plus the opioid "crisis" is mostly a white problem in my state so I just don't give af.
Author: Voshicage
The pharmaceutical companies are to blame and the politicians! Wake up people!
Author: Mum
Fortunately we can not thank God for this time of non common sense. This drug addicts should pay for their addiction. Tax payers should not be duped into sustains this addicts. They know the consequences when they start using this garbage. Being a drug addict is not a disease but without a doubt a vice. Pure and simple. We don't have to pay for the life that this people choose to lead for themselves.
Author: Shaktigar
Trumps MOAB missed the opium fields.
Author: Tygodal
This society has no problem whatsoever incarcerating so-called Black Americans for possession of mere grams of HARMLESS cannabis, yet there is so much focus on reviving and keeping alive those who consistently use and abuse opioid drugs, wasting taxpayers' hard-earned money. Part of Trump's budget cuts should include letting those who obviously don't want to live simply die off. BON VOYAGE! Lock them up behind bars so that they can clean themselves up and be reformed. This country is too broke to be supporting these thugs on drugs 🤔
Author: Malakinos
Patients on meth for 30 years, really!  That is not addiction?  Seems like this women has 40 years of one years experience!
Author: Mashura
This Woman is a methadone sales Woman a Snake Oil Salesperson. Methadone is equally as addictive as Heroin this is a fact.
Author: Maugar
The difference is the tax payers pay for the Methadone and the addict has to pay for the Heroin.
Author: Sazahn
Wealthy Heroin addicts can stay just as healthy as a Methadone addict getting their opiate for free from the government. Who take the tax payers money and give it to the corporation (Big Pharma) who supply the Methadone. So the war on drugs is only really a war on certain drugs and certain suppliers. Ones that are not in bed with the government.
Author: Muk
GAVERMENT cartel criet drug problem using tax payer money growing OPID in Afghanistan. and make tax payer pay for FAKE recovery.Make money on two ands.Clever.We are tax payer are STUPED.😩
Author: Mikale
This is like claiming there's an "accident" epidemic and banning bathtubs because there was an increase last year in automobile accidents.
Author: Feshura
Why is The Real News so blindly accepting the government's claims of an opioid "epidemic," which just so happened to manifest after marijuana legalization threatened police budgets? Why hasn't The Real News troubled to notice that all manner of opioids are being lumped together to create the illusion of an "epidemic." I'd like the The Real News to stop being complicit in pumping up the idea of an "epidemic," which contributes to the creation of absurd "solutions" like throwing long-time, prescription opioid users of their pain medication, as if that somehow was a sane response to this "crisis."
Author: Daijind
This woman is a true Heroine for the big pharma induced crises in this country.
Author: Dakora
Why isn't TRN reporting on how the number of ostensible opioid deaths was pumped up by including any death where any trace of opioids no matter how trivial or legitimate was found in the decedent's bloodstream?
Author: Faulabar
Narcan price has jumped. big suprise .
Author: Dizil
Addiction is a disease of the mind and spirit, methodone doesn't help the problem at all. Addiction doesn't discriminate, it affects everyone regardless of sex, race, age, income, status. Quality treatment centers don't treat patients with methodone or suboxone. the only way is intensive therapy, and it is up to the addict to take the responsibility to accept they have a problem and be open to change their life- from the top down. It's simple, but simple doesn't = easy. We as a society, have to stop vilifying addicts. They are regular people who are really messed up and need help. Of course it's not a disease that you can catch, but it is most certainly a mental illness. Most addicts will tell you that they didn't just wake up one day and decide to shoot heroin, it's a progression. Many of them will also tell you that they were prescribed pain killers legally and the addiction to opiates started there. Addicts have poor judgement and no coping skills, they need help to develop good judgment and coping skills, you can't throw methodone at them and expect it to help!
Author: Julkree
The war on drugs is a class war which = FAILURE!!!!!
Author: Tygok
Methadone is a bad form of treatment. Suboxone is ideal for a short period.


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