How The Yellow Vest Protests Forced Macron To Back Down (HBO)

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Author: Balkis
Macron didn't study the French history. He has no idea that the French working class are very patient people but when their patience run out, heads will roll!
Author: Mujin
Workers of the World UNITE! Solidarity Forever!
Author: Kazragor
The French know how to start a revolution
Author: Zolor
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Author: Faugar
Reporter is hot
Author: Akikasa
When barricades go up- you know the French are serious. REVOLUTION
Author: Faura
They have every right to revolve, I wish them strength. Ive seen many interviews since its started and all majority of yellow vests are middle class people that are just fed up with Macron and his macaroni lol
Author: Jukasa
It’s only a matter of time before all of Europe revolts against the modern world order. Rest of Europe is ready to join France. 🇫🇷 💪🏻
Author: Gardagal
This is how America should react one day
Author: Dalabar
Salute France ✊
Author: Samujora
I salute the french people from Germany o7
Author: Tajind
That's really shameful, the kind of thing that sickens me to my stomach! Who the hell would lose at the hangman without even trying the A and R
Author: Daimuro
USA are with the French 🇺🇸
Author: Dulrajas
WTF the French really know how to protest
Author: Aralar
They sure know how to throw a good ol’ revolution
Author: Doule
Viva la revolution
Author: Brakora
"[Macron] doesn't understand anything, he's disconnected," Pilon added. "In France we say: "He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth."
Author: Mezizil
Cost of living going up everywhere and housing prices growing exponentially yet wages stagnate. Something is not right, and a small group is profiting.
Author: Tohn
Don't stop France until that toxic weasel steps down and depowered. God bless the french people.
Author: Kazrazragore
I'm french and i'm leavaing in the south of France. A lot of people think the crises in France is about immigration. It's not true. People are just sick of the taxes inequality. Actually France are very proud to paye the taxes because of the redistrubution systeme ( free university, free hospital etc ). When there are an economic crises the french are less injured than the country who are more libéral. Macron try to destroy our walfare state and the people are disagree. The most part of yellow vest are actually agree with the far-left. Moreover the constitution of France give too mutch power at the président, so Macron concentred all the anger of the citizens. So basically is a classic class war with our traditionnaly methods : riot in the cities savage locjout of the roads. Plus convergence of struggles ( students, syndicates, nurses, prolétarian and middle class, feminists etc ) And clearly is also a big popular party against the power. France are back in the history ! Peace ( sorry for my very bad english )
Author: Galabar
How long before you guys bring out the guillotine?
Author: Shaktira
Good on the French for protesting! Cheers!


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