Hurricane Michael pounds Florida

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Author: Shaktigami
MP3 MY LONGING (The sea is representative of any catastrophe.)
Author: Mulabar
Author: Vojinn
Michael pounds Florida
Author: Vudotaur
MY FRIEND LIVING IN FLORIDA 😭😭😭😭 I hope he is fine and the family !
Author: Faesar
I'm a survivor of Hurricane Michael and trust me it was a bad bad storm.
Author: Yozshusar
AGAIN! so many storms in such a short time :\
Author: Yogor
Florida is drowned.
Author: Milabar
I'm german and praying for US right now... not daring to think of how many lifes were taken... I wish you a quick recovery!
Author: Dalrajas
oh my...
Author: Vibar
I hope people grabbed thier pets, imagine them being all alone in one of those buildings 😭😢
Author: Grolabar
Carey, please, take care of yourself... :)
Author: Mitilar
I don't care
Author: Meztigis
Very Good Footage.
Author: Gardajora
Not strongest "ever". Were you around before 1492? Ummm...NOPE.
Author: Kinos
that is some scary weather omg
Author: Daijinn
2064: New York City destroyed by 200mph hurricane.
Author: Sakasa
OMG!!! I hope she was alright.
Author: Mazugal
Will blow away the chemtrails. Give it up.
Author: Kajiran
Oh my gosh I feel so bad for the people that are getting hit with this hurricane
Author: Mazulabar
Its a shame some people still believe Climate change its not truth, I survived Wilma Hurricane more than 10 years ago, and the damage after the hurricane its the really problem, no water, no electricity etc..the BIG difference is that here in Mexico almost all properties are built with concrete , what makes the damage to properties less. I really dont get why they keep on building with wood in USA. I really feel sorry for all the families that lost everything :(
Author: Kajitilar
OMG ...
Author: Zulkizilkree
If this hurricane was moving slow it would of been grout zero
Author: Nalabar
“A horrible storm will ravage the bikini bottom area.” My Florida portrayal in my United States Portrayed by SpongeBob video.
Author: JoJobei
We can fix it with flex tape
Author: Vimuro
I got hit but it kinda dodged my house lucky but rip others
Author: Yor
Josephine Calabrese


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