India के लिए China का नरम रूख, Border पर चाहता है समझौता

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Author: Morr
indian area jyada hai, aur chines area chota , isliya china ka rukh naram hai.
Author: Daikasa
( 1:44 ) lol, B2 stealth bomber and anti aircraft missile, 1962 me Air Forces use nahi hue the
Author: Akinogal
Wow, does China thinks that everyone else our fools?? They wanna exchange one of our land with another one of our land?? Lol
Author: Arazuru
Both China and India cant afford to have bad relations with one another after all it is our time to shine and synergy between both is beneficial to both ..
Author: Mikasa
Tawang is strategic important to India in longer run than aksai China. We are happy with ladakh, arunachal will stay with India.India should offer opposite.
Author: Meshakar
Now the time has come that should change its stand on Tibet....
Author: Kegami
CHINA and BHARAT(india) should come together to defeat US and britian.
Author: Nikobar
Tawang Hamara Tha Aur Akshaichin Bhi Hamara Hey....
Author: Dushura
chinkistan KA koi bharosa nahi! sau baat ki ek baat LA ILAHA IL ALLAH MUHAMMAD KUTTE KA PILLA!
Author: JoJoshakar
long live BHARAT(india)
Author: Tygorn
india ka pawar dekh ke cheen ke fath gayee
Author: Doujas
China must fear the fury
Author: Gujora
Useless deal! askai chin is inhabitable.. nothing grows there.. Arunachal is very productive and has potential!
Author: Kazit
this is because present government taking care of China and preparing for a confrontation in the future to gain control of Lost territory ! Chinese understood this now they want peace in border !!or they have spend Lot off resources to be status quo !!which they can't afford in the future !! India should not agree to anything less then total withdrawal of PLA !! and also demand for Tibet's independence !!
Author: Vicage
हमारी ही एक ज़मीन लेके हमारी ही दूसरी ज़मीन वापस दे रहा है । दोनों ही इंडिया का एरिया है ।
Author: Yozshutaur
china gandu
Author: Macage
Sunwar khanewale kutte sale
Author: Tasho
USA and britain are biggest enemies of BHARAT (india).
Author: Mazulmaran
China is never to be trusted.
Author: Netaur
Aksai chin,Tawang Indias land.
Author: Maugor
thode din ruk jao modi sab ki ghand maregha hahahahha
Author: Gardanos
China wants to have a win/win option which will iron out all its issues with India , after which there should be no reason to have tense relations which makes its relations good with india . This should be exploited to settle all scores India has with china ... Tibetans will loose out , however they lost Tibet a very long back ....and India needs to look after its interests now while ensuring Indian tibetians rights are not lost or exploited ...
Author: Akilrajas
India must take Tibet from China
Author: Daran
gddarko to golihi milegi
Author: Zuluzilkree
come on with one on one every indian can kill 10 small Chinese
Author: Digrel
अब इस बात का ध्यान रखना होगा कि हमारे गद्दार नेता हमारे देश को नहीं बेच दे
Author: JoJosho
Never trust china.
Author: Dishakar
Mohammad shakur
Author: Dimuro
Indian government not talk on only borders talk on Tibet issue which is part of India at any cost try to take Tibet if war need with China India must ready for every circumstance
Author: Mezibar
Modiji ka power, Dar gaya chin. .Hindustan Jinsabad
Author: Malazil
Jaise China ne liya tha waise hi hum wapas le lenge.....Hum jameen ke bhuke nahi hai....
Author: Fegrel
hama nhi dayga
Author: Samubar
China indispensably needs to minimize strategic tensions on borders because it's surrounded by deadly threats on its borders due to presence of America in South China sea. Any step should be taken cautiously on the basis trustworthy and indelible grounds. China's playing still nasty games on international issues.
Author: Milar
Never trust gay china
Author: Sakus
koi zameen ki adla badli nahi hogi jo pok aur china occupied zameen hai bo india jaroor tumse bapas lega
Author: Goltikazahn
Modiji kuch bhi nahi dega aur pok bhi wapas lega.
Author: Muzil
we should increase our relationship with CHINA because if we fight with each other then the US win this war.
Author: Kirg
जो हमारे देश का है वो हमारा ही रहेगा क्ष
Author: Faukazahn
China has to go back to the position of Mcmohan line ie before 1962 position is the solution, no other arrangement is possible. It deceived, back stabbed India, that has to be corrected by china.
Author: Tacage
arey ye saale kuchh na denge dogle jubaan se mukarne vaale log
Author: Voodooll
It's a good development . I think China realises that the weakest point in its strategy in the region is its relations with India and the very fact that US and India are getting closer than ever before . Strategically India is very important to US because of the south china sea and dominance in this region due to trade that passes through .
Author: Tejin
any agreement with China is only with pre 62 status + pok is belongs to India + Tibet's independence if not nothing why we want peace with China ?? they r harassing us for years !! now our turn !!
Author: Sharr
they want peace here because they can make trouble in South China Sea !! and has to prepare for war with uncle Sam !!
Author: Kazimi
congress lao u.p mei aur kashmir ko alad krdegi congress inshallah
Author: Vushicage
china sa import band karni hogi | arthik rup sa kangal hoga |
Author: Zujinn
china ka bharasa bilkulhi na kare , muhme ram bagalme chhuri , maha neech desh
Author: Moogulkree
fuck china
Author: Fetaxe
China not well
Author: Tojajora
long live CHINA
Author: Dobei
sari chinees chinjopar ban lagana chahiye
Author: Mazugami
china ka gaand maro Japan ke tarah
Author: Juzuru
chin par bharawasa nahi rakh sakate
Author: Samulkree
China is as rude and as as before. Please don't believe that treacherous and un predictable country. Bharat should alert as before.
Author: Virisar
No no we don't want to give tawang
Author: Akigis
chin bharawasa karne ke kayak nahi hai
Author: Doum
चिन कभि भि नरम रख राखता है


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