India offers Pakistani Hindus safe haven

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Author: Vugal
Pakistan se sabhi Hindu Sikh Jain budha daliit Sindhi ko Hindustan bulavo Bharat Sabhi Aapne hai..
Author: Vubar
this is the face of pakistan
Author: JoJonris
1:10 no body helping the old lady... come on guys! :(
Author: Jut
india must help hindu brothers. they r far better than bangladeshis.
Author: Vocage
I am shoked to see this reporting from al Jazeera
Author: Golar
I want Pakistani Hindus come to our Hindustan
Author: Nim
Hopefully the Indian govt will take steps to bring all the hindus in Pakistan to India, their home which will always welcome them. But people like Sonia Gandhi, Ahmed Patel, Mani Shankar Iyer, Sitaram Yechury etc would do everything they can to prevent this.
Author: Samulkis
Islam is threat for humanity
Author: Tazragore
It has bjp is ruling...come home brothers
Author: Mit
India is the best place on planet earth. Jai Hind.
Author: Bat
Welcome all Hindus from Pakistan
Author: Baran
Pakistan mullas are meanest and cheapest creatures on earth.
Author: Vozilkree
First time Alzajeera ne Ekk Non muslim faith k liye news di h !
Author: Shakaktilar
India is a safe haven for everyone regardless of religion!
Author: Toll
India should create a separate state for Pakistani minorities by occupying a part of Pakistan...
Author: Arashikus
There is only one nation for Hindus...for Islam we have so many
Author: Tadal
what else can you expect from terrorist factory pokistan
Author: Jutaur
why don't seculars watch this....lot of expecatation frm modiji
Author: Taugal
Ban Al jazeera in India.
Author: Mezir
Lessons for Liberals. Let India become Muslim-majority.. what can go wrong ?!!


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