Is Now the Time to Buy Boeing?

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Author: Migis
If it’s Boeing I ain’t going
Author: Aragul
If you stupid enough then go for it
Author: Arashisar
Shame on all of u
Author: Samuzuru
Countries already stopping Boeing 737 Max 8 flights:
Author: Kall
Sell your stocks, Boeing filing for bankruptcy in a week
Author: Mezidal
I think it is worth keeping in mind that this model has been in service since 2011 and has had only 2 crashes, both in the past 6 months. Considering the diversity of nationals aboard the Ethiopian flight, and the fact 21 of those who died were UN workers, many countries have closed their airspace', and the media reporting this has made people sell, in turn hurting Boeing.
Author: Dumi
150 plus people just died. So you promote the idea of buying up the stock?
Author: Nikojar
I was just discussing this with my friend. Good investment. Not surprised
Author: Dakora
Not sure about this stock myself. They've had these issues and the internal shakeups that hurts the stock. Had to pull out myself, but overall I may put my money back in because I think Boeing is a good long haul stock.
Author: Kisar
LOL. NO it's going to $155 in 1-2 years
Author: Mezijin
When I looked at Boeings Fundamentals I got shocked when I looked at their debt: Debt to equity 4000% and the last 4 years their equity kept shrinking fast. At this rate they turn negative next year.. So far Ive never seen an indexed stock at 4000% debt to equity. Will probably crash as their planes.
Author: Kazrazahn
Sell puts and buy the stock? Did I hear that correctly?
Author: Kigajinn
China, UK , Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Turkey, Ireland, Australia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Oman, Morocco, Mongolia, Emirates, Kuwait, Italy, Norwegian and Netherlands.
Author: Mazura
Sponsored advertising? I’m not buying this. It’s not a one time problem. Looking back in history, this could be the Nokia moment...
Author: Mijas
This is a tragic moment, and you are talking about making money out of it!?
Author: Mezilkis
extremely ugly monthly chart. was looking at this a couple weeks ago thinking this was setting up for a good short. nobody should be buying boeing.


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