Japanese PM visits a war shrine

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Author: Zulkik
I hereupon pitying your spiritual feebleness pen a word or two.
Author: Brarg
We, the soldiers of the Imperial Fighting Force take up arms to further the above stated “doctrine”.
Author: Vonris
In order to attain this end, countless machinations were used to cajole the yellow races, and to finally deprive them of any strength.
Author: Kajira
■李栄薫 (ソウル大学経済学科教授)
Author: Faejora
In fact, Chiang Kai-shek was being manipulated by Comintern. As a result of the Second United Front of 1936, large numbers of guerillas from the Communist Party of Comintern puppet Mao Zedong infiltrated the KMT. The objective of Comintern was to pit the Japanese army and the KMT against each other to exhaust them both and, in the end, to have Mao Zedong’s Communist Party control mainland China.
Author: JoJoshakar
Author: Kazihn
Talks about the three and a half years of the Japanese military government, the victory nations', i.e. Dutch, Chinese and American, scholars or people who learned in Europe or US, and came to dislike Japan. These people spread an over exaggerated Japanese bad reputation. However, they do not tell the truth or the whole story.
Author: Voodoozahn
Author: Faudal
Among the major powers at that time, Japan was the only nation that tried to incorporate its colonies within the nation itself. In comparison to other countries, Japan’s colonial rule was very moderate.
Author: Dasida
universities. Keijo Imperial University was the sixth and Taipei Imperial University was the seventh to be built. The subsequent order was that Osaka Imperial University was eighth (1931)and Nagoya Imperial University was ninth (1939). The Japanese government actually built imperial universities in Korea and Taiwan even before Osaka and Nagoya.
Author: Mikazragore
A Note to Roosevelt
Author: Moogulkis
by Ko Bunyu (WAC Co.)  and Refine Your Historical Power, Japan edited by Sakurai Yoshiko (Bungei Shunju) , the theory that it was actually the work of Comintern has gained a great deal of prominence recently.
Author: Mazur
It is no other than to return to the East that which belongs to the East.
Author: Kelmaran
If you say that Japan was the aggressor nation, then I would like to ask what country among the great powers of that time was not an aggressor. That is not to say that because other countries were doing so it was all right for Japan to do so well, but rather that there is no reason to single out Japan as an aggressor nation.
Author: Nasida
Raja Dato Nonchick, former Senator of Federation of Malaysia:
Author: Tak
This peacefulness of mind, the common universal stigma of the Nippon-jin, burning with fervour in the upholding of the Imperial Doctrine may be impossible for you and Churchill to understand.
Author: Jut
The Japanese army was subjected to frequent acts of terrorism by Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuomintang (KMT). Large-scale attacks on and murders of Japanese citizens occurred many times. This would be like the Japanese Self-Defense Forces attacking the US troops stationed at the Yokota or Yokosuka military bases, committing acts of violence and murder against the American soldiers and their families – it would be unforgivable.
Author: Nara
All that matters for America is that they share good relations with Japan, that's it.... Yes, they should take note of such things for political purpose but the reason why it shouldn't be controversial is that America and Britain themselves have never admitted their own war crimes.
Author: Vudozuru
Judging Nippon from just this side of the screen you may slander our nation as a yellow peril, or a blood thirsty nation or maybe a protoplasm of military clique.
Author: Faulabar
screw the US state department. yuki seemed to be making stuff up as she went along. i laugh when people get upset about war shrines in places like japan or maybe germany or china or where ever when so many innocent people have been killed by the american war machine and nothing is being said about that..  bloody hypocrits. i guess if you are american killing others is your birthrite.
Author: Daira
戦前から東京にいた私は、年に1~2 回はソウルとか当時の平壌に行きました。
Author: Bajinn
 THEY LOST THE WAR...............USA#1
Author: Talkis
Our country built many schools in Manchuria, the Korean Peninsula, and Taiwan, and emphasized education for the native people. We left behind significant improvements to the infrastructure that affects everyday life – roads, power plants, water supply, etc. And we established Keijo Imperial University in Korea in 1924 as well as the Taipei Imperial University in 1928 in Taiwan.
Author: Malarn
When you compare this with the countries that were considered to be major powers at the time, you realize that Japan’s posture toward Manchuria, Korea, and Taiwan was completely different from the colonial rule of the major powers. England occupied India, but it did not provide education for the Indian people. Indians were not permitted to attend the British military academy. Of course, they would never have considered a marriage between a member of the British royal family and an Indian. This holds true for Holland, France, America, and other countries as well.
Author: Yogami
Author: Kizragore
If the Japanese government had intended to smash the Yi dynasty, they surely would not have permitted the marriage of a woman of this stature to Crown Prince Yi Eun.
Author: Dudal
In 1995, following the end of the Cold War, they were declassified and made open to the public. According to those files, there were three hundred Comintern spies working in the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who took office in 1933. Among them, one who rose to the top was the number two official at the Treasury, Assistant Secretary Harry White. Harry White is said to have been the perpetrator who wrote the Hull note, America’s final notice to Japan before the war began. Through President Roosevelt’s good friend, Treasury Secretary Morgenthau, he was able to manipulate President Roosevelt and draw our country into a war with the United States.
Author: Tautaxe
Kukurit Pramoj, Former Prime Minister of The Kingdom of Thai:
Author: Vigar
Author: Mijora
A Japanese teacher said to me "I believe that Japanese Army slaughtered Malaysian. I came here to research the fact." I was very surprised and I said Japanese did not kill one Malaysian. Japanese Army killed British the Army as an enemy and anti-Japanese Chinese-Malaysian guerilla assisted them.
Author: Sajas
親日名簿 3090人発表 :「聯合ニュース」より
Author: Dom
The Japanese army in Beijing, which was stationed there from 1901, still comprised just 5,600 troops at the time of the Marco Polo Bridge Incident thirty-six years later. At that time,tens of thousands of KMT troops were spread out in the area surrounding Beijing, and even in terms of appearances it was a far cry from being an invasion. As symbolized by Foreign Minister Shidehara Kijuro, our country’s basic policy at the time was one of reconciliation with China,and that has not changed even today.
Author: Sajas
Author: Vusar
What's the controversy? The guy went to visit a shrine that honors people who gave their lives for Japan, regardless if they were heros or war criminals, at the end they are all dead. Japan of today is not Japan of 1940. China and S. Korea can't let the past die.
Author: Goltilkis
Could the war have been avoided? If Japan had accepted the conditions lain out by the United States in the Hull note, perhaps the war could have been temporarily avoided. But even if the war had been avoided temporarily, when you consider the survival of the fittest mentality that dominated international relations at the time, you can easily imagine that the United States would have issued a second and a third set of demands. As a result, those of us living today could very well have been living in a Japan that was a white nation’s colony.
Author: Vobei
Going back in time to 1901, in the aftermath of the Boxer Rebellion, the Qing Empire signed the Boxer Protocol in 1901 with eleven countries including Japan. As a result, our country gained the right to station troops in Qing China, and began by dispatching 2,600 troops there.
Author: Zolorn
hope the next tsunami floods the shrine
Author: Dijin
Author: Faenos
In China, Chiang Kai-shek also graduated from the Imperial Japanese Army Academy and received training while attached to a regiment in Takada, in Niigata.
Author: Brajar
In fact, America was also being manipulated by Comintern. There are official documents called the Venona Files, which are available on the National Security Agency (NSA) website.
Author: Gardalkree
Judging from your actions, white races especially you Anglo-Saxons at the sacrifice of the coloured races are monopolizing the fruits of the world.
Author: Grorr
All Asian country could become independent under the favor of Japan, our mother. Her body was damaged for its difficult birth. However the children grew up quickly and healthily. Today, Southeast Asian people can talk as equals with the US and UK. By whose obligation can we do that? Our mother, Japan, sacrificed herself for all Asian independence. We must remember December 8th, when our mother showed us the great thought she was forced to take upon herself.
Author: Nikorisar
On the Korean Peninsula as well, during the thirty-five years of Japanese rule the population roughly doubled from thirteen million to twenty-five million people. That is proof that Korea under Japanese rule was also prosperous and safe. In postwar Japan, people say that the Japanese army destroyed the peaceful existence in Manchuria and on the Korean Peninsula. But in fact, through the efforts of the Japanese government and Japanese army, the people in these areas were released from the oppression they had been subjected to up until then, and their standard of living markedly improved.
Author: Ker
It is a massive set of documents, but in the May 2006 edition of “Monthly Just Arguments” 「月刊正論」, (then) Assistant Professor Fukui of Aoyama Gakuin University offered a summary introduction.
Author: Tule
■崔基鎬 (1923 年生まれ。明知大学助教授、中央大学、東国大学経営大学院教授を経て、現在、加耶大学客員教授)
Author: Tataxe
-Rear Admiral Ichimaru
Author: Tygotilar
Author: Dugal
Emperor Meiji’s “The four seas of the world that are united in brotherhood will know no high waves nor wind” (composed during the Russo-Japanese War) won the appraisal of your uncle, Theodore Roosevelt as you yourself know.
Author: Faukora
Author: Kimi
Present Hitler’s crusade of “His Fatherland” is brought about by no other than the stupidity of holding only Germany, the loser of the World War, solely responsible for the 1914-1918 calamity and the deprivation of Germany’s re-establishment.
Author: Aranris
■Japan and Korea started only a volunteer military system in 1938. Korean military participation ★1939 Applicants 12,348 Accepted 613 ★1940 Applicants 84,443 Accepted 3,060 ★1941 Applicants 144,743 Accepted 3,208 ★1942 Applicants 254,273 Accepted 4,077 ★1943 Applicants 303,294 Accepted 6,300
Author: Fejora
あの時、私たちが持っていた植民地朝鮮のイメージが架空の創作物なのを悟った。”韓国日報 2004年4月22日より
Author: Nikokus
However, we now know that during the Tokyo War Trials, Liu Shaoqi of the Chinese
Author: Vudorisar
Finally, our country could no longer put up with the repeated provocations of the KMT, and on August 15, 1937, the Konoe Fumimaro Cabinet declared that “now we must take determined measures to punish the violent and unreasonable actions of the Chinese army and encourage the Nanking Government to reconsider.” 
Author: Narr
The Japanese government also permitted the enrollment of Chinese and Japanese citizens into the Imperial Japanese Army Academy. At the Manila military tribunal following the war, there was a lieutenant general in the Japanese army named Hong Sa-ik, a native Korean who was sentenced to death. Hong graduated in the 26th class at the Army Academy, where he was a classmate of Lt. General Kuribayashi Tadamichi, who gained fame at Iwo Jima.
Author: Kajigami
民族問題研究所と親日人名辞典編纂委員会は29日、朴正煕、金性洙、方應謨、洪ジンギ、金活蘭などを含む「親日人名辞典 収録人物」第一次名簿3090人を発表した。この日発表された「親日人士」名簿は解放以後初の試みとなる大規模親日人士選定作業の結果であり、売国、中枢院、官僚、警察、判事・検事、宗教、言論、文化芸術など計13分野にわたって選定された。
Author: Arashinos
The bombing of Zhang Zuolin’s train in 1928 was for a long time said to have been the work of the Kwantung Army, but in recent years, Soviet intelligence documents have been discovered that at the very least cast doubt on the Kwantung Army’s role. According to such books as Mao:The Mao Zedong Nobody Knew by Jung Chang (Kodansha) , Ko Bunyu Looks Positively at the Greater East Asian War
Author: Shataxe
Author: Zologrel
Under the terms of the US-Japan Security Treaty, American troops are stationed within Japan.Nobody calls this an American invasion of Japan. That is because it is based on a treatyagreed upon between two nations.
Author: Nikozahn
There are some who say that it was because Japan invaded the Chinese mainland and the Korean Peninsula that it ended up entering the war with the United States, where it lost three million people and met with defeat; it committed an irrevocable error. However, it has also been confirmed now that Japan was ensnared in a trap that was very carefully laid by the United States in order to draw Japan into a war.
Author: Kigajinn
Why is it that you, an already flourishing nation, nip in bud the movement for the freedom of the suppressed nations of the East.
Author: Mezikinos
Author: Shaktilmaran
Japan tried to develop Manchuria, the Korean Peninsula, and Taiwan in the same way it was developing the Japanese mainland.
Author: Dijin
The current Chinese government obstinately insists that there was a “Japanese invasion,” but Japan obtained its interests in the Chinese mainland legally under international law through the Sino-Japanese War, the Russo-Japanese War, and so on, and it placed its troops there based on treaties in order to protect those interests.
Author: Nikokree
His Imperial Highness, as clearly shown in the “Rescript of the Founder of the Empire” “Yosei” (Justice), “Choki” (Sagacity) and “Sekkei” (Benevolence), contained in the above three fold doctrine, rules in the realization of “Hakko-ichiu” (the universe under His Sacred Rule) in His Gracious mind. The realization of which means the habitation of their respective fatherlands under their own customs and traditions, thus insuring the everlasting peace of the world.
Author: JoJodal
Following the Meiji Restoration, the Japanese government established nine imperial
Author: Kazrakree
It is now the Akasaka Prince Hotel Annex. Also, Prince Pujie, the younger brother of Puyi –the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty, who was also the emperor of Manchuria – was married to Lady Saga Hiro of the noble Saga house.
Author: Gardakus
■親日財産還収法。 過去に親日的だった人物を、名前を公表して吊し上げ、その人物の子孫の財産を没収する。
Author: Kazirisar
Author: Kazrakree
洪思翊, Hong Sa Ik, he was Korean, who was Lieutenant General of Japanese Imperial Army. 朴春琴, Park Chun-geum was a member of House of Representatives in Tokyo. A seat in the House of Representatives was an elective post. He was elected twice from his district in Tokyo. Many Korean men joined the Japanese Imperial Army, and some Korean experts supported their countries because Korea was the same country as Japan.
Author: Taujinn
The completion of this Greater East Asia War will bring about the birth of the East Asia Co-Prosperity Area, this in turn will in the near future result in the everlasting peace of the world, if, of course, is not hampered upon by your unending imperialism.
Author: Goshura
It is beyond our contemplation when we try to understand your stinted narrowness.
Author: Kazirg
I have one word to give you upon the termination of this battle.
Author: Tale
Author: Kazitaxe
Our country is said to have invaded the Chinese mainland and the Korean peninsula in the prewar period, but surprisingly few people are aware that the Japanese army was also stationed in these countries on the basis of treaties. The advance of the Japanese army onto the Korean peninsula and Chinese mainland from the latter half of the 19th century on was not a unilateral advance without the understanding of those nations.
Author: Tezshura
The existence of the East Asia Co-Prosperity sphere does not in anyway encroach upon your safety as a nation, on the contrary, will sit as a pillar of world peace ensuring the happiness of the world. His Imperial Majesty’s true aim is no other than the attainment of this everlasting peace.
Author: Gosar
■朴 鉄柱(韓国 韓日文化研究所)
Author: Meztirisar
Why was there such a population explosion in Manchuria? It was because Manchuria was a prosperous and safe region. People would not be flocking to a place that was being invaded. The plains of Manchuria, where there was almost no industry other than agriculture, was reborn as a vital industrial nation in just fifteen years thanks to the Japanese government.
Author: Jumi
Republic of Indonesia:
Author: Faerg
Approximately a century has elapsed since Nippon, after Commodore Perry’s entry to Shimoda, became widely affiliated with the countries of the world. During this period of intercourse Nippon has met with many national crises as well as the undesired Sino-Japanese War, Russo-Japanese War, the World War, the Manchurian Incident, and the China Incident. Nippon is now, unfortunately, in a state of open conflict with your country.
Author: Zololkree
Author: Nekora
Rear Admiral R. Ichimaru of the Japanese Navy sends this note to Roosevelt.
Author: Ararn
When Imperial Manchuria was established in January 1932, the population was thirty million. That population increased each year by more than 1 million people, reaching fifty million by the end of the war in 1945.
Author: Maushicage
■朱 耀翰 (韓国 元国会議員)         
Author: Zulunos
It is beyond my imagination of how you can slander Hitler’s program and at the same time cooperate with Stalin’s “Soviet Russia” which has as its principle aim the “socialization” of the World at large.
Author: Vugis
Nippon in retaliation to your imperialism tried to free the oriental nations from your punitive bonds, only to be faced by your dogged opposition. You now consider your once friendly Nippon a harmful existence to your luscious plan, a bunch of barbarians that must be exterminated.
Author: Zulkile
If only the brute force decides the ruler of the world, fighting will everlastingly be repeated, and never will the world know peace nor happiness.
Author: JoJorn
Author: Mausida
There are those who say that Japan applied pressure and forced the Chinese to sign the treaty,thus invalidating it, but back then – and even now – there were no treaties signed without some amount of pressure.
Author: Shaktisida
The Venona Files are a collection of transmissions between Comintern and agents in the United States, which the United States was monitoring for eight years, from 1940 to 1948. At the time, the Soviets were changing their codes after each message, so the United States could not decipher them. From 1943, right in the middle of the war with Japan, the United States began its decryption work. Surprisingly, it took thirty-seven years to finish the work; it was completed just before the start of the Reagan administration in 1980. However, since it was the middle of the Cold War, the Americans kept these documents classified.
Author: Zujas
Incidentally, in 1930, the Imperial Household Agency built a new residence for the couple.
Author: Dakinos
Author: Nekazahn
Upon the attainment of your barbaric world monopoly never forget to retain in your mind the failure of your predecessor President Wilson at his heights.
Author: Shagor
Also, in 1915, following four months of negotiations with the government of Yuan Shikai, and incorporating China’s points as well, agreement was reached on Japan’s so-called 21 Demands toward China. Some people say that this was the start of Japan’s invasion of China, but if you compare these demands to the general international norms of colonial administration by the great powers at the time, there was nothing terribly unusual about it. China too accepted the demands at one point and ratified them.
Author: Mim
Author: Douzil
If you leave people alone, someday someone will create the conveniences of civilization, such as cars, washing machines, and computers. But in the history of mankind, the relationship between the rulers and the ruled is only determined by war.
Author: Megis
Though you may use the surprise attack on Pearl Harbour as your primary material for propaganda, I believe you, of all persons, know best that you left Nippon no other method in order to save herself from self-destruction.
Author: Tygojora
We, the Nippon-jin, though may follow all lines of trade, it is through our each walk of life that we support the Imperial doctrine.
Author: Dagal
Roosevelt had become president on his public pledge not to go to war, so in order to start a war between the United States and Japan it had to appear that Japan took the first shot. Japan was caught in Roosevelt’s trap and carried out the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Author: Togar
Author: Mumi
Studying the condition of the never ending racial struggle resulting from mutual misunderstanding of the European countries, it is not difficult to feel the need of the everlasting universal peace.
Author: Vudosho
One year below Kim Suk-won at the academy was the man who would be Chiang’s staff officer, He Yingqin. The last crown prince of the Yi dynasty, Crown Prince Yi Eun also attended the Army Academy, graduating in the 29th class. Crown Prince Yi Eun was brought to Japan as a sort of hostage at the age of ten. However, the Japanese government treated him respectfully as a member of the royal family, and after receiving his education at Gakushuin, he graduated from the Imperial Japanese Army Academy. In the army, he was promoted and served as a lieutenant general. Crown Prince Yi Eun was married to Japan’s Princess Nashimotonomiya Masako. She was a woman of nobility who previously had been considered as a potential bride for the Showa Emperor.
Author: Daishicage
Die chinesische Führung soll sich erstmal von dem Massenmörder Mao Tse-tung distanzieren. Zur gleichen Zeit feiern die den Geburtstag von Mao und verletzen die Gefühle von den Nachkommen der 44 bis 72 Millionen Menschen die während Maos Herrschaft zu Tode kamen.
Author: Jucage
Similarly, the Marco Polo Bridge Incident on July 7, 1937, immediately prior to the start of the Sino-Japanese War, had been considered as a kind of proof of Japan’s invasion of China.
Author: Kazisida
European countries and the United States must have a purpose to demonstrate their legitimacy of invasion to Asia. I cannot pass over without embarrassment t hat Japanese descendants have had a distorted guilty feeling and became snools and spent decadent life-styles. Sweep away those propagandas that give wrong impressions of Japan! This wrong history has to be rewritten.
Author: Nelrajas
By contrast, from before the start of World War II, Japan had been calling for harmony between the five tribes, laying out a vision for the tribes – the Yamato (Japanese), Koreans,Chinese, Manchurians, and Mongols – to intermix and live peacefully together. At a time when racial discrimination was considered natural, this was a groundbreaking proposal. At the Paris Peace Conference at the end of World War I, when Japan urged that the abolition of racial discrimination be included in the treaty, England and America laughed it off. But if you look at the world today, it has become the kind of world that Japan was urging at the time.
Author: Karamar
Communist Party told Western reporters at a press conference, “The instigator of the Marco Polo Bridge Incident was the Chinese Communist Party, and the officer in charge was me.”
Author: Kigagami
At the time, Roosevelt was not aware of the terrible nature of communism. Through Harry White, he was on the receiving end of Comintern’s maneuvering, and he was covertly offering strong support to Chiang Kai-shek, who was battling Japan at the time, sending the Flying Tigers squadron comprised of one hundred fighter planes. Starting one and a half months prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States began covert air attacks against Japan on the Chinese mainland.
Author: Akinogrel
However, four years later, in 1919, when China was allowed to attend the Paris Peace Conference, it began complaining about the 21 Demands with America’s backing. Even then, England and France supported Japan’s position. Moreover, Japan never advanced its army without the agreement of Chiang Kai-shek’s KMT.
Author: Kezragore
Author: Kazrakazahn
Author: Sagal
Author: Zololabar
Hong was a person who rose to lieutenant general in the Imperial Japanese Army while retaining his Korean name. One class behind him at the academy was Col. Kim Suk-won, who served as a major in China at the time of the Sino-Japanese War. Leading a force of roughly 1,000 Japanese troops, he trampled the army from China, the former suzerain state that had been bullying Korea for hundreds of years. He was decorated by the emperor for his meritorious war service. Of course, he did not change his name.
Author: Aralar
The Voluntary Army for independence of Burma:
Author: Mumi
Despite that, the Japanese government patiently tried to bring about peace, but at every turn they were betrayed by Chiang Kai-shek.
Author: Fesho
Though we, at the time, are externally taken by your air raids and shelling backed by your material superiority, spiritually we are burning with delight and enjoying the peace of mind.
Author: Vudolkis
Japanese, as an up front on Asia, battled to get their social and economic progress and its development of education. They fought for the people who were fettered politically and economically, and were suppressed in India, Burma, China, Philippine and Sumatra.
Author: Fauramar
Radhabinod Pal, Judge of International Military Tribunal for the Far East:


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