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Author: Tojarisar
correct israel wants all palistinians out and dead. we gave them as much land as they want. but then they just had to attack us. and israel won!!!!
Author: Goltimuro
Watch this video & tell me are they hiding in houses too
Author: Zologami
Egypt is an Islamic country we have white black, Tan every color
Author: JoJoktilar
so when the UN voted and decided that palistine would become israel, they did own it.
Author: Tat
do you believe that the holucost happened?
Author: Grosida
or annihilation of all Palestinians is the goal of IDF
Author: Zolorr
these comments shouldn't be a place for all you pathetic anti-semites to tell us how much you hate the Jews. It just makes you look uneducated and honestly, we dont care if you hate us!
Author: Shakagul
you are full of shit
Author: Shaktishicage
Such great faith of this family.
Author: Mezigis
i completely agree with u!!!
Author: Fenrimi
@3yearappentice Isn't it about time you contracted colon cancer? Hope you scream in pain for a long time Bitch!
Author: Kagacage
& Egypt & all Arab will win eventually
Author: Kajizragore
well hiding in schools....
Author: Volkree
israel and egypt have a peace treaty!!!
Author: Gozuru
Author: Yozshugami
you gave them a land they once owned
Author: Zuluzuru
we know the wars being fought in the middle east are just! whether its in Israel, Iraq or Afghanistan
Author: Daigami
to people who don't deserve
Author: Tojaramar
where was Martin L. King assassinated ?Libya :D
Author: Nishicage
i'm proud to know there are Jews making a difference in Iraq
Author: Bragul
You, when you fin d a Muslim: a terrorist every body kill him, that's justice not racism right
Author: Mezilrajas
@Catholiqum What kind of shit have you been reading, not one U.S soldier is fighting for Israel, Americans are fighting there own war in Afghanistan. Israel is fighting there war against Hamas and Hezbollah.
Author: Moogur
where was the black oppressed?? Saudi :D
Author: Tera
A land given by people who didn't own
Author: Zur
God will sort this mess out.....its hard to know who the good guys and the bad guys are these days....Read some history...learn the truth about what is REALLY going on in the world...We are being lied to....Someone controls ALL the media..and are feeding us lie after lie...God Bless this young soldier..who in his heart felt he was doing good..but I dont think we belong in Iraq ...The question that needs to be answered..WHO REALLY PERPETRATED 9/11... the reason we are there in the first place.
Author: Doll
More thumbs down everybody
Author: Kitaur
go blow urself up
Author: Faet
actually palistine was always owned my either britain or jordan. palistine was a british mandate. it was never a nation of its own.
Author: Dozuru
its fucking disgusting
Author: Kashakar
semper fi my brother
Author: Zule
europe will NEVER become an muslim continent!
Author: Mokinos
Inshallah, as we talk now More non-Muslims convert to Islam & soon all Europe will be Muslim, & be aware when that happens
Author: Nikoshakar
we have Muslims 20 % are Christians, we love them they love us
Author: Taucage
Am yisrael chai
Author: Dok
A land stolen
Author: Zolora
Semper Fi Marine...Welcome Home
Author: JoJotaxe
A true hero and a model for us all in the Palmach tradition.
Author: Mezihn
Jah bless every soldier regardless of religion, race or creed
Author: Shaktilkis
not us but you
Author: Meztinos
how come, where was the civil war??Egypt? :D
Author: Goltigrel
You know who has racism in their blood
Author: Tygogami
@Tomislavv2 The west would be nothing without Islam: fact.
Author: Dinris
so much ignorance n hatred being spoken here
Author: Marisar
where was Jews burned & bbqued? Palestine :D
Author: Dolmaran
oh yes we are racist :)
Author: Yole
ken hoo mefager!!! hoo lo yodeyah al ma she hoo medaber!!!!!
Author: Douzuru
By saying America is a Christian only country, you spit on the constitution. There is a draft in Israel, every man and woman serves in the military there and if you want to talk about Christians, look at the hundreds of Christians being massacred in Egypt.
Author: Julkis
God bless you Colin...



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