Kate Steinle verdict sparks outrage across the country

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Author: Mezitaur
It would be a travesty to pass DACA before passing Kate's Law
Author: Tojak
Author: JoJokinos
Does anybody wonder what would happen to a non-politicized American citizen who shot and killed a woman with a firearm that was stolen from a federal agent? I'll bet my fair trial wouldn't be as fair as his fair trial. How do you think your trial would go?
Author: Moogunris
Take him in the back. Blind fold him and shoot. If case happens, nobody knows afterwards.
Author: Vudosho
Ok, this is crazy…what can “We the people” do to help stop this insanity?? I am open to suggestions. The outrage is real now what is the solution?
Author: Tojataur
Without law and order USA will become Mexico fast and furious
Author: Megar
Mayor of San Fran still says it'll be a sanctuary city. Unreal
Author: Taujas
If I was a somebody with money I would put a bounty on that scumbags head. I hope he rots in hell for what he did and shame on California for allowing this to happen and for letting him get away with this MURDER!
Author: Kazragore
That illegal alien is considered a hero by the left. The way they see it, one less White Honkey.
Author: Golrajas
Author: JoJor
Too many satanists live in the bay area...never going to do anything intelligent until it's cleaned out
Author: Tugar
A totally illogical decision. murder is murder.
Author: Faejas
I wonder what would happen if a white guy with a legal firearm in his trunk went to move it in downtown and it fired and it went threw the trunk and killed someone?
Author: Jujin
I will never vote for a democrat, liberal, or progressive again. They put politics before the safety of American citizens.
Author: Vudomi
Liberals set this criminal illegal alien free because of there hatred for President Trump, that’s the only reason. Any chance they get to jab the President they will do it, even at the expense of justice for an innocent family that only suffers because of illegal liberal policies in the 1st place.
Author: JoJojinn
Any prisoner that gets a chance to take this guy out he would be a hero too many people
Author: Malami
We need solutions NOW !
Author: JoJolmaran
We ,as Citizens, must start reporting illegals and those who employ them. 6 months ago we had a black mold develop in our basement after the sump pump failed. The company our insurance adjuster hired to remove and treat the mold sent 4 illegals. ! from Honduras, 2 from El Salvador and 1 mexican. When we found out they were illegal we reported the company to ICE. About 6 weeks later we saw on the local news that 9 employees had been 'Detained " for deportation and the 2 co-owners of the company were facing 10K fines.
Author: Voodoolkis
Absolutely despicable.
Author: Dulkis
Hussein ruined the country. All departments. ....on all levels a ruin. SAD.


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