Kelly Greenhill: Border Walls: How Effective?

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Author: Kajishakar
Just don't give them anything once they get here and they will stop coming here.
Author: Mikabei
Kelly Greenhill is a deep and effective thinker and researcher, but this segment is disappointing. No country is going to use just a wall to protect its border. A wall is a means of supplementing other migration control measures: border patrols with the power to detain in the case of the US, or land mines and machine guns in the case of Israel. Also, the consideration of getting Mexico to pay for the wall is a super-red herring. None of Trump's supporters believed Mexico would pay for the wall, and to a man, would have been happy for a tax increase earmarked for the wall. But, that's a red herring as well. The question is, how effective would a wall be? Last thought: the border patrol agents interviewed stated overwhelmingly that a wall would be invaluable in carrying out their duties.


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