Las Vegas Shooter Was Prescribed Valium

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Author: Faugar
Now I live a sad life. But still hope to heal
Author: Akinoshakar
So he was bipolar... So what? So am I, doesn't mean I'm going to go kill a bunch of people...
Author: Kiganris
DO NOT TAKE BENOS. I once was misdianosed and prescribed one and it completely changed my personality. So sad also made me almost insane. Still don't feel like myself almost a year later . DO not LET A DOCTOR PRECRIBE A BENZO this is a warning. 3 weeks RUINED my life. I USED TO BE A HAPPY GUY WITH NO WORRIES. NOW I DO. HAVE. ANXIETY
Author: Goltill
Roy demeo a gangster that murdered and dismembered 100 plus people was perscribed Valium in 1973. The times when he started murdering.


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