Malaysian town inundated with imported plastic waste after Chinas ban

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Author: Mooguzil
the west must process their own waste
Author: Vudozragore
I hope that every country can recycle their own trashes so they don't need to export their trashes to another country. So sad that they called SEA as dumping ground. 😢
Author: Meztigore
Now we know why the ‘developed’ countries are so ‘clean’ despite creating so much waste..
Author: Tojazragore
American plastic has found its way in South East Asia, dont forget that US contributes to the highest plastic waste in the world despite the fact that their population arent the highest
Author: Tojarisar
How can they do this to our country Malaysia 😢
Author: Dotaur
Much developed countries tried to sweep the skeleton under the carpet by sending waste to less developed countries…
Author: Gardazahn
In fact, all countries should come together and face this problem as plastic is harming everyone. All developed countries should invest some money in developing countries to treat and process those plastic waste or those plastic waste would burden our future generations.
Author: Moogushura
To think the west accused China of being polluted. The west is "clean and environmentally friendly" because it exports its manufacturing and trash to China and other Asian countries. No more! Charge those greedy importers who take payment to pollute Asia.
Author: Kazrarr
This is not acceptable. Not saying that Malaysia is at fault but ASEAN should step up and say something about this.
Author: Zololar
America is toxic. It should eat it own trash.
Author: Gukora
And they talk down countries that they deem as not eco-friendly. And they talk of the eco environment and about how whales and turtles and other sea creatures are dying from ingesting these wastes. They talk of adhering to international laws and standards but keep breaking them all the time.
Author: Brajora
Now the west will blame China but they didn’t realise most of these thrash came from the west, they have the money for military budgets but didn’t have the budgets to build their own recycling plant and here they’re always blaming China how polluted their country are while their thrash send to most of the Asia and Asian countries. Such a western hypocrisy.
Author: Kazidal
The western governments know it and yet still allow its ports to ship it out ! The same goes for nuclear waste ! Asia must stand up and refuse these polluters !
Author: Maule
This is so depressing. Only humans foul their nests.
Author: Negul
Canada did this to Philippines, the people got outraged
Author: Kigacage
The west has been dumping their trash in Asia for centuries. They have been blackmailing Asian governments into accepting it. But now China has stood up to it and the rest of Asia will soon follow.
Author: Shakajinn
I don't understand. The West pride themselves as developed countries, yet they failed to come up with a developed recycling method to take care of their own trash? Germany and Sweden do well at waste-to-energy plants, why didn't the rest follow suits? And why did Southeast Asia not reject these foreign garbage like China did?
Author: Nikokazahn
Ok China has the largest population of the world but somehow can manage their people’s trash AND other countries trash? Makes me respect China when the so called first world countries are pushing their waste disposal issues onto others.
Author: Dibei
Philippines declare war against Canada about the waste plastic being dumped here in the Philippines
Author: Kazrami
send them back to europe, the swedes love trash
Author: Akinotaxe
They claim themselves as environmentalists yet dumping their trash in our countries 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️🤬🤬
Author: Gak
Thanks I’m from malaysia, finally people hear it


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