Mobile phone battery explosion: Girl’s phone explodes in her face while talking - TomoNews

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Author: Kajisho
Who else was watching this on your phone while charging then immediately unplugged?
Author: Taular
haha take that i wear bluetooth headphone for that reason
Author: Meztiramar
Everything about them is poorly designed and built. Sloppy soldering, the transformer often has very little insulation (so it can give you a nasty shock if you get a power surge), very cheap (and hence low quality) parts, and often they don't even have a fuse! Apparently a fuse is too expensive.
Author: Fekree
now samsung note 7 is exploding
Author: Kigal
Never use phone while charging. Turn off the switch first.
Author: Voodookus
Killer Queen has already touched your phone
Author: Tojashicage
And thats why you should NEVER buy anything thats not official when it comes to plugs...
Author: Kazigrel
well the only way I know that the phone can explode is to damage the phone and charge it
Author: Mira
Don't say to not buy china products. That argument is extremely stupid.
Author: Sataur
Good thing she was already in a hospital
Author: Faeshakar
" MADE IN CHINA " °facepalm°
Author: Zudal
State Of Reason:
Author: Nikorisar
If only she practiced her kung fu more. She could have avoided injury.
Author: Kitilar
._. I'm charging my phone
Author: Faugor
this is why you buy the real chargers even if they cost a lot and not the fake remakes chargers
Author: Vojas
Author: Milabar
Bro why is it always Chinese people!?!😠😠😠😠😠
Author: Maum
I am into electrical engineering, and I can say that those cheap "chargers" are more like a "one-way ticket to heaven"!
Author: Zukazahn
Author: Motilar
I was waiting for my phone to explode while watching this, I'm so influential
Author: Faule
Remember people, as a general rule of thumb, You get what you pay for!
Author: Arasho
Tomonews needs to screw off, I'm always hoping that they will show a video... but NO ITS JUST A DAMN ANIMATION
Author: Vudal
this is why I don't buy made in China products
Author: Basho
Made In China
Author: Gozragore
and holding it


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