Neuroscientist Dr. Carl Hart: People Are Dying in Opioid Crisis Because of Politicians’ Ignorance

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Author: Kigakus
is about honesty not loyalty..
Author: Moogujar
EVERYTHING Carl Hart says is 100% correct!
Author: Taugal
I love Dr. Hart! When he speaks, I listen.
Author: Kekora
The Bogus War On Drugs!
Author: Tedal
I do Detox
Author: Nikolrajas
Ok here it is!
Author: Meran
Every time the federal government declares a war on something, the problem becomes much worse. The War on Education has failed. Teens coming out of public schools are dumber today than ever before in U.S. history. The War on Terror is a big fraud, intended to scare U.S. citizens into submission to increasing tyranny and oppression. The War on Obesity is not working. Our foods are served in gigantic proportions, loaded down with fructose corn-syrup (which causes obesity).
Author: Dozilkree
Side note: here in Oregon, we have legalized recreational cannabis. Studies show that in the states which have done likewise, opioid-related deaths have been reduced by one third.
Author: Tygogami
What a brilliant and eloquent man! It pains me to witness Sessions talking racist trash!
Author: Yozshule
Good old karma...
Author: JoJojinn
I suspect Mr. Sessions has friends that have financial interests. In privatizing prisons!
Author: Mezijas
This has been a very informative interview.
Author: Meztikasa
I’m a Doctor
Author: Shakagore
Curious timing. First you destabilize the ACA then declare opioid abuse a "national emergency". How exactly are people supposed to get better? Isn't this not only a healthcare issue (big pharma) but also part of tge prison industrial complex?
Author: Dami
That's right. With the barrel of a gun. Now you know why we are still in Afghanistan!!!
Author: Kagaktilar
It's strange how 20 years ago, when blacks, in the inner cities were suffering from drug issues, they were crooks, it was their own fault, and the white politicians were screaming "war on drugs!" 2017, when whites are suffering at record numbers from drugs, it's now an epidemic and we need to help these victims.
Author: Zologal
Why do Americans seek mood-altering substances that's the root of this issue not the substances you can't fight a substance they've proven that over 200 years, this is not a War on Drugs, it's a war on being human, a war on humans trying to rise above suffering, in all of its forms..
Author: Kajizragore
Why is Carl Hart listed with just his name and not his degree in the Democracy NOW banner across the bottom of the screen? Why isn't he listed as Carl Hart, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Psychology?
Author: Tosar
I was still nursing when I saw the beginning of this wide spread explosion of addiction. In my opinion the introduction of OxyContin to Drs.started this whole mess!! Not saying that there wasn't a problem before,but this drug brought on new addicts from every walk of life.When OxyContin came on the scene,it was presented as a safe,long acting,non addictive opioid and was used initially for cancer patients and severe,debilitating pain sufferers and was very successful among patients.Then the"druggies"learned how to change the delivery of it by removing the outer shell,which contained the time releasing agents and then they had a pure form of opiate or as it is known too as"Hillbilly Heroin"that could be snorted,injected or chewed up and swallowed.Drs.were handing out prescriptions like candy until oops the truth of it hit the shit fan!!! Sadly for the ones who we're or are chronically ill with severe pain and took the med correctly are now being penalized because of the addict and/or dealer!!! Now in the last couple of years we have seen the wide spread use of fentanyl!!! There has to be a way for people who take their meds as prescribed and have some quality of life not be penalized because of the abuser! Drs.are also being penalized for the actions of others and now are scared to prescribe meds for fear of being shut down,heavily fined and possibly lose their license!
Author: Braramar
This guy is the truth and speaking truth!
Author: Bragal
Trump himself is a PUBLIC Health Emergency!
Author: Vurn
Including the racial discrimination aspect of our drug policies!
Author: Vugul
the CIA and the miltary brings all the poppy plants here from Pakistan , u need big machine to bring in all that dope in!
Author: Tekazahn
Dr Carl Hart.....
Author: Bacage
Dr. Hart should be our US drug czar!
Author: Mazugar
Positive relief ‼️
Author: Faeran
Including the "politicians Ignorance" that had the majority of them vote us into the illegal Afghan & Iraq wars and ignoring one of the REAL reasons for the Afghan invasion: to kick start opium cultivation once again which had been stalled by the Taliban.
Author: Kazitilar
Dr. Hart's work on drug addiction has really helped me to make sense out of how my brother died. Locking people up has not and will solve this


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