One Hour of Khmer Rouge Music

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Author: Zulutaxe
Yes me cut rice day and nigth to morning one nigth i was so sleepy then i was going in to rice alfter they took of the only rice tree first was a little then i was hidering inside sleep then to morning the rice tree over to my body i could not get out so hot then i siad to buddha and GOD pleases help me out took me like 20 mine to get out i was so scare i think im going to dead luckey the end i was out all my best friend looking for me never found me they so happy to saw me out and anyone love me because i was youngger only 10 years old my real story in killing feld time
Author: Goltiktilar
Even if some of you comrades don't like the unnecessary brutality that occured in Democratic Kampuchea, in theory a combination of Econmic Communism and Ethno-Nationalism and the Nation State is fine
Author: Kagabar
12:37 mistake
Author: Taurn
How nostalgic...
Author: Taukasa
Author: Nekora
It's really tragic to think about how many people were being worked to death and tortured while these songs were being played in the background.
Author: Moshura
Some data say that about 20 million people are refugees of Vietnam and Lao War,but not killed. From the population of adding Thai and Vietnam and Cambodia three countries we can see that they did not depress suddenly.
Author: Meztiktilar
It's disgusting to think that such a man rose to power. I feel terrible for the people that were forced to live under this guy
Author: Mezshura
Thumbs up if you're listening to this in Year 0
Author: Samukus
Gotta love all of Pol Pot's hit singles; especially Strengthening of Collective and Economical Stance.
Author: Dogami
He was backed by CIA but he still cool.
Author: Tokasa
Whoever criticizes Khmer Rouge supports Vietnam swallowing Kampuchea and the return of the monarchy in 1991
Author: Votaur
Beautiful music .
Author: Kajikinos
i hate the Khmer rouge and their actions,But this music is so interesting because it sounds so old even though it was made in the 70's
Author: Goltimi
nice music, but so sad history. rgs
Author: Grotaxe
I'm Communist but I hate Pol Pot
Author: Yozshurn
Do you know the source of the vocal version (DeroVolk has it on his channel)? Just asking.
Author: Arashigor
meaningful songs
Author: Vor
How did you get all this music? Can you give a source for download or to buy it?
Author: Kagazilkree
HAIL POL POT AND ANGKAR.............................JUST KIDDING!
Author: Zolojora
The sound of death
Author: Zulkizahn
Alfer i was out i was a rice tree was over my body as a mountain
Author: Zusida
Death to the Khmer Rouge! Death to Pol Pot!
Author: Shagar
Anti Glasses Gang
Author: Kazilkis
Author: Kajigis
37:22 Wow that was a sudden execution.
Author: Samum
Author: Nikoktilar
Amazing compilation friend. It actually makes me emotional to hear this music. To think these songs were the last thing people heard before being slaughtered. #CommunismKills
Author: Zoloran
How ironic that this music be so happy, peaceful, and relaxing.
Author: Togore
I guess the next video are:
Author: Vudohn
AnPrimBol Gang assemble
Author: Gabei
Do you know who the composers were for the separate pieces?
Author: Vonris
Many thanks to the Khmer Rouge for the great writings of Son Sen. A direction for American Marxists. So much of the great ideas of the Khmer Rouge has found it way into the American left of today.
Author: Bajin
it's not really right to say that the Khmer Rouge weren't communists. They clearly were. They just had a completely ruthless, very evil version of it, which among other horrible crimes, placed no priority whatsoever on tuning their instruments.
Author: Mezizilkree
When i visited the killing field near Phnom Penh, the guide told us that the khmer rouge troops played this kind of music out loud when they tortured the cambodians to death in the killing field. So no people could hear the tragic and helpless screams from the victims. And it was done from the very early hours in the morning. It was the last thing the victims did listen to before getting slaughtered. Imagine the terror. Now hearing this music really send shivers down my spine. Very heavy and emotional to listen to. Eventhough i am not Cambodian my self, but i hope all the former khmer rouge who killed innocent Cambodians get what they deserve, bad karma and rot in hell.May all the victims rest in peace.
Author: Fenrirg
you the BOAT!?
Author: Arashit
Fascinating - as somebody from the "Western World" (Germany in my case), you can't easily recognise the Propaganda character of these beautiful songs. I will like it even though I also support "Death to the Khmer Rouge! Death to Pol Pot!" and fully know how evil this regime was. Very similar to our own National Socialists...
Author: Mulabar
You know who sings these songs. The lady’s voice sounds like Ros Seyreysothea.
Author: Tosho
RIP Saloth Sar
Author: Nalrajas
Beautiful music. honor and glory to the State of Kampuchea.
Author: Nikazahn
29:26 he sounds similar to Keo Sarath and Noy vanneth.’s a lakhon basak song.It’s called “Sday”.
Author: Gardara
Most of the time it's the same two singers. I wonder who they were and where they are now.
Author: Sasida
I could not belive i was alive till now
Author: Kigajinn
I hope all people in cambodain no more figth and mad hate each anther i think no one had a good life we need happy healthy together make life better loving a poor but not killing a rich as evil polpot first day killed my father brcause my father was so rich in town that y he got kill by polpot
Author: Magrel
Hey bby
Author: Kagadal
why is oh phnom penh there if that is a song sung by people returning to phnom penh 5 years after tyranny
Author: Zolok
Хорошая музыка, и страна интересная.
Author: Nikokasa
Author: Samujora
One Hour of Ku Klux Klan Music
Author: Yozshumuro
I always cry when i talk about my father 41 years he been killed of polpot killing feld i was 10
Author: Goltizilkree
Best wishes to the USA
Author: Faejar
The only one out of dead my life in polpot killing feld time 99 more real story of my life and familly all friends my best was real cambodian she also luckey killing feld took her 3 times to killed but they end a young killing feld man could not kill her let her home she alive till now she the one was the best love me we sleep and eat together she also my next door of my town
Author: Sar
I am currently working on a Khmer Rouge music compilation, I have enough music for at least 1 hour.
Author: Daigami
Tfw you kill 1/5 of the population
Author: Kajas
Music sounds like it is from 1500s or 1800s.
Author: Fautilar
រយះពេលដែលកន្លងទៅបន្សល់ទុកនៅក្តីឈឺចាប់មិនងាយបំភ្លេចបានទេ ...
Author: Zulugul
Make it longer i hate replaying it
Author: Tull
better than Despacito 2
Author: Vumi
Author: Mazurr
So cute music and meaning but bad leadership... :-). :-(
Author: Samusar
The khmer rouge was nationalist and for that reason it is proof enough that they were not backed by the imperialist usa.
Author: Kinos
I feel bad for our ancestors😭😭😭😭😭
Author: Mauzahn
Quite interesting music.
Author: Akinogor
Thanks for this upload, i visited the Killing fields just last month. It serves as an eerie reminder of the atrocities that can be committed. Again, Thankyou for this
Author: Grogul
So many dislikes - it's fine if you want to dislike anyways but for the record point of the video is to serve more or less an educational purpose/entertainment - in no way do I support the Khmer Rouge.
Author: Taugar
the one at 2:55 is my fav
Author: Gom
Hey bby
Author: Mushura
Wonderful music. I feel for our comrades in Cambodia who suffered to this puppet and cowards hands.
Author: Tojabar
Author: Samubar
One Hour of National Socialist Workers Party Music
Author: Mozragore
Polpot evil no heart really short eyebrown careless that y only could 3 years and 9 months 2000000 people i know got kill from polpot i count maybe 300 people including my familly in my home town only
Author: Mishakar
One Hour of ISIS Music
Author: Dougor
communism music
Author: Yot
Poor Cambodian people, oh my God...
Author: Kiran
One hour of ISIS music next?
Author: Tygokora
They played this to the innocent people in the killing fields as they were hacking them to death. stop with the jokes other commenters
Author: Doutaxe
You did it!
Author: Malabar
Pol Pot lived, Pol Pot lives, Pol Pot is to live forever!
Author: Dat
If youre wondering whos the worst dictator in human history, its neither mao stalin or hitler but Pol Pot
Author: Faerr
I listen to this at least 3 times a day
Author: Taunris
Thank you, and good video!
Author: Miran
Love will save the world and people war will killing people
Author: Grokora
Worst communist party in human history
Author: JoJocage
Hey bby
Author: Mazujas
5:06 That's the sound of anarcho-primitivism.
Author: Zugul
Glorious Khmer Rouge!
Author: Mikajinn
Khmer Rouge is a shame to communism.
Author: Mazugrel
the khmer rouge were some of worst people on earth
Author: Akitaxe
Author: Nikokree
PCP Red Greetings - BMR COMMITTEE. 2017
Author: Shakora
Very memorable songs ever in Cambodian people
Author: Aragal
Khmer Rogue are just apostate communism, if it is truly what went wrong? Reverting the nation to stone age is the stupidest thing to do
Author: Mikalkree
They may be genocidal maniacs but they made mighty good music...
Author: Fenrilrajas
Author: Nikolabar
First song is used by North Korea.
Author: Tenos
Even communists hate him
Author: Totaur
The reason i loss most of my family member is because of them.


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