Passenger Sings Karaoke During Delays at Airport Gate

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Author: Dut
Author: Gok
I like the way ya work it...
Author: Mezidal
Why the heck would someone allow this?!
Author: Mezira
Someone saved a lot of money by getting drunk before they got on the airplane.
Author: Nakasa
If he was at delta he get attack
Author: Mikalabar
He's either drunk or gay … or both
Author: Shakanos
Dad got into his sauce again..
Author: Shaktile
Hes already drunk even before he gets on the plane
Author: Tabei
Something nice a lil entertainment for the wait!😂💀❤
Author: Zuk
Now watch them fire the employees
Author: Dugor
Why cant anything like this happen to me?😂
Author: Ket
straight up hubby material!
Author: Brara
Author: Taujora
My aunt started the karaoke. She always do tht when she at the gate! My aunt is in the red shirt with the loudest voice lol
Author: Dorisar
I hope he enjoyed himself!
Author: Mejind
Who was that one disliker? A united airline pilot thats angry cuz it didnt happen to his flight?
Author: Balar
seems like something I would do😂
Author: Akinokinos
3 points for the Skin's shirt Prince Harry.
Author: Vurn
I was trying to find this video! Couldn't really hear tho. Great vid!
Author: Kagami


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