Pastor Apollo Quiboloy: a false prophet? - SMNI

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Author: Shakagis
Pastor Apollo C Quiboloy has a unique message that conquers the hearts of those who truly seek the truth.Only a Son of God could deliver a message like that with so much power and authority that nothing false or manmade could stand against it.Thank God He sent us a messenger of truth these days.
Author: Bami
GOD BLESS u more and we love u from KLC of HongKong.
Author: Kigazahn
Judging a person...without knowing the like putting yourself in the midst of an open sea...sailing
Author: Arashilrajas
Let's be meek in giving ourselves titles now (pope, father, apostle, etc.). Jesus called Himself simply the Son of man. I believe He's our example and hope. Thank you and God bless you!
Author: Nagul
Praise the Father.thank you Pastor through u i learn and heard a lot of words of the Almighty Father w/c i dont heard in my religion before. About the REPENTANCE and SURRENDERING my own will to the Father.
Author: Yozshular
Unless you repent,you will never understand spuritual things of God.Again,Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy has a unique message that can bring the dead to life! He was the first one to commit fully in complete obedience and loyalty to the words of Jesus Christ, our Almighty Father.It is conceivable that a faithful Son becomes the embodiment of the words of his Father as the son could not steal the things he has inherited from his father-the Words of Jesus Christ If it so happened that another pastor was the one who brought the message of repentance and salvation thru the eradication of the serpent seed,i would have evenly accepted him to be the appointed son of God but it wasn't so! I was lucky to receive enlightenment because i gave myself a chance to listen to Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.Mabuhay po kayo Pastor!
Author: Mazushakar
Author: Gakus
But the point here was,“Can the Spirit of the Almighty Father dwells in someone’s body ,and be within it ,and use it as His Sacred Temple...?
Author: Kabar
Friends for you to know the “Truth” feel free to ask the Almighty Father ,anything you want to know about our Beloved Pastor,PACQ
Author: Fauzilkree
One test can be done on fraud like this claiming to be from Christ---He should be able to raise the dead whose been dead for 3 days, Cast out demons in a snap.----Then he might be real.
Author: Mulrajas
To spread the Good News of Salvation...?
Author: Tajas
Since i baptized i change a lot.thank's for the enlightenment Pastor.
Author: Faegal
Peace be to Everyone
Author: Fenritaxe
Most of the times people that make comments on spiritual matters are those who are blindsided by their own beliefs. They think that they know that they are right based on the teachings they have received from religion and denominations they call the gospel truth. This for them is the norm. When they hear something out of that norm they condemn it because it doesn't jibe with the normal flow of things they perceive is the truth- the norm for them. Specialy when they THINK that they KNOW the truth cause thats the only message they have received. Like the popular belief in demon posession, almost all have heard and believe in demon posession but how many percent of them believe in God possession? 3% of the total average. That my friend just show how little knowledge people have in the spiritual reahlm. Well they could always ask God for the truth. He alone will confirm any doubts in our minds. Still the question remains-will God answer our prayers? If you believe that you are worthy of receiving an answer from Him then yes. But if not then maybe we outh to ask ourselves why? Aren't we God's children? Then maybe we should begin examining why we dont get the answers if we claim we are children of God. Are we not worth His time? Think about it...!
Author: Arajar
Luke 6:44 emphasizes: "For every tree is known by his own fruit." If a man inspires thousands and millions to turn away from their wrongdoings and make peace with God and not become pests in society, then it becomes crystal clear what kind of person that man is. Apparently, #PastorQuiboloy  has been a good tree bearing good fruit that his life is seen by many as worthy to be emulated.   
Author: Vudotaxe
You doesn’t know where you’re going...because you yourself doesn’t know the right direction.
Author: Kira
We need to know more before we make any comments/judgments.. #NowIKNow #Truthforme  
Author: Samulkree
You can freely use your freedom of choice
Author: Daramar
Everynight i watch ur preaching and im so blessed Pastor.
Author: Akihn
We believed that demons can possess a person..or take his place inside our body,and rule over us.


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