Police say 3 explosions are linked in Austin, Texas

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Author: Gosida
Ban greenscreen reporting
Author: Mezizilkree
let's play guess the future
Author: Malazuru
Well according to Texas thinking, the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a bomb is a good guy with a bomb, so better legalize bombs and give them to everyone!
Author: Virisar
Ban Assault Packages! These belong on a battlefield not everyday society! We need to raise the mailing age to 21, Congress needs to act we need effective Mail-Control reform and tighter background checks for Mail Carriers.
Author: Arajind
'Motives are currently unknown..."
Author: Daikinos
It looked like he was in front of a bluescreen
Author: Meramar
America has lost its mind, innocent citizens being murdered and all anyone is talking about is.....gun control??? Hopefully they get to the bottom of this, takes a true coward(s) to do something like this.
Author: Douzilkree
Does it look like a green screen to y’all or am I trippin?
Author: Dukree
ok time out. why is he in front of a green screen? like really? you couldn't have a least tried to make it look convincing?
Author: Samull
Ban Assault Bombs!
Author: Grozahn
This is more proof that the police can't protect you. You are responsible for protecting your own life.
Author: Tausida
They should make packages illegal
Author: Mikakree
At least it wasn’t an AR-15 semi auto rifle
Author: Vurn
edit: I admit I typed blue screen without noticing please don't judge me harshly
Author: Mizil
I thought we made bombs illegal?
Author: Nihn
'his allegances are not known'
Author: Diktilar
Sad that three bombs go off killing two people and everyone in the comments seems happy because it shows gun-control won't stop people from dying. I'm against gun control, but you don't need to use situations like this to push your agenda.
Author: Juhn
Is anyone thinking about a Unabomber copycat?
Author: Shaktigis
God when are you coming to save us already from this twisted reality
Author: Kektilar
In conclusion, the way you pick up and open a package is very important. Best to turn your safety over to government employees, they'll protect you.
Author: Samugal
Author: Ditilar
Bruh the same thing happened in Chicago fire ?!?! 🤪🙄🙄🤔😳
Author: Voodoorg
'suspect was mohammed abar'
Author: Zuluzil
Green screen! How about actual on-site reporting?
Author: Akilrajas
I thought bombs were ilegal


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