Satellite Imagery: An Islamic State Attack on Russian Helicopters

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Author: Zulkijora
Again photoshop. Nice work stratfor.From adjacent jets different shade or is it a Russian base in another system where several suns ? -----------------У рядом стоящих истребителях разные тени или это русские базы в другой системе где несколько солнц ?
Author: Kazragul
why do stratrfor fake these vids?
Author: Dara
OK, now where's my 100 rubles?
Author: Mezishura
CNN says "A U.S. defense official told CNN that it appeared to be an accident that caused a chain reaction of explosions and not the result of enemy action." They say it was caused by an accident while refueling the helicopters. While it does appear that burning fuel may have spilled on the runway, the damage seems to be too spread out to have been caused by one fire. What type of artillery do you think caused this?
Author: Kigasho
The MiG-25 is a long way from the other targets and yet it has a small burned area on just one side. That MiG-25 has likely been out of commission for a while so I wouldn't expect it to have fuel in it. There are several buildings nearby that don't seem to show any damage at all. I also see a burn mark near the trainer aircraft. If all of this area was sprayed by airburst artillery, it seems like there would be some visible damage to the other areas around the targets. There's no way normal artillery could be accurate enough to directly hit all these targets with no misses at all. The only other explanation is this was a ground raid and the equipment was destroyed by hand using fuel and/or explosives. I'd like to hear some more analysis from Stratfor on exactly how this damage was caused and by what type of weapons.
Author: Nikonos
The pentagon subsidiary Stratfor is making "analysis" ?! Anyone following the Syrian conflict developments knows that this base was in the hands of ISIS for at least a couple of years and has only been liberated like a week ago or something like that , so none of this makes even a bit of sense .And on top of that the Russians would not and do not use bases to keep hardware (especially any kind of aircraft)  that are within artillery or any other weapon ranges of their opponents so it doesn't add up again
Author: Dazragore
Author: Bagal
Jesus-Mary-n-Joseph. It was already discussed and determined that those "satellite photos" are photoshoped fake. 2 helicopters on the left are cloned. Wind direction is different. Shadows angles are wrong at few places. Degrading the high-res satellite shots through gray alfa channel showed that pictures were digitally altered at the area with helicopters. It's not the first time when Stratford got caught lying or posting fake, btw.. ;)
Author: Mokasa
If Stratfor was using fotoshop I'm sure they'd shop Sim into something resembling a human.
Author: Akinozuru
does this guy realize the Syrian Air Force flies mostly Russian built helicopters?! assuming this happened they would more likely be Syrian, not Russian, Air force...why does he not mention that?
Author: Vogis
Oh look, the pro-Russia troll brigade arrives with hysterical screams of "FAAAAAAAAAAKE!". Lol
Author: Tojabar
The Russian trolls overreact to factual proof and analysis. This video shows the Russian propaganda to be pure fairy tales.
Author: Bram
"T4, sharing its name with the nearby pumping station, is more commonly (yet incorrectly) known as Tiyas and a whole host of other names. After the fall of Tadmur airbase, it is now one of sixteen operational airbases under control of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF), and its defence is essential to the SyAAF’s ability to exercise control over the Syrian skies. No less than three fighter-bomber squadrons and one helicopter squadron are currently operating out of T4, including the pride of the SyAAF: its Su-24M2s. The airbase is also home to the now decommissioned MiG-25 fleet, largely phased out in the previous decade. Despite being Syria’s largest airbase, T4 only has one runway, making the airbase extremely vulnerable in case this single runway gets taken out."
Author: Mezil
Sim Tack!
Author: Tulrajas
It looks more like the place was raided and some people spilled fuel on everything and just burned it than an artillery strike. Even the damage to the MiG-25 looks like it could have just been some fuel poured on it and ignited. There isn't a single mark anywhere except right on the targets. Maybe it was air burst artillery with small fragments and every one of those trucks/structures was extremely flammable.
Author: Daicage
feel like stratfor will stop posting videos cuz of all the conspiratards.
Author: Samuzshura
I feel like these are SAA hinds not Russian but im human I can be wrong or Stratford was off a little or maybe it was photoshoped who knows but like I said I could be wrong.
Author: Doujora
4. the t4 airbase looks very vulnerable for any potential attacks .
Author: Balmaran
3. in the post-impact-images, there is not sign of artillery impacts (craters). somebody must have destroyed them locally with explosives, rockets etc., one by one.
Author: Shakalkree
Author: Maugar
2. in the pre-impact-image, at least one helicopter seems to be copy and paste (the first two helicopters from left share a high similarity in position, especially the position of the blades)
Author: Grojar
conclusion: the incident might be real, any relations with the russian army very unlikely.
Author: Zushicage
STRATFOR = Photoshop.
Author: Dazahn
These photos are clearly fake. Also, Putin is God's gift to humanity.
Author: Digar
Author: Shazilkree
I don't see any cratering or damage anywhere except right on the targets. I guess if it was proximity fused artillery air bursting above the target there wouldn't be any craters, but it seems like we would be able to see some sign of the shrapnel hitting everywhere. There is obviously a lot of fire damage, every single vehicle and structure is completely burned. You can see where flames came out of the 3 holes in the top of the large shelter, so the inside must have completely burned. However, there is no sign of any artillery penetrating it.
Author: Dijin
waw nice to see stratwhore give bread so many trolls. and trolls now even got some manners . i rimember one leading eurazia philosopher say,d about ukrainians kill ..kill ...kill ..and disapeard after that very soon lol keep doing vids .
Author: Naran
nice, like this kind of vids.
Author: Moogujas
I imported these images into Adobe Photoshop CC and they are clearly fakes when you look at them with different filters. There is also alot of image cloning going on in the pics. I don't understand what benefit Stratfor has by distributing fake pics.
Author: Kim
1. how do i know the equipment belonged to the russian military? even if its russian made gear they can also belong to the syrian army. bellingcat says:


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