S.C. deputy barred from high school campus after video surfaces

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Author: Nikogar
I see the teacher does not want to get involved.
Author: Mezilkis
How do you get a disruptive student out of your class?
Author: Vudoktilar
Did she even get hurt?
Author: Tauzahn
the student hit the cop in the face before he got her out of the chair. and no…. its not a reason to hit a cop just because Hes forcing you to get up.
Author: JoJosida
EVEN THE STUDENTS (who staged a walkout) ARE IN SUPPORT OF BEN FIELDS (school resource officer). GAME, SET & MATCH
Author: Kiktilar
This will make black kids and black people feel even more like they can do anything and done nothing wrong. If they go steal things and got caught they blame it on the white, if they kill someone and know that they will be in trouble they will resist and blame it on the white... from now on, only black lives matter and phuck the rest of the world...
Author: Tukree
stupid cop got too excited
Author: Tygorn
she was wrong yes, but apart from being a cop , isn't he a man maybe a father , has sisters ???? she hit him she was damnnn wrong but seriously did he have ta treat her like DAT smfh. i have kids n dese Lil rascals called children r quite challenging but I wouldn't want to hear r have to experience this with either of them coz then the public would be on my ass betta believe DAT.
Author: Fecage
If a parent was to handle a child in this manner, they would be in jail  ..... This is what happens when discipline is not allowed at home.
Author: Voodoolkree
Disgusting actions by a bully policeman upon someone who could hardly be expected to stand up to such an onslaught. This girl may well have had no interest in the class, BUT she was being pretty much quiet and not disrupting the lesson or anyone else in any significant way. Texting on a phone in school is not yet a capital offence and nor can it ever have been the first such instance in that or any other school. If the teacher training in Spring Valley High School is so poor the teacher cannot even for the remainder of the lesson ignore it and deal with the incident later in a different way involving the girl, her parents and the school head teacher, it raises far more questions about teacher competence and the methods they use.
Author: Malkis
shes should've listened its her DAmn Fault!!!
Author: Arashirisar
There's not going to be any cops left if this sh!t doesn't stop. No one will want the job. I'm sorry but he was trying to get her to get up and the clusterfuc& of her being caught around the desk had a lot to do with the force he had to impose. Let's also take into account that she obviously was not some wide eyed Bambi, if a cop has to be called because you won't respect authority and leave a classroom when you're asked to (and God knows what led to that point), you're obviously a very aggressive individual with behavior issues anyway, hitting him and resisting him, can we please come off it with this sh!t. Look I've been detained by police twice, in two situations where technically they could have arrested me, I was trespassing on a property where I was photographing someone, they questioned me, handcuffed me, took all my belongings and equipment, they let me go, you know why? I didn't act like this. I was respectful, humble, cooperative. I was also detained at a checkpoint in California when some search dogs smelled marijuana in my car. I had like half a joint in there and also no legal cannabis card or anything. Again, they let me go because I didn't act like that. I was humble, I was also sober, I don't smoke and drive, but do you understand what I'm saying? So many of these police brutality incidents, are results of escalations of anger started by the citizen. And it always gets blamed on the chic catchphrase of the day--police brutality. Yeah you're gonna test their patience when you backtalk them, refuse to cooperate and wrestle them when they attempt to detain you. That's a good way to get the sh!t beaten out of you if not shot.
Author: Shazil
god bless america
Author: Vilar
If a teacher surrenders control of a classroom to a student/students who are trying to wrestle it away from them...then every student in that classroom is at risk. There are school districts where parents are afraid to send their kids because gangs have virtually taken them over. Not only did the officer use appropriate force (she wasn't' even injured)......as far as I'm concerned she should be expelled as well. ...let her finish her education in an alternative school. For her sake I hope she learned a lesson...if she were an adult....she would be in jail. Good job officer.
Author: Voodoorr
A South Caronlina Sheriff's Deputy Working For Spring Valley High School Is Banned From Campus After A Disturbing Video Showed The White Deputy Wrestling And Dragging - Throwing Her A Black Studen From Her Desk. She Was Then Arrested Omar VillaFranca Reports From Columbia With The InVestigation...
Author: Mazukora
What was he supposed to do? She refused to get her butt up! She made it worse for herself
Author: Doushicage
Would the media support me if I slapped Obama?
Author: Shaktizil
If you listen to the account of the student who was raising concern while this was going on, she stated she didnt' even know her name, that's how quite she was and she hadn't had any issues before hand. If you're a cop assigned to a school you better know how to deal with kids! Yes kids can be wrong, rude etc. I know cops black and white that have a good relationship with the school's student.. And Deptuty Ben Robo-cop fields has two lawsuits and many complaints from being aggressive....also.. ah what the hell.... I'll just use the same excuse for the white guy that went into a church and slaughtered people recently...she's mentally ill she didn't know what she was doing.
Author: Dujora
all you people that enjoy watching the video are perverted devils you got a hard on from watching a grown man man handle a girl because it is in your nature to beat your women. a few more degrees closer and we will watch you burn
Author: Zulukree
You (CAN'T) Leave A Hand On Someone If If They Don't Listen (NEVER) Put Your Hands On Someone Stop Shooting & Hitting Or Pulling (ISN'T RIGHT)
Author: Arashilmaran
When everyone keeps saying she hit him: It's like a tissue paper hitting an OX in the head from a puff of wind. How can you even call it a hit?
Author: Zulkim
At no point did the cops hands or arms go around her neck. So, I don't know what video they watched but it wasn't this one. If the students had to turn their heads away its only because they can't watch reality because they're children and they don't understand reality yet. The school administrators saying they won't put up with behavior that jeopardizes the children's safety is political at best. Passive risistance does not make it ok to do. With all that said, the cop should not have thrown her across the room. Getting her out of the desk was going to be a physical thing but getting her flat on the floor and cuffed is where it should have ended, not being slid across the floor before being cuffed. These kids can't be made to understand if they don't want to follow the rules that's the way it's going to be. Welcome to the adult world kid. You wanted to be tough and grown right? In our world there are consequences. No safety nets when it comes to personal responsibility and conduct.
Author: Munris
Any punches this girl landed on her attacker - good. I hope they hurt him, but they probably did little more than touch him. This jerk deserves a 10 year stetch in the slammer for an unprovoked assult on a minor, and a life-long ban from school and college campuses everywhere. Perhaps we should be thankful he did not have a gun on him.
Author: JoJobar
he should have bought her dinner first and maybe free tickets to a Celtics game or something.
Author: Balrajas
It's not the officer's fault her parents didn't teach her any respect for her piers or the authority's. Now the family wants to be paid for raising a disruptive and disrespectful child. she should have been charged with disturbing the peace for disrupting the rest of the class preventing them from farthing their education with her disruptive behavior. She could have left when the teacher asked her to and if she felt it was unjust she could have taken the issue to the principal, counselor, school board exc.
Author: Voodoojinn
not fired? just banned from the school? what does it take to get fired? Thats why most cops become cops. Power trippers.
Author: Kajiktilar
Cops are morons and always resort to violence. Soon enough she will be driving on some sweet rims courtesy of the sheriffs department.
Author: Daitilar
Failing to comply with an administrator's instructions is already bad. Failing to comply to an officers request is even more bad. Kids get away with too much today, discipline needs to be intact. Kids are lazy, dropping out before finishing Highschool with no ambition to go to College. Life isn't easy and mommy and daddy for sure wont hold your hand through adulthoodm
Author: Zulkik
A suggestion to everybody. Set the video at 0:30 and watch at 25% speed. Watch the girl hit the officer in the face. Then watch her being thrown across the room. Now make your judgment. Did the girl have the right to hit the cop in face. Did the officer had the right to throw her across the room? Care to ask yourself what should the officer have done. With teenagers carrying firearms at school and every second kid doing drugs, should the officer make a judgement call. These are questions. Care to ask why the girl did not leave the classroom and why the system is so weak that, teenagers no longer obey their teachers. When you enter the classroom, you are their to learn, not for everybody to deal with your ego and stupid as power complex. The things that you american have given your kids a lot of liberty. In parts of the country I live in a mother would whoop her kids 10 times this just as a corrective measure. Not saying that this is right. But value what you have. Dont just go around being in everybody's face. Comments are welcome...
Author: Mogis
cops are dum asf, even though she just a teen and has an attitude does not mean "imma throw her a$$ to the wall" like we all been through a phase like that, come on now. plus, she is BLACK!!! ever since the trayvon martin got shot, cops just startin killing black folks. like this is just freakin wrong.
Author: Kara
Because you have a legal need to protect him and his big EGO! Unacceptable!
Author: JoJogal
Got commonsense?
Author: Zulkilmaran
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH - Police state America !
Author: Dim
Has Obama already invited her to The White House?
Author: Taujora
Good for him. Schools are out of control.
Author: Fenos
She wasn't injured.She's lucky since she refused and made it harder on herself
Author: Gardasho
They made this more racist than it actually was.....
Author: Kagal
no color here just love from natural born people
Author: Dokus
Well what do you do when someone absolutely refuses to leave?
Author: Shakaramar
I Don't care what anybody Says, A Child, No Matter How Defiant, Does not Deserve that, Also keep in Mind, In the Forefront of your mind, that students Brains and Hormone levels are way out of Balance at that point and they are going through a rebellious stage, and a Defiant one. Speaking of Hormones Why Doesn't anyone check out"Super Squarebadge" for steroid or Teststosterone use. His Levels are probably in the 1200's or better Punk
Author: Mokazahn
This case highlights a real problem here in America: a general disrespect and disregard for authority by today's younger generation of people.  Where does this girl get off defying three adults?  In my day, that would have gotten me a serious ass whopping when I got home, followed by a lecture and a grounding.  She probably got congratulated in her hoime.  I just wish this gril was my daughter.  Trust me, she would think twice about pulling a stunt like that again.
Author: Kajizahn
Maybe we should focus on preserving families instead and leave the training to the parents at this level. To the Office contact the parents and if no results boot them out of school. That's what happened to me, but they gave me a lot of chances first to change. It's like the one strike law, and it's more expensive than winning the hearts and minds.
Author: Megrel
 It can't be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with, it doesn't feel pity or remorse, "It is Big Government", and it's purpose is not ours in this case.
Author: Gorg
Debbie Hamm is a political puppet. What did she want to do with this " 18 year old adult " keep asking her to leave until the class was over and then I guess Debbie would start asking please again the next day when the 18 year old CHILD showed up in class again. She was ask twice one by the teacher and once by the Principal.If she was going to comply peacefully then she should have stood up and walked out as the Deputy entered the class; oh wait she thought the Deputy was there to ask please leave.The young student that said he was afraid of the Deputy-good-they all should be and yes I was afraid of what the teachers would do when I was in school and what my parents would do also.
Author: Magal
I like how she says "white cop" and " black student". If they were the same race, none of this would be mentioned.
Author: Mogar
I hate my generation.
Author: Dusida
He aint even do anything except flip her desk back & pull her out of it... She should of just got up like he asked. Smh
Author: Yoshakar
if most people think he was right why is he fired? because people are afraid of unreasonable people rioting and looting. so why even have a cop on school premises. give the students the keys to the school and let them destroy everything and send the kids that want to learn to home schools where they won't be distracted by losers.
Author: Vuk
Next time the student should do as she's told
Author: Daijora
The real problem is people who don't want education are forced into it. In a normal school you wouldn't even need a cop intervention.
Author: Gardajinn
He should be have been shot on the spot!!
Author: Zolomi
Another prime example of what happens when you resist arrest!!!! Well done, officer!
Author: Fehn
He is so stupid he had no right to do this this pisses me off
Author: Faezil
when a jury rules in your favor what stops a cop from doing excessive things to ppl?
Author: Dugul
The people that are saying it’s her fault etc. wait till it happens to your kid an let’s see how you feel etc
Author: Gajas
Don't make judgments yet; there is going to be an investigation into it, but what I think what the officer should have done was anything else than that; Sir, what have ever your damn name is, hope you get some of the heat coming to u 2. Police Brutality, people...did u really want that girl to become a Freddie Gray or some other person to have their lives ruined or "snuffed out"? =(
Author: Mezil
What a pig cop
Author: Mijind
what is a deputy doing in a high school?
Author: Grozahn
Tony Robinson's really upset, but not upset by the level of disrespect coming from the student. These are the times we live in, folks.
Author: Shaktirn
she was not injured
Author: Taugal
where is this video that shows her striking the officer?
Author: Mezizuru
Where's the full video?
Author: Faegar
Some of the kids at the school have guns and sell drugs what kind of message does it send when the officer can't even remove a girl from a classroom. These kids laugh at authority and think there's nothing they can do to them. Next time you are at a skatepark or anywhere that is all kids and you see 1 doing something wrong maybe vandalizing public property and try to correct them they will tell you to go fuck yourself that it's not your business. If you continue to press the subject they will probably gang up on you and beat you while 1 of them record it for YouTube. Then when the cops show up they will lie and say you started it and you will go to jail for assault.
Author: Mazukinos
I'll make it simple even for the idiots:
Author: Mikora
The media needs to stop trying to make this a race issue... Further instigating race tensions in the country. We live in a society where rebellion towards authority is encouraged, so it's no wonder the media and all the politically correct cowards jumped on the band wagon to bash the WHITE officer for so horribly and viciously throwing this poor little BLACK girl across the room for simply saying "no". Oh the horror! :/


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