Seeds of Gold: Rearing goats

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Author: Tygogal
Thank u for advice and being honest. I wish that every woman was like you, then Kampala would not have many jobless young people and adults.
Author: Yozshukazahn
Oh Big Up Grace
Author: Dajin
Wow...Thanks Grace for doing what others won't do today such that tomorrow you have others won't have...NTV big up
Author: Dizahn
Simply amazing! Love this.
Author: Doushicage
Thank you so much Grace for hosting my daughter this weekend at your farm. "She is very jolly, she has treated me so well like I was her daughter"!!! Bridget has just sent me this message as you are on your journey from Rakai to Kampala as I write.
Author: Gazragore
Good work I need ur contact so that u can teach mi more
Author: Mazuru
Really impressed Grace. I am also keen to get into animal farming coming from a semi-arid area. This is encouraging and the professionalism is impressive.
Author: Shamuro
I will highly appreciate your prompt response.
Author: Vogal
Beautiful work
Author: Kerg
Beef is not from goat! Goat meat is chevon any way good work
Author: Meztisho
Author: Dailrajas
Can someone visit?
Author: Ararn
God bless you abundantly madam Grace Bwogi i must look for you to give me advice by next year in JESUS name Amen.
Author: Samukinos
Author: Fetaxe
nice work Grace, keep it up
Author: Miran
Why not dig a water pump and you will get good water.
Author: Moogurisar
Good work
Author: Kajin
I h've interested with what you are doing
Author: Moogugrel
Good job Grace...
Author: Voran
Well done Grace. You are an inspiration
Author: Goltizragore
How can ai meet you madam grace ai need to visit you farm dat ez Mai big plan to do after work in abroad am coming back soon dat ez mai wats up number 0702734613 thanks to teach mi but da truth ai more help thanks
Author: Tuktilar
Keep the faith grace one love
Author: Faujind
Bridget will graduate from law school in a few months but she is talking more about her planned goat farm than anything else. She seems to have found a perfect mentor in you.
Author: Faugul
Am really interesting in that project but what are the challenges during a dry season the issue of Grass for feeding
Author: Nizilkree
Also let me know which breed of goat is good for this weed.
Author: Vigul
Author: Mikami
Do goats eat the weed - Lantana (Lantana camara) which is a very bad problem in our area.
Author: Nisho
oh girl, i love you. you are beautiful, sexy, intelligent and most of all hard working.
Author: Tuzahn
How about Rainwater harvest system
Author: Vigal
This is a god given tallent. We done. I like this. Ism also planing this project
Author: Sanos
Thank you
Author: Maum
good work
Author: Moogugrel
goats are my favorite livestock
Author: Grogami
Kazi nzuri sana
Author: Dagami
A valuable info at the end
Author: Fenrijora
I see you going far .......
Author: Nazahn
I'm glad you are showing these programs. Thanks
Author: Shakaktilar
Very informative, thanks you so much, South Africa.
Author: JoJorr
Wow, she's a Legend. This can of ladies need to be encouraged, Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Emotionally etc. Farming and the green revolution is key to a great nation.
Author: Nikojinn
Keep it up Grace..
Author: Vutaxe
What kind of predators you have there? I am curious because i see them going to the open with no guardian dogs...
Author: Samuzahn
Author: Voshicage
What s the best goat for milk, I want to start with milk goats
Author: Tugar
I would like to buy 🐐 from you
Author: Malakinos
How can someone get in touch with you?
Author: Goltigis
Good work. Keep it up Madam.
Author: Mazilkree
Don't feed your goats with antibiotics stay organic as much as possible.
Author: Kazrarisar
Author: Najora
Thanks NTV.Could u kindly give me KATO's number? Thanks and keep it up
Author: Mulkree
Well done to her. Great work and inspiration for many others
Author: Tashakar
One who got Grace got a prudent women...God bless here following from Virginia USA
Author: Faek
Very inspiring.
Author: Maura
What did he say at 19:38 ?
Author: Malalrajas
Very very good farmer of goat your look is very sexy good on you grace
Author: Goltill
Can you pls identify a meat producing goat. A producing milk goat. Name different goats and their origin.
Author: Kegrel
Author: Kazirr
Author: Shakagore
I need her contact please so she can give me some knowledge about it.
Author: Gakinos
help me with grace's contact please
Author: Zugrel
The is very hopeful and inspiring.
Author: Araran
African woman that is why you are so powerful. good knowledge women, am planning for chicken
Author: Kazigrel
Thanks you inspired me.Have now 100 plus goats...
Author: Juzil
Were can I find that farmers platform
Author: Naramar
Good and insightful advice from Mr. Walusimbi...
Author: Mazukasa
If the goat is at hundred thousands in their Notes πŸ˜ͺ,how much are cars in Uganda πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ , billions ?
Author: Douzil
This is the most educational and best video I have seen portraying Black entrepreneurs. It's remarkable to see someone like Grace Bwogi work smartly and share her story. The Ugandan government should hire the scientists to,lecture the farmers. He is a treasure.
Author: Voodoorn
Good work!!!!!. How can I get in touch with Grace?
Author: Feshura
Great video. It reminds me of my grandfather's goats on his farm
Author: Fenrikus
Good work Grace, then again you are creating employment , we were supposed to go to school and create employment but it's the other way round ,after school we choose to be employees ,l wonder who then has to create the jobs in our local communities .
Author: Kazrami
i like the natural construcfion
Author: Datilar
Thanks lady for your great effort in area of agriculture. I see from the video your personal involvement in the farm work. I love to however, learn from you on how to start a goat farm in my country Liberia.
Author: Shakamuro
God bless you Madame grace, this is very fantastic .
Author: Mikakazahn
I need to communicate with grace.. how will i be able to get to her.. help please.
Author: Mikarr
I'm Alauddin from Bangladesh
Author: Ketilar
May God bless you Bravo bravo
Author: Mazahn
Keep it up Grace
Author: Vorr
Nice farm God bless you, the color of the water does not indicate the water is dirty, or contaminated with something bad it could be just blend with mud that may be rich in minerals that is good for the goats.
Author: Gurn
Very informative video πŸ‘πŸΎ
Author: Mikasar
Wow an African government official that knows and love his mandate. A rare commodity.
Author: Zushicage
Touching indeed
Author: JoJozshura
Keep up the good work, Grace! I raised goats for 12 years in the Ozarks in Missouri. Kikos and cashmeres (low input breeds because I am a slackarse). It was one of the best times of my life. I had to sell my farm when my husband died but I still want to move back and maybe just get a couple small goats if I can. And you forgot to mention one thing ( or I missed it). Goats are addictive! They have such personalities. They can drive you crazy sometimes but you can't help but have some favorites. Good luck in your goat ranching in the future and bless you for setting a fine example. BTW you have some fine looking goats.
Author: Gogis
Please, it be good if u could start agricultural courses in Kampala to help people to return and help develop the land or to find jobs.
Author: Kelkree
Without spending on costly well drilling, try simple method like using a basic water purifier : grass, charcoals,sands, small gravels, large gravels.
Author: Nikotaur
Thanks Grace ols looking forward to rearing goats
Author: Doull
keep it up grace grateful
Author: Dinos
God bless you work very informative video. Please empower your woman and teach others. you go around in Africa and teach others. EMPOWER WOMAN.
Author: JoJonris
Please find a way to filter your water before you destroy all your animals
Author: Tejin
May Allah bless her
Author: Vorisar
Thanks my sister.
Author: Zulurn
I would like to have his namba
Author: Arale
Author: Yozshull
Good luck Grace! Farming is also my retirement plan. Farmers rule!! ;)
Author: Dajas
thks grace
Author: Sajinn
Grace I am rooting for you.
Author: Shasida
Very nice πŸ‘ hard working women I am also going to start goat 🐐 farming
Author: Vokasa
This is a good project which has empowered women in Action to fight poverty and its associated evils !
Author: Kazilabar
Awesome video. Very inspiring. Next time I'm on a trip to Uganda, will make it a point to visit this farm
Author: Mugar
Wow good job keep it up don't ever lose heart and always remember that problems are meant to be tackled not avoided
Author: Kigor
Very impressive, Animal farming is my passion......
Author: Fauramar
Author: Zulujora
Author: Voshicage
How can we get Grace's contact please?
Author: Tagrel
Again thank you.
Author: Yozshumi
I'm in Tanzania. I would like to visit you. May I have your phone number or email?
Author: Megore
amazing and inspirational
Author: Kagam
Am so happy with the Clip. I need Goats what are her contacts. Thank you so much NTV.
Author: Yozshutaur
Great job....and I really want to visit ..coz I like to join with you ..with some finance
Author: Shakakus


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