Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Senators shut out from getting information from Kavanaugh witnesses

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Author: Gataur
Virgin Judge made one last chance to save his failing nomination. He continued to lie and deny. Not own and explain. Vote NO !!
Author: Kazirg
Did Kavanaugh ask Ford and Ramirez: If I show you mine, will you show me yours?
Author: Akinotilar
FAKE TEARS from Kavannaugh. He lied!
Author: Gum
Wow, the desperation from these Neo-Marxist Homofascists is palpable. Replacing Plank-Monster Ginsburg should be entertaining.
Author: Goltitaur
This woman sucks
Author: Kigazuru
If Kavanaugh is put on the SCOTUS, all this stuff will still be there. Could he the be impeached?
Author: Shaktiran
fake news....fake narrative....the Lyin' Libs lose again
Author: Mosar
God Is Listening To All The Lie's and Deceptions The American Media is Doing...Watch What You Do To Other's...Because God Will BE DOING YOUR JUDGING...BE CAREFUL..It is an Awful Thing To FALL INTO THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY GOD...
Author: Zulujin
Apparently 50 million cold blooded murders or more atrociously, abortions, isn't enough to raise an eyebrow.
Author: Donris
Klobuchar is behind this disgraceful charade.
Author: Yot
So I guess it's no longer "innocent until proven guilty?" What ever happened to facts? Didn't the FBI already do 5 or 6 background checks on Kavanaugh? Why didn't they show any of these allegations? Either the FBI is incompetent or something is off!
Author: Nadal
She never identified Kavanaugh to the Marriage Counselor (it was the husband who said after that she said it was Kavanaugh). Bet you 100$ that she aint coming to testify under oath on Thursday. YOu have all these witnesses coming forward BUT THEIR FACTS DONT MATCH UP. Guess what you have more than 100,000,000 people in the US who think it is their obligation to ensure that this judge does not get confirmed - and they will LIE to achieve this.
Author: Tukree
Before rushing to judge someone, get the FACTS & let's hear directly from all parties involved. Rational intelligent people would know that's important before making a solid, well-informed decision!!!!
Author: Musho
Besides, what if it was you on the other side? If it was YOU being accused for doing something, wouldn't you want to have evidence & testimony heard before someone judged you?
Author: Arashilar
Vote to protect the Boundary Waters. Vote Erik Paulsen!
Author: Dakree
Republicans cheat because they don't have the culture. This is their last wave of power. They have always been the swamp.
Author: Tobar
Kavanaugh and Ford are going up to the HILL to testify about their teenage adventures
Author: Zucage
Author: Nigrel
Just pay attention to how the brain-washed Dem VIEWERS (not the politicians) think. none of them read the letter of Ford, none saw any of the women, they do know that Judge K is honest and has been a good judge for years, and they still say "I believe the women". No wonder that in the Communism regime calls its Liberal voters USEFUL IDIOTS.
Author: Nerr
Sexual assault, abuse, and harassment is SERIOUS and it should be taken seriously!!! But to follow a "mob mentality" & rush to judgment does not help victims of sexual assault!!! If proven false, it diminishes their suffering & quests for Justice!!!
Author: Shakakazahn
You guys are saying so much more about your creditability than Judge Kavanaugh. So glad we the people have the ability to search for the true on our own.
Author: Tukasa
Author: Shakalabar
The FBI should investigate Ford!
Author: Grorr
Have Judge speak - Mark Judge!


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