Sen. Ted Cruz on health care reform: I believe we can get it done

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Author: Samum
Cruz is going to murder people with Pre existing conditions. Please everyone register to vote to kick these Republicans out. Getting violent like ANTIFA is not going to work. Please vote please
Author: Zuramar
Please go back to your (Canada)country Ted Cruz.
Author: Tygokora
Tax the rich to pay for the higher premiums. Let me pay for my own health care.
Author: Brajin
Ted always looks like he is holding in a fart.
Author: Kazrakazahn
So creepy .
Author: Nagal
Lying Ted -_-
Author: Daigore
Cruz is awesome
Author: Julkree
Lyin' Ted.
Author: Kajile
Just think 3,000,000 Texans could be getting free federal health care if Ted Cruz did not exist. It is just a fact nations are laughing at us while we spend twice as much as they do insuring everyone with better results. Cruz can obfuscate all he wants as this bill is a tax cut for the very wealthy.
Author: Sabei
Every time Ted talks I feel like I've been slimed....
Author: Nikree
We believe in you in Houston Ted. You can do it
Author: Taura
Is he referring to Ryancare II? The plan that's is even stupider than Obamacare. "REPEAL" MEANS "GET RID OF ALL GOVT MANDATES. We need deregulation: allow interstate competition, allow insurance co-ops that give individuals negotiating power, tax free health savings accounts, etc...JUST SAY "NO" TO THE GOP's NEW $180 BILLION INSURANCE COMPANY BAILOUT OBLIGATIONS IN RYANCARE II. 😦👎
Author: Meztitaxe
Obama: "Yes we can" Trump: " No we can't"
Author: Gozahn
You get the choice between useless coverage that doesn't cover anything and has huge copays (99% of population) or you can pay a million dollars and get a great deal if your rich (may have some discount here for billionaires). High risk pools don't work and are nearly impossible to get into due to lack of funding and his bs about giving more money to them is so full of shit it's a biohazard.
Author: Taulkree
Seems alright but better yet why not impose restrictions on the cost itself..
Author: Akirisar
Ted Cruz believes he should have good healthcare, but you can go without.
Author: Braktilar
The healthcare market is pure corruption. We need a completely different alternative, namely HSA option.
Author: Vogrel
Author: Tell
That WUNT true
Author: Gat
Author: Bajin
Ted Cruz is a brilliant lawmaker and his consumer freedom option is a brilliant idea. Smartest, most consistent conservative in Congress. Go Ted!
Author: Volmaran
Is Ted Cruz turning into a blimp of himself? lol, don't even get me started on how ridiculous he is. Go Beto in 2018 <3
Author: Kejas
Aww little Teddy worked so hard on his little monstrosity, only to have the American people SHOUTING SO LOUD and POWERFUL that their BILL IS DEAD For GOOD!!!
Author: Gogul
Republicans do know how to name things. High premiums insurance is called "Freedom Plan"... freedom from health.
Author: Vujinn
talk is cheap and I'm done buying he's a f* *** politician just like the rest of them lying cheating piece of s*** he's not even an American citizen in the first place he's a Canadian and his dad was Cuban he wasn't even eligible to run for president but he'll neither was Obama and he was President for 8 years there's not one politician that gives a rat's ass about the American people I mean look at the evidence it's all over the place I trust no man I put my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ it makes me sick that people care so much about health care it's not even Healthcare its population control the doctors the hospitals the big drug companies it's a business and we are the cash cows that keep them in business so f*** you Ted Cruz you're a snake in the grass and I'm the lawnmower m* ********
Author: Faegami
why he always so sad doe?
Author: Kagarg
Cruz for president 2024!'!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Gardakasa
If Cruz is for it , it must be bad for everyone not paying him some of that sweet lobbyist money. How much is Croozy getting from the healthcare corporations ??
Author: Vuzil
RESIST and smile. You're on the right side of history (unlike Ted and Trump)
Author: Dushicage
Author: Neramar
Why does everyone want to blame President Trump for the total mess healthcare is in America. The blame belongs to crooked career politicians who chose to give away our tax dollars to other countries, so they those countries have better healthcare and benefits then the United States of America. We pay top dollar for healthcare to extremely greedy healthcare providers. Capital hill will never rein in the price gouging by hospitals, doctors and insurance companies. so what possible plan can these crooks come up with fix this??
Author: Kigakinos
Lyin Ted Strikes Again!
Author: Muk
Cruz is one of the senators voting against the repeal of Obamacare . Has he lost his mind???
Author: Darisar
Rand Paul is the last conservative standing.
Author: JoJolabar
Cruz is brilliant
Author: Tygokazahn
The only good thing from the GOP health care reform is that Trump supporters will start dying off in groves due to lack of affordable health insurance.
Author: Mooguhn
dude always looks like he is having a stroke
Author: Daik
Born in Canada with healthcare, but denies Americans of health care. Weird.
Author: Tygosar
Just repeal with no replacement. Obamacare is a mess!
Author: Dum
Ted Cruz is afraid of losing his Obamacare. He's a career lifetime politician and may never be voted out of the Senate!! Texans loves this Dude!! I'm glad he's not the President; two mistakes, kept him in the Senate! Thank God...
Author: Douk
Author: Dikus
I really hate this guy...
Author: Faujinn
Ted Cruz, the voice for conservatives who said he would "repeal every word of Obamacare". Now he's saying he wants to support a bill that will shovel billions of taxpayer money and (refundable) tax credits into the pockets of insurance companies to "stabilize" Obamacare insurance plans. This is standing on your principles? Not at all
Author: Salmaran
so finally, the rich managed to srew u ?
Author: Sagal
Ted Cruz is a sociopath. He's so unlikable even the rest of his psychopath Republican colleagues can't stand him.
Author: Mezuru
snivelling snake
Author: Arasar
When somebody described Cruz as a "carnival show barker" they were clearly demeaning barkers, because Ted is the most worthless, emotion based swamp politician around. In some ways, he and Chump are exactly the same. So sorry Ted, Americans and the supreme court have ruled that Obamacare provisions, including FORCING the greed infested insurance companies to take on pre existing conditions and FORCING them to bill transparently, are constitutional.
Author: Kijar
ted looks like a fat huckle berry and I don't even know what that means
Author: Kajikinos
The untold, main reason George goes after everything Trump is because of the money (~500K) he personally lost supporting Hillary Clinton. Sour grapes, big time!
Author: Mataur
Classic interview tactic of a leftist..."some analysis says it's a death spiral". I like how if they add in that is came from some "analysis" then they're not held accountable to back up that situation. Keep up the good fight Senator Cruz!
Author: Bazuru
Cruz seems well informed and I like his ideas but I still want an HSA option. I do not trust the current system.
Author: Nirisar
Lying Ted! lol.


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